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Cardio Workout


Hello My Lovies,


Today I’m happy to present you with my first video in the New Series – Real Time Cardio.  I’ve done real time workouts before, but now we’ll have a separate section for Real Time Cardio and it’s going to get filled with many cardio workouts over time.  This will be the type of cardio you can add after your strength training routines.  These cardio routines are not meant to be super intense, but light to moderate, we will save our full intensity for our Strength Training Routines.  This workout is only 15 minutes long.

To please all of you I decided to do 2 real time workouts, followed by 2 of my regular edited workouts ( Upper and Lower Body ) and I will also mix in some Abs Routines here and there.

I added workout explanation piece of the video right at the beginning, even though you can follow me along in the video I still want you to know the proper form of each exercise.


For everyone who is new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up ( But since this is only a cardio workout you should of already been warmed up and did your strength training routine )
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch

Workout Explanation


This workout is bodyweight only, so the only thing I was using was my gymboss timer, you won’t be needing yours if you will follow me along in the video.

I set my timer for one interval of 1 minute, 15 rounds total.  There are 5 exercises and you will go through all of them for the total of 3 rounds:

  • Diagonal Back Lunge
  • Push-off & Roll Over
  • 3 Jump Kicks & 3 Crabs
  • Side Jump Lunge
  • Equinox Twist


Have fun with this workout my sweets!


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  • Hey, tati!
    I really need your advice I started to eat clean a year ago & I think I caught up with a eating disorder of binging now & from always being slim I afraid I’m goig to gain weight been over eating crazy lately week & I get back on track & again before it makes two days of good or rest of bad. I NEED TO COME BACK ON TRACK THE OLD ME WHEN i started.Now I feel guilty always when i eat clean and feel I messed up…. I over aye yoday was doing the zcut dvd…but before i started I saw ur page thinking I c an maybe mix my workouts out or do both since I slacked badly! I dont know if join a gym …any advice ..please tips.I dont have money for a someone to help mynproblem

    • Well, I always say that feeling guilty is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. Don’t do too much right away, you can definitely mix my workouts with zcut but make sure you don’t overtrain. Its’ ok to allow your self to rest or to eat something you want once in a while, that wont’ kill your results, but if you eat healthy all the time and not allow your self anything else, soon or later you will binge again. Start slowly and don’t be so hard on your self.

      • Thank you yesterday I had so much treats & junk I don’t even know where to start back in frood . Dont want to strict myself again will cause me to binge again.

        • tee_w

          I agree with all the brilliant things everyone has been saying! No guilt! It’s just food! Sugar and carbs are food with no brakes, they stimulate us to crave more. No one ever wishes to binge on broccoli, it has brakes! Lol. What helped me to stop craving carbs and sugar was to stop eating all wheat, corn & grains. Just eat some good protein, some healthy vegetables, good healthy fat to help satisfy you. Try avoiding fruit for a while as well. Then if you crave sweet, eat some really dark chocolate, 80%. Its harder to binge on it and not too bad for you if you do! I find by eating this way, I don’t even think about food anymore and am rarely tempted to eat junk, most of it actually grosses me out now. But if I really want something I have it, and I pay attention to it, does the first bite taste the best, how does the second bite taste? Was it as good, if it wasn’t then I don’t eat anymore! Don’t ever feel guilty over what you ate, companies spend tons of money on this “food” to make it taste yummy and to make you crave more! Don’t let them make you feel guilty too! 🙂

    • Hey just wanted to say that I understand all those feelings, and I’m sorry it causes you so much stress. But please please go easy on yourself! This isn’t a destination to get to–it’s all a journey. You’re going to fall off the wagon time and again. Definitely allow yourself treats here and there if it helps you to not binge another time. I eat chocolate every day for that very reason. Anyway, just a sympathetic person here, and there are many more besides me here. Peace to you, and have a wonderful weekend!

      • Thanks. Same to you have a good weekEND.I wonder what kind of choc. You eat.

