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Upper Body Workout


Hello Darlings,

The long awaited Upper Body workout is here :). I put together this workout based on the principle of bodyweight muscle building technique workout I shared with you on my Facebook, this is the article that I am talking about. I did shorten the time a bit and instead of 10 minutes I did 7 per exercise, but if you feel more brave you can extend the interval to 10 minutes.

I kept the reps low so we can focus on form, the mini exercises that followed after the main one was only to count out 10 sec and let you recover a bit. This routine has absolutely no breaks, all of the exercises flow one into another. In between the upper body exercises I added 1 minute and 20 second of recovery between sections exercise and that was the Leg Lifts.

For everyone who is new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


All I used in this workout was my Gymboss timer and my Pink Lebert. This routine is about 25 minutes long.

Set your timer for 2 intervals. First interval is 7 minutes long, second interval is 1 minute and 20 second long, for the total of 3 rounds. There are 3 combos in this workout, the leg lifts in between are just for recovery. Within the 7 minutes, you will complete as many rounds as you can in PROPER FORM without taking a break. This is how the workout will flow:

7 Minutes Interval

  • Spiderman Push-up ( 2 reps per side ) & Back Lifts ( 6 reps ) & Push-Off


  • Leg Lifts

7 Minutes Interval

  • Unassisted Dips ( 3 reps ) Walk your hands to the front, Drop Down & Push-Off

( I did all of mine completely unassisted without taking any breaks )


  • Leg Lifts

7 Minutes Interval

  • Diagonal Dive Bombers ( 4 reps ) & Crab ( 6 reps )


  • Leg Lifts

As I mentioned earlier, you can extend your interval from 7 minutes to 10 minutes.


This routines flowed very very smoothly for me, it was very challenging because I didn’t stop the whole time and I didn’t modify any exercises, but for some reason it went very fast and I meditated my way through it. I am pretty sure you will have lot’s of fun with it.


My Scores:

I completed 13 rounds of the first combo, 13 rounds of the second combo and 11 rounds of the third combo. For my leg lifts I did 23 the first time, 23 the second time and 21 the third time.

Have Fun Sweeties!!!

Hugs Tati


PS – My tights I got on ebay.

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Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • Diana

    Early bird catches the worm :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Yep you did, I wonder where Gerry Lee is at:)?

      • Diana

        Oh, I only woke up so early cos I had 2 exams today… :) I hope Gerry Lee was having sweet dreams! lol

  • http://twitter.com/SimplymeYolandi Yolandi

    That sure is one Hungry and cute little bunny!! :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Ha Ha yes he is always crunching on something))

  • http://www.facebook.com/kgilliam78 Kristen Gilliam

    You make me want to go get a rabbit now:) Sooooooooooo CUTE!!!!

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Ohh trust me, if you get one you will be cleaning the poop endless šŸ˜›

  • Lili Suke

    The rabbit is sooo cute :))) The workout looks amazing! thank you for again :)

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Thank you :)

  • taltul73

    Hey Tati…
    so this one climbing to number one in my top 10 list…. it was brutal… and amazing…
    my arms were crying in the 3rd part…
    part 1: 11 sets and 29 leg lifts.
    part 2: 11 sets (unassisted.. so proud of my self).. and 29 leg lifts..
    part 3 9 sets and 29 leg lifts….

    thank you so much
    wish you all wonderful weekend .

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Wow top 10 – this makes me so happy :)

  • Christian

    WOW, this was an amazing workout! Indeed such an enjoyable workout, 7 minute went by so fast!
    Part 1) 10 sets and 25 leg lift
    Part 2) 13 sets and 25 leg lift ( dip from chair)
    Part 3) 8 sets and 22 leg lift ( the diagonal Dive Bomber was very challenging fun variation of Dive Bomber)

    Thanks for an awesome WO.
    Have a nice weekend all!

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      I really enjoyed this one too, it felt like it flown by!

  • eliza

    i love this workout, exactly the kind that i do regularly because it does not focus on just one muscle group (like shoulders) so i can keep going, i will make this a 10min interval (add a couple of excercises) and combine it with 5mins of treadmill running for 3rounds = 45 mins of full body workout! thanks for a great workout inspiration as always!

