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Lