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Jun 30, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello my Darlings,

I am back with a new lower body workout.  This workout took me about 20 minutes to complete.  This is one of those routines that looks easy but it’s always harder than it looks.  The most important thing is to always have a good exercise form.  Even the easy workout when done in perfect form can be very hard.

Always do your warm-up before beginning to exercise, I have a warm-up routine where you can follow along with me, so don’t be lazy just do it!


Guys, make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video for the explanations on how to do each exercise correctly. 

Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my timer, my 40 lbs versafit bag, 12 lbs medicine ball, a brick ( for my jump overs ) and a balance ball ( if you don’t have a balance ball use a chair ).

This routine is divided in 2 parts.  First part is a circuit for proper form and time, second part is high intensity interval training. At the end of each part I did bridges on a balance ball.


Part 1

Set your timer as a stopwatch.  You will complete 10 round of the following combo.


  • Side Forward Lunge Right Leg – 5 reps
  • Side Forward Lunge Left Leg – 5 reps
  • Booty Squat – 5 reps ( watch workout recap part of the video for proper explanation )

The whole thing counts as 1 round

Do not take breaks during this part, the key is to push your self all the way through.


  • After I completed 10 rounds of the above combo I did 20 reps of bridges on a balance ball.


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals.  Firs interval is 7 seconds ( rest interval ), second interval is 35 seconds ( max effort ), for the total of 12 rounds.  There are 2 exercises but one of them is done on each side, so you will go through the whole thing 4 times total.


  • Weighted Sliding Side Lunge Pulses Right Leg
  • Weighted Sliding Side Lunge Pulses Left Leg
  • Jump Over & Leap


  • After the interval training part I completed 20 more reps of bridges on a balance ball.


In the 3rd round I had to modify the sliding lunge pulses so I dropped the ball and did bodyweight.


After this routine I did 2 planks 1 min each and 3 sets of toe raises with my 40 lbs bag, 20 reps per set.Make sure you do your stretching as well and since it’s the end of the week you should do my full body stretching routine.


My Time for the first part was 8 min 7 sec.

My scores for the 2nd part

1) 22, 21, 21, 20 ( I modified 3rd and 4th round without the ball on both sides )

2) 23, 24, 24, 21

3) 6, 6, 6, 5

Have fun training!



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  • Christian

    Thanks for another enjoyable WO! Gone do this very soon!
    Have a wonderful Saturday all!

    • Christian

      There is nothing easy about this WO, especially part two! I drop the weight in the first round, it was pure torture!
      My scroes
      Part one 10.05 Min
      Part two, didn’t count!
      Thanks again for an awesome WO.

      • Ha Ha Ha, yes it is pretty challenging, I dropped the weight in the 3rd round, it was hard.

  • jt

    I’ll see if it can fit this workout in today, it looks very challenging!! Let’s fight the flabbb lol!! Have nice weekend!! :)))

    • Hey Girlie 🙂

      Yes fight the flab!!! I like how that’s sounds 🙂

  • + ??? ???? ???????????? ?? ????,??????? ???????????!???????,?? ????????? ????? ? ????? ??????????????!???????!???? ????? ????? ??????,????? ???? ?????????? ?? ??? ???? ????? 🙂

    • Spasibo bolshoe :). Ya uge podgotavlivau echo odnu na vse telo, takge u menya v arhive ochen mnogo trenirovok na vse telo 🙂

  • Hi Tati

    Are those pants off ebay too? I really like the fit & waist band on them.

    • Hey,

      No not these I got these in Marshals, they always have cool pants there.

  • Zarinda Bee

    Thanks again Tatianna – great workout – round 1 with 2x 4kg dumbbells = 9.14 and didn’t count my reps for round 2 as i was enjoying the sweat too much to write them down!

  • mariasole verdi

    another wonderful workout . i am so excited dont know what to do if to start the one leg squat challenge or this one. they both captured meee. any tips?byeee have a nice we you all!

    • Well, it all depends what do you feel like you need to work on?