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Nice! Next time I will do 10 minutes too :)

  • steffi_dk

    I am cross country skiing all the time right now, and exhausted when I come home. But there is rain on the way, so maybe IĀ“ll workout again soon :/

  • Naomi

    I really loved this format – the 7 mins flew by pretty fast. I have lost a lot of strength in my upper body after my prolonged recovery period – this really burned my shoulders! Didn’t count the leg lifts. I plan to kill my legs tomorrow!

    1) 13 rounds + 1 spiderman
    2) 14 rounds
    3) 7 rounds

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      I think it’s falling into one of my favorite formats :)

  • Mary Lou

    On the docket for tomorrow! I think I’m going to like this format too. Knowing that I’m going to go for so long and be done with however many I do well, is great. I still don’t have lots of upper body strength and some of the workouts do take me longer than I’d like, but I can’t argue with the results. Now to figure out which piece I’m missing on the push offs…

  • http://www.facebook.com/iris.gomez.31 Iris Gomez

    I just did it at home. Part1 13 rounds, Part.2 13 rounds and Part3 9 rounds. I finished with some yoga poses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=801633607 Pauline ???

    I did this wo after 26 minutes bodyweight cardio wo. I had some rest, then proceed with this wo. Very nice workout. At first I was considering to do just 5 minutes instead of 7. But nahhh.. I thought the time would went by fast.. and I really enjoyed it. Very nice moves you put together Tati. Thank you! :) Btw, the white bunny is very adorable and cuddly!

    I managed:-
    Part 1: 10 sets & 22 Leg Lifts

    Part 2: 11 sets (I did assisted Dips) & 20 Leg Lifts
    Part 3: 6 sets (I did regular Dive Bombers) & 24 Leg Lifts

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Wow–this looks fantastic! Will be doing this today. I love how varied you keep everything all the time. :) And I LOOOVE getting to meet Neo! What a cutie! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Great workout!!! I have to say, I shouldn’t have looked at your scores because I stayed very aware of how much time had gone by by counting my reps. Although the third round floored me–I didn’t get to finish as many as I thought I would.

    part 1: 14 combos
    leg lifts: 22
    part 2: 14 combos + 2 dips
    leg lifts: 23
    part 3: 8 combos plus 3 dive bombers
    leg lifts: 24

    Finished with 12 min cardio…feel amazing! xo

    • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

      Glad you liked this style, I really enjoyed it, it was just flowing by, I think we can stick to this style one more time, but increase the intervals to 10 minutes.

  • Kristin

    I don’t comment a lot, but I felt compelled today because this workout is fantastic! I loved the flow – the time went so fast. It is now one of my favorites of yours!

    Part 1: 12 combos
    Leg lifts: 23
    Part 2: 14 combos
    Leg lifts: 23
    Part 3: 7 combos – this part about killed me, as you can tell from the low number of combos.
    Leg lifts: 23
    I finished with 12 minutes 5/55 of skipping.

    Thank you!

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Tati.. wow this one was so tough, I liked it very much.. I didn
    t have a really high amout of rounds.. First part: 9 rounds, 2 push offs and 2 back lifts.
    Second part: 11 rounds, Last part: 8 sets (last 3 rounds I had to do regular dive bomber, I just couldn’t go diagonal anymore, I would have fallen on my face :D)
    For the leg lifts I did 15 reps every time.. Thanks.. Hug!

  • KirryKaatje

    Gaaahhhhh, Neo the Wabbit!!! <3

  • KirryKaatje

    I really really really liked this workout! It’s like you said: It flew by! Can’t believe I’ve done it already!
    I also can’t believe I actually did unassisted dips on my powerstation, I guess I’m stronger than I thought. Although I have to admit I kinda face planted myself into my mat after round 10 or so, when doing the walk back.

    My score! (I forgot to count my leg raises…oops!)

    Part 1: 11 rounds with 4 push ups into round 12.
    Part 2: 13 rounds solid.
    Part 3: 7 rounds. (beeper went when I was finishing up my last 3 Crabs, so I counted them anyways as a reward. ;P)

    Great workout Tati! Xx

  • http://www.lovingfit.com/ Lvette_1

    The was worried of the 7 mins, but it flew by. I need to improve on the strenght front for sure.
    Warm up: 10 mins; Good Posture Challenge: 3 mins
    Part 1: 9 plus 2 spiderman push-ups / 20 leg lifts
    Part 2: 14 ( on dip station. Half unassisted/half assisted) / 19 leg lifts
    Part 3: 9 ( 6 regular / 3 on my knees) / 14 leg lifts. My two less liked exercises together as a combo was not fair. Dead by dive bombers and crabbies!
    Cool down and stretching was 12 mins.

