Real Time Cardio Intensity #9

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Real Time Workouts


Hello Lovie-Dovies,

Happy Friday! I have an amazing Real Time Strength Cardio for you guys today, it’s about 20 minutes long, or maybe a little under and it’s bodyweight only. This is not so moderate, I would call this routine more semi-intense and it’s a full body workout. You can follow me along in the video or you can write it down and do it on your own. This workout is broken down into 3 interval training parts, and after each part we will do two additional exercises. Make sure you guys always perform each exercise will good form and straight back, once you get the form down, you can begin working on your speed.


For all the Newbies to Loving Fit

If you are new to Loving Fit I would like to welcome you and I recommend for you to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


All I was using in this routine was my Gymboss Timer and a jump rope.

Part 1

Set your Gymboss Timer for 2 intervals, first interval is 15 sec ( rest interval ), second interval is 35 sec ( max effort interval ). I made rest interval 15 seconds because I really want you to push at your max on a working interval, and 15 sec is quite perfect for recovery, anything less than that and you might not push at a max effort as much as I would like you too. There is 6 rounds total, and in this part there is only 1 exercise combo.


  • 2 Twist Jumps, Drop Down, Roll Over & Push-Off

After the interval training part is finished, you will do:

  • Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
  • Regular Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps


Part 2

Gymboss Timerstays the same, 15/35=06. There is 2 exercises in this part, and you will do them for 3 rounds total ( each ).

  • Plank Side Jumps & Push-Off
  • High Knees with Jump Rope

After the interval training part is finished, you will again do:

  • Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
  • Regular Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps


Part 3

Gymboss Timerstays the same 15/35=06. There is only 1 exercise combo that you will complete for the total of 6 rounds.

  • 2 Side Jump Lunges Jump-Ups & Side Jump Lunge

After the interval training part is finished, you will do one last set of:

  • Crab Jump Kicks – 20 reps
  • Regular Crab Toe Touches – 30 reps


Have a wonderful weekend my Lovies!

Love you guys :),


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  • Cassidy Croskey

    Oh goodie, I’m first~! 😀
    I’ll be doing this tomorrow. It looks like loads of fun! I have a feeling I won’t be thinking that during the actual workout, though…lol

    • Have fun with it tomorrow!!!

      • Cassidy Croskey

        It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was! I really loved the side jump lunge part. I felt like a happy little spring. 🙂

  • You make me giggle with your bad form demonstrate. I can’t wait to do this sometimes next week. I really like your pant or leggings…I’m never sure what the correct name it.

  • lionhawkforest

    This one looks fun. I was planning a cardio and abs day tomorrow so perfect timing for me. On another note, my local TJ Maxx has had weighted hula hoops lately (though I’m in another state.) They are 2 lbs so might be too light for you, but I’ve seen you comment about them before and thought I’d let you know in case your area has them as well. : )

    Also, thank you for the pep talk. I really struggle with positive thinking. It always feels safer to knock myself down before somebody or something else does first. Cerebrally, I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard to shake those emotional bad experiences. I have a vivid childhood memory of the first negative experience I had with my body image and it pops up now and then to taunt me. My husband is always reminding me to be more positive, so between you and him, hopefully I’ll get there.

  • Shannon

    I just love your workouts! Have you ever done any working out with ankle weights? I am a personal trainer and use them quite often. I use them personally for the crab touches and I’m always very sore. Thank you for such a great website!

  • oberlee

    This was great, and with day 2 of ab challenge, just perfect for my non-strength training/cardio day. I really enjoyed the jump rope, as I’ve been avoiding it lately. Such good cardio. This was nice, too, as it was not suuuper intense, so I could really enjoy each rep and I didn’t feel inclined to count all the intervals (like I do with some of your workouts that kick my butt this way to Sunday). 🙂

  • Shanna

    Did this one tonight as my comeback from 6 weeks off from injuries and it was a goodie:) I have been fallowing you consistantly for nearly 2 years this November:) Thank you!!!

  • For a 20 minutes routine this was amazing. I was huffing and sweating my the end of part one.