  • Vivi

    Thank you Tati! Sending love your way! xoxo

  • Another great workout. I didn’t time or count anything but focused on my form since I added extra weight to my sandbag 🙂

    • You did the right thing :), for is always the most important!

  • gymlafrance

    part 2: trés trés tré dur! mais, cet été…je serai le plus beau sur la plage!!!! (merci tatiana!)

  • daybelis garcia


  • daybelis garcia

    you look beautiful love, definitely see more muscle and I love your excited to start working out again with you after my week of recovery:)

  • Trish

    Looking forward to doing this tomorrow! I wanted to ask about your sandbag. I have 2 Ultimate Sandbags – love them! – but I also like the way this one drapes around your neck like a snake! I am considering getting one of these too. Any advice?
    Also, love the pistol tutorial! Thanks for breaking it down into an easily understandable lesson. I am optimistic that I WILL finally master them by following your advice!

    • Hey Trish,

      I’d say you can make a bag just like mine. I like it as well because the weight comes down and takes the pressure of your back, but one thing that I don’t like very much about it is that it already comes with sand and I can’t adjust it. That’s why I would recommend for you to make it your self.

    • Evaleen

      Love love love the sandbag too!!! I know it doesn’t “conform”, but I actually like that challenge… plus, the half-dozen handles help a lot. :p I also love that I can use it as luggage, haha.

      • Trish

        That’s why I love it too – all the handles make it so incredibly versatile!! And now the new discovery that I can use it as luggage! Lol! Love them even more! Lol!!

  • Evaleen

    Wow, my glutes were hurting just watching those pulse side lunges. o_0 This workout is going to kill me, I know it lol.

    But not quite yet, :p probably later in the week since I’m working to get back “in shape” after a whole week off (figured a couple full-body routines would be a nice way to start). I was lethargic for days after my last workout, spent a lot of time in bed… kinda depressing. 🙁 But I feel much better now, except knowing how hard it’s going to be working out again in this heat (been several 100+ degree days here). Just gotta try to get up early enough to beat the rising temps. :0

    • I hope you feel better Evaleen, it’s really hot here too, when we filmed this workout I almost fainted from heat, it was pretty crazy.

      • Evaleen

        How bad is it where you are? Yesterday was a record breaker here: 107 o_0

        Did a workout outside today (felt so much nicer since a T-storm moved in last night), but I’m so happy to be doing them again that I can’t wait till my next one! I already planned it out today, 😀 has been a while since I’ve done my own routine.

        15 Slide-forward Staggered Push-Ups
        20 Birdie Lifts
        25 (altern. sides) sandbag Clean & Side Lunge
        15 (altern. sides) Santana Push-Up with Side Plank Lift
        20 (altern. sides) Reptiles
        25 Deep Squats with sandbag

        … and for some cardio, 10 half-burpees after every set… so two rounds of all that for 360 reps total. Gonna be lotsa fun I think. xD

        • Wow 107 that’s insane. Here is not that high but the humidity makes up for it.

          • Evaleen

            I actually spoke too soon– heard just yesterday that it hit 118 (!!!) somewhere in Kansas. :0 God, I couldn’t even imagine… I would just lay down and DIE lol.

            Anyway, did that workout of mine earlier, with one change– the half-burpees were “directional” (jump to the side, jump up, jump straight back then up, then to the other side, and so on). The staggered sliders were so hard, but also didn’t expect the sandbag-clean/side lunges to be that tiring (bag was 30lbs). I took soooo many little breaks, and finished nearly right on 36 min.

          • Today we filmed such a great upper body and core workout :), I will be posting it early in the morning :), off to editing…

  • sabine_Germany

    Hey Tatianna,
    did this workout this morning and it was a real Butt-Killer!
    I really enjoyed the burn 🙂
    You are soooo true about proper form…. since I focus more on form
    and not on speed… I really can see my muscles getting bigger and tighter!
    And I´m always sore after your workouts!
    Could you please post your scores?

    • Yes sweetie, I’m gonna go look into the scores right now, I didn’t write them down cause we have it all on video, I just need to look through it.