  • ltwin

    Finally, I was able to workout.. and did this little naughty thing for my upper body ;)))
    Lower body is my weakest part.. :( and I have to work on it more..
    Thank you so much for this great workout.
    Wish you all Merry Christmas! Zeluu i obnimau krepko dorogaya moya..

  • SuSu

    I just got to this workout and it was just what I needed! My scores were 10 rounds, 20 reps; 16 rounds, 18 reps; 9 rounds, 20 reps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tessu-Croft/100003771226654 Tessu Croft

    I donĀ“t think I was very clever to pick up this routine after doing for two weeks only full body workouts… I was like, “yeah, IĀ“m so strong and all”… Yeah right. =D Not mention that is holidays; yes, IĀ“ve been eating way differently than I normally do. I could stay away from chocolate for two days; yeah, hurray, victory! Damn chocolate leftovers! I was suppose to stay strong until New Years eve. Anyway, the first seven minutes were already brutal to me; I had to switch spider pushups to crossed ankle pushups after a few rounds. The second interval went quite ok although I did all the dips assisted, but the third just cracked me; I tried to do the diagonal divebomber, got one, and you know what… I actually started to cry! I have never cried during a workout before. I had to stop the timer, I walked around and just cried; mostly because the w/o was so hard and I was disappointed to myself, that I wasnĀ“t strong enough. But then I put myself back together, stopped crying, and decided that I will finish the w/o no matter what, I modify as much as I have to. And I finished it. I donĀ“t think that I did more than four diagonal bombers – I just hate bombers! – , then I did regular bombers and in some point I even had to go on my knees. Still, auch! I usually enjoy a lot of my training, even though itĀ“s hard, but this time I couldnĀ“t enjoy that much of this “LetĀ“s break Tessu down” workout. =D

    Next time IĀ“ll be more wise. =D Hopefully.

  • JB

    My first workout of 2013!!!! I really liked the 7 min countdown, it let me really settle in to the moves.
    Part one: 11 rounds, 25 reps
    Part two: 18 rounds, 25 reps
    Part three: 9 rounds, 25 reps
    The last part, I did the dive bombers on my knees after two sets unmodified. My wrists were hurting me and my arms were fatigued…I still have trouble w/the dive bomber – need to practice more.
    Ended with 30/30 X 14 jump rope intervals and stretching.
    Hope everyone has a great day!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.oberhauser Kendra Lee Oberhauser

    Did this workout again–I love it! Been very tired and need to catch up on sleep, but I continued doing bodyweight and it worked well. Plus, I have zero brain energy, so simple was the way to go for me. Pretty much got all the same scores as last time, except I got one more round in of the dip combo. My triceps were burning!

    Didn’t do anything after tonight. This was enough. Thanks and hugs! :)

  • KirryKaatje

    I’ve just finished this one again. I love this workout since it flies by. ^^
    Part 1: 10 rounds and 17 leg raises. Part 2: 11 rounds and 16 leg raises. Part 3: 8 rounds and 17 leg raises.

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  • oberlee

    I am in a hotel this weekend, so I had to find a bodyweight upper body I could do or modify. Most upper body bodyweight workouts you have (and there are quite a few!) require a pull up bar, and I reeeeally love pull ups and didn’t want to substitute them, if that makes sense. I found that part of the desk in the hotel rolls out, so I made a “dip station” with two parts of the desk. One problem was that one was rolly, but not too much so, and that arm got a better dip workout because of the instability. I switched back and forth to keep it even. :) I was tempted to do 10 min, since you said you would do 10 next time, but I’m pretty jet lagged and had another workout after for cardio, so I split the difference and did 8:30 rounds instead. :) Oh–and instead of leg lifts I did a scissor and a bike (I call it a scissor bike, or a V bike)–the last exercise in the ab workout with 3 rounds…Simply Cut Abs? Only I did it alternating instead of one side at a time.

    part 1: 17+2 reptile push ups
    scissor bike: 20?? (forgot to write it down)
    part 2: 19+2 dips
    scissor bike: 22
    part 3: 9 rounds even
    scissor bike: 21

    I finished with about 16 min of cardio. I really, really love this workout, Tati. I’m digging the high density stuff lately. Feels so good afterwards! :)