        • 🙂 I like straight-up dark chocolate! Usually with nothing else in it…I like the chocolate itself. It calms me. 🙂

    • Marija

      I’m a chocolate addict and I have been all of my life .. At this point in my life I’m aware its not the chocolate I’m addicted to, but my whole body as well as my palate just got used to the refined sugar and all the bad stuff and I found it so hard to re-define my taste buds not to crave the bad foods so much. After a period of denying myself chocolate and cutting it out completely I realized I was so stressed and obsessed with not eating it all I ended up doing was thinking about it constantly. You must not punish yourself and deny yourself some of the good/bad things in life. Practicing moderation is key. Like Kendra I eat chocolate now every day too, sometimes the 85% cocoa and sometimes the good old nougat filled one. I eat it now much less than I did before but because I know I will eat it I just don’t think about it. It’s not my obsession, it’s not a taboo, it’s just a part of my life that I feel I have control over now because I have found a moderate way to enjoy it. Don’t associate guilt with food, don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t try to out work a bad food day. All of that just leads to incredible amounts of added stress that will accumulate on your body in shape of pounds and it will keep you spinning in the same bad cycle. Just do your best, have a healthy approach to fitness and workouts, give you 110%when doing your routines, try your best to eat good healthy foods that fuel your body and your mind, and eat the bad ones here and there. You’re only human, and this life journey we’re on is not supposed to be one of deprivation and stress but one of pride and happiness. Even the figure fitness competitors are on super strict diets for like 13 weeks prior to competition and the rest of the year they have their cheat days too. Be proud you’re on the right track, you work out which is a place a lot of people have not yet come to, you have an awareness of the healthy and the bad foods, now just make sure your ratio is in the favor of healthy foods and be proud of yourself. Whenever something creates stress and not joy no results will come out of it. Its a step by step kind of journey, you can’t make it happen overnight. Don’t think of it like a goal weight or perfect abs kind of thing, shift your focus to healthy life, your strongest self and good results will follow. We all relate to your struggle. Just stay strong.

      • Me too! I love chocolate had so much yesterday plus other junk I don’t want to strict myaelf again if I start back in track.I been trying to fix this for a while bow .Don want it to be too late. Thanks for your advice! Yes because all.I eany to have is results but this eating thing makes me feel guilty & don’t see results want more lol.

        • I remembered before.I use to do that have a piece of chocn but than stopped…p&b is my weakness too …i feel guilty when I eat a little more know is clean. Need to find a way so I don’t strict myself again. Trying to come back today but going to be hard.

    • hey Christina my suggestion for you is calm down! and look at your emotions! don´t lose connection to yourself/your body! this sweet stuff from industry never will make you feel better- it will make you feel less!

  • JB

    Thanks for this! Am really excited about this new real time cardio series – thank you for doing it 😉

  • Lili Suke

    thank you for this Tati, i was getting bored by the jump rope ;)))

  • yuppie This is really for me ! I need the cardio and I will be doing this workout a lot of times !! Thank you Tati ( Love te equinox moves , looking so forward) XXX

    • Thank you my sweet 🙂

      • DONE ! and it was more than g r e a t ! I felt the focus in the area of the hips ( core stability) feels sooo good now mmmmmmmmm

  • Loved that you still added the explanations. This will be my cardio on Monday, now I don’t need to crack my brain for cardio choices. Thanks for taking everyones wishes in consideartion. You’re a sweetheart.<3

    • Of course love :), I want to make sure everyone is happy. Explanations are always a must, cause form is very important even in cardio.

  • Alena

    ?????? ?????!!! ????, ??? ????? ???? ? ????????? ???? :), ??????? ?? ???? ????? ????? ?????!!! ? ?????? ???????????? ? ?????, ? ? ??????? ???????????, ?? ???? ??????????, ?????? ?????!!! ??, ???? ?? ???????? ???? ?????…??????? ?????, ?? ???? ???? ? ???????!-?????!!!

  • Uh, that looks good. Currently I’m trying to get back on track with my fitness and this is exactly what I need. Thanks!

  • I did this lovable workout at the gym. This workout was perfect because all treadmills were taken. You have great talent to create effective Bodyweight Workouts.