  • Nice way to start my anniversary celebration. I used 20lb sandbag, 12 ugi and a balance ball. I also added pistols practise ( 2mins) and planks with arms further out (50 sec) of 4 round before and after the WO.This is not an easy routine. You can not rush/jump you way through it, form is important.
    Here is my score from this morning:
    Part 1 : 8.58
    20 reps bridges on Balance ball
    Part 2:
    1) 18-17-12-10
    2) 16-15-12-9
    3) 6-6-6-5
    20 reps bridges on Balance ball
    3 sets of toe raises – 20 reps each.

    • Thanks for sharing darling!

      • You’re welcome. I find when I post my score, I’m more consistent with exercising. Posting is a way for me to be accountable to myself. It’s like my workout diary. I’ll be doing Sun Worshipper for upper body tomorrow.

    • I did this again. I so enjoy working out in my mom’s basement…it feels like I’m in an air conditioned building.
      Warm up: Basic Warm up routine.
      Part 1: 7:33 – 30lbs weight (held a set of 15lbs dumbbells)
      20 reps bridges on b-ball
      Part 2: 10lbs dumbell
      1. 21-20-18-20
      2. 19-21-20-20
      3. 12-11-11-11
      20 reps bridges on b-ball
      10 minutes of stretching.

  • AlishisPhillips

    Part one my time was 11:12. I didn’t have time to catch my scores for the second half. The way you worded that part in the workout explanation about how in the 3rd round you modified by not using the ball…well, I interpreted that to mean that you repeated parts 1 and 2 all over again! I’m SO SO SO glad I checked your scores and figured out that once is all…once was ENOUGH!

    • Ohh yeas once was enough!!! I modified cause it was pretty hard for me as well.

  • Naomi

    Started up with this again after a lovely day off yesterday! I filled my sandbag with more sand today, and added a couple of weight plates so I think I lifted about 16 kg.

    Part 1:
    My time was 11:38, pretty sure I did 11 rounds instead of 10. I paused at each rep and in the bottom of the squats to really feel the glute activation! +20 glute bridges!

    Part 2:
    1) 18, 19, 16, 16
    2) 19, 18, 17, 15
    3) 8, 8, 6, 7
    + 20 glute bridges

    Finished with 15 mins of intervals on the treadmill and then I practiced pull-ups with leg lifts from the Work Your Booty Off Resistance Training because it is the best exercise I have found for my transverse abdominals in a long time. 🙂 I was dripping sweat afterwards!

    • Thank you for sharing Naomi 🙂

      • Naomi

        No problem Tatianna! And thanks for a great workout. I can not begin to tell you how much my bum hurts right now… (24 hours post-workout) 🙂

  • sus

    I just finished this one…sore legs now! Time to stretch! Those sliding lunges were tough.

    • I love those sliders they are perfect after some weighted exercises 🙂

  • Did this tonight! Tough one. I’m back home so I could use equipment. I did part

  • Blerg. I hit something and the whole page refreshed. Grrr… Anyway, GREAT workout! I used a 35lb sandbag in part 1, which was hard for so long because with a sandbag your arms are bent and holding the thing on your upper back, so my arms got rather tired just being in that position. I used a towel on the floor for the part 2 side lunges, which were KILLER. I actually think I should do those more often to rehabilitate my left leg, because it was markedly more difficult. I used a 10lb ugly ball for rounds 1&2 and dropped it completely for rounds 3&4. Bridges on the ball were fun–did them without putting it in front of a wall. Also, I have neighbors below, so I didn’t jump over something, I just jumped to the side and then did a vertical leap. I’m sure that affects my scores.

    part 1: 7:14
    part 2:
    side lunge pulse L: 20-12-16-18
    side lunge pulse R: 21-15-17-21
    jump over and vertical leap: 9-9-10-10

    I am coming from traveling in a car for 9 hours yesterday, so I needed to get some exercise out. I finished out with a 10min workout ZWOW and then did 6 min abs from Susan. 🙂 I feel great!

    • Thank you for sharing Kendra, OMG 9 hours in the car that’s tough. I still haven’t tried a Zwow, I need to try one one of these days.

      • Yeah, the 9 hour ride is rough, but it’s not too bad once you’re used to it. And we’re a family of 4, so the time goes quickly when we’re playing games and joking around. Hey, I was wondering what your ideology behind the calve raises is? Is it because you don’t often get the calve muscles in your workouts? Is it because you want rockin’ calves? Just curious–it seems to be the one move besides abs that you do extra.

        • I do them additionally because we don’t usually do a lot of exercises with calves in the workouts, I just like to hit up all the muscle groups in general, it creates better body all together.

    • I like your new pic. I’d also like the last, thought it was very romantic

      • Thanks!!! This pic is me and my nephew, and the last was a scene from a play my boyfriend and I were in together playing opposite each other. So thank you for saying it was romantic! It was romantic for me on both levels–the world of the play, and me with my man. 🙂

        • wow! I thought it was your wedding picture. It must have been a beautiful scene for that picture to come out so lovely.

  • Chris Lee

    just finished. i did pt 1 in 9:26 w/40#
    pt 2 was a killer. i put a towel on the floor with a piece of paper underneath to make it more slippery. it worked great!
    the sliding pulses were pretty hard on my knee, so i dropped the weight after the 2nd round. i used my medicine ball to jump over. really tried to explode with the jumps. so hard!
    thanks again!

    • Yep it was hard for me as well, I dropped the weight in the 3rd round.

  • midimidi

    i only did part one today because my timer is brokey. but i did it in 6 minutes with 30 lb weight, still working on my pistols and they are vastly improving!

  • I did it today. This is my first time here and I love it.
    I did the first part in 8 minutes with 17 lbs on my sandbag. and I used a towel for part#2
    19-17-17-20 R
    2019-10-20 L
    Thanks for this great workout!

    • Hi there :), welcome to Loving Fit :), glad you liked your first workout, let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    I was struggling a lot, because I have a ‘solid’ sandbag, like you see on BR, and this thing is horrible! It puts a lot of pressure on my elbows, so I had to re-arrange it quite a bit, which costed me tons of time. Not the best equipment for this exercise, so looking into the homemade thingy or buy something completely new.


    My score: Part 1: 14:56 (darn that sandbag!)
    Part 2: 14, 13, 8, 11
    10, 9, 10, 10
    8, 9, 9, 9
    You’ll notice the steep decline in scores and instant *uurgghhhh..puddle of mood*-mode after 3 rounds. 🙂

    Oh wow. I’ve just noticed my slowpokeness on part 2 compared to the others. Maybe I went a little bit too low and slowed down my reps this way. Ah well. My legs and butt are quite sore today and I walk like a duck, so it’s all good. 🙂

    • I think you should go with homemade thing like my versafit, I recommend you making it instead of buy it because it’s not adjustable, plus you can easily make one :).

      • KirryKaatje

        ill look into it. 🙂

    • Esal1

      LOL Madame Kirry! Sweet fitness nut by day, badass defender of all kittens by night! LOL loved your post the other day!

      • KirryKaatje

        Yea, you know it! Be strong to protect ze kitties. *flex* :))

  • ???????, ???????? ??? ???????? ? ???? ??????? ?? ????????, ?? ??????? ?? ?????. ? ???? ?????? ?????????? ????? ?????????? ????, ? ?? ???????? ? ????????, ??? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ? ????? (?????????? ????? ????????? ?????????)

    • Sdravstvujte, nado delat upragneniya dlya podtyagivania yagodis, vse trenirovki kotorie ya vikladivau na nignuu chast tela vam pomogut s problemnimi mestami. No vi takge dolgni pravilno kushat, i kushat dostatochno belka.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    just finished !!!! I wore my weighted vest at 40 lbs for the first part, it took me 7:07

    second part, used a giant piece of cardboard and sliders, 10 lb medicine ball, switched to a 5 lb hand weight for the last round, jumped over imaginary brick :)))

    1/ left 23-18-17-16
    2/ right 22-19-19-17
    3/ 9-9-8-8

    I did the 2 rounds of bridges using a small swiss ball against the door. I followed it up with 3 rounds of 1 minutes elbow forward planks and 50 Tati side bends.