    • my gym is also pack .. only from 6pm and on …. i cant go earlier cuz im at work.. n im pretty sure ill b doing the same as u, in a random corner 😛

      • I have a small place at the gym where I do Tatiana’s workouts. I feel sorry for those people waiting to use either the treadmill, elliptical or bike for their cardio workouts. They are wasting so much precious time.

  • ahh so mad binged again today. Didn’t get to do my workout! Thanks for replying though means a lot.

  • Laura

    Thank you, looking forward to more real time workouts! While I get it
    that some people like the explanations, I personally don’t have the
    time or patience. I like to jump straight into the workout, follow along
    and not know what is coming up next :-). Thank you for accommodating

    Did you also mean that you are going to film some real time ab workouts? That would be awesome!

  • yboog

    Good morning!
    I did this routine with you last night, right after an 8 minute skipping warm up and Bois Blonde Booty w/o which was also amazing!

    I am usually not a fan of real time but I found that doing it along with you kept me from slowing down during the 2 lunge exercises 😀
    I cooled down with 10 minute hula hoop
    All together I had about an hour in living room sweat heaven <3

    Thank you!

    You look amazing! Keep up the great work here!

  • Courtney

    For light/moderate cardio this really kicked my butt! I did this workout this morning on an empty stomach. I did it by itself, no weight training, so I really appreciate the link to the warm-up. My favorite cardio to follow weight training is skipping. I love to set my timer for 10-15 minutes, put a movie on my laptop and just zone out while I skip. But I really enjoyed this too. I love the real-time. I found it very encouraging to have you pushing along with me. 🙂 I look forward to more of these.

  • Wow! I loved this…I was a little worried about doing one of Tati’s cardio right after one of her regular routine. Though I did follow Tati real time (I refer not watching while working out at the same time), I had fun.This was my cardio after I did The Absolute workout. That too was a great routine.

  • love this workout! yesterday I did the beware of burning beast workout, followed by about 10 minutes of ab work and finished it all of with this! the perfect way to end a tough workout! thanks, tati!

  • TessuCroft

    Did this cardio after my w/o which was Surfer Booty Lift. It was one of those w/o´s “oh, this is not going to be that bad”… Think again! It was very hard. I really enjoyed this cardio after. Thanks Tati! =D

  • This was a new cardio option for me and I really liked it. Beats jumping rope any day!

    I did this after a ZWOW because I was a little scared to do it after one of your strength training routines. Thanks for filming it real time too. Having you set the pace kept me from going too quickly…and then it would have been intense cardio. Great as always Tatianna!

  • isalia_c

    This was such a great workout for those who live in 1st floor apartments! Not that much jumping yet got a really good sweat on. Not only that but I find if I try to land quietly like a dancer during the crab kicks, I engage my abs a lot more! Super pumped that my push offs are not always from my knees now. I paired this with 20 mins of yoga. Did this fasted and didn’t feel at all like I was going to faint – treated myself to a large spoonful of almond butter with an apple when done! Creative and fun as ever Tati – thanks

  • Hi Tat, I did this workout of yours this morning (at a fasted state as always :)) and I actually found it quite tough, so, not ‘light’ at all! Loved it, thanks 🙂

  • Gedzitka

    Hi Tati, I just did your cardio routine after my strenght w.o. Feel so good after that. I remember my first post here. It was about a year ago. Not that many people were posting their comments here. That’s awsome how you builded the comunity here. I love about you, that you always remaind people to pay attention to their form than to speed. Congratulation to your site! You are hard working women 😉 Wish you the best and sending you a lots of positive energy.

  • Gedzitka

    Ohhh… and I forgot to say that I am checking your site almost every day.. Love your articles and everthing here. I am not definitely the one who is posting comments. Mostly I read and do some of your workouts. But today I feel that I have to sent you this message. Thanks a lot again for all of your work here!!!

  • Perla Wooten

    Thank you so much Tati… Feeling great with your workouts!!! love you muahhhh

  • Cassidy

    I just needed to tell you how much I LOVE the Equinox Twist! I come back to this cardio almost every week, mostly for that move. It’s so fun. :B

    • That’s awesome! I’m gonna have to add it to more routines then 🙂