    I also did 10 minutes of freestyle light cardio…too funny, I was going to mix in regular skipping, but I can’t seem to go slow any more, only high knees for me, kept tripping, so after about 15 seconds bagged the rope and just did 1 minute stretches of high knee jogging, jumping jacks and knee strikes at the 4 and 9 minute mark.


    • Sweet!!! The weighted vest is probably going to be my next purchase. I’v been eyeing it in the sears catalogue.
      Have a fit day 🙂

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        so I had to look at the sears site….never knew they carried them…lol…mine is a TKO 40 lb’er. I like it cause it has two velcro straps, but it does squish the chest when it’s fully loaded…lol… I tried a couple on in the store, they are made for men at that weight, so watch yourself, some come down the torso too far and interfere with squatting at the hips. I really like it for leg work outs, the weight is nicely balanced. I wear it hiking sometimes too, and I drop the weight to about 25 lbs to run stairs…great toy!!!!

        • Thanks for the tip about the vest.

      • I like that, ” Have a fit day “, stealing it 🙂

        • I like it too, I stole the phrase from my mom.

    • I’ve been skipping on my cardio lately, it’s pretty hot and humid

  • Leah James

    Great workout! I could really feel the burn. You weren’t kidding about it being harder than it looks 🙂

    • I think it always looks easy on the video, but it’s always much harder 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Part two was simply gruuuueling! Urgh, and didn’t even use any weight for it lol. Thank god it was a rainy day out though, so had nice mild temps. 🙂

    #1 – Forgot 🙁 9 min I think, with two 15lb db’s… I didn’t stop though
    #2 – Six reps every round (except 5 on the first) for every jump (over my sandbag) and leap; averaged 18 reps on either leg for the pulsing lunges
    — 1 min for the first set of bridges, 1:20 for the second set —

    Followed with 500 jump rope jacks (I can do those now, so yay :D) in 9:28, two sets of 20 weighted (30lbs) calf raises, and two 1-min regular planks.

    • I need to step up with my planks a bit more, I haven’t done much cardio after my workouts, but I have been doing Susan’s challenge 🙂

  • OMG. Very tough. Part 1 7:25 (12 kg), Part 2 1) r. 15/10/14/13 2) l. 15/11/15/14 (first 2 rounds I did with 6 kg, other rounds 3 kg) after the workout I noticed that I did wider amplitude than you 3) 10/8/9/8. I tired to do Susana’s Abs Challenge Day 2, but I managed to do only the quarter of the challenge 🙂 Thank you for the super workouts!

  • Hey sweetie, thank you so much for sharing. How is your summer going?

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  • Jos

    Just did this one today!
    Part #1 took me 8:54 with 35 lbs sandbag (I hold it in the front instead on my back)

    Part #2 I used 10lbs mini sandbag for the sliding side lunge pulses, used a towel on my tile floor & used my sandbag as obstacle for side jump over 🙂
    Right: 25-15-20
    Left: 20-20-22-20
    Jump over: 6-5-6-6

    Did 20 reps bridges after each part and continued with some Abs workout afterward 🙂

    • Thanx for sharing girlie 🙂

  • DONE !!!

  • Did this one again today. I had 4 days off, so I wanted come back with a pow, but not get frustrated with something super long. I love this workout. I really milked the first part this time and actually increased my time by 2min! But I think it’s a good thing. I also have learned of the dangers of the sandbag on the back since last time, so I just switched the sandbag from shoulder to shoulder. In part 2 I used my 10lb medicine ball but like you, dropped it after 2 rounds. And I didn’t jump over anything, I just jumped to the side, so I got less pow out of the jumping side to side, but I could fit more reps in.

    part 1: 9:26
    part 2:
    weighted sliding lunge L: 21-18-21-20
    weighted sliding lunge R: 24-20-22-22
    jump over and leap: 10-10-9-10
    the bridges took about :45.

    Started out with Sharper Abs challenge as my weekly torture, and finished with 10 min interval run in my fivefingers. I really love them for exercise, but I also love the experience of walking with them, and especially love hiking.

    Glad to be back!!! Happy Weekend!!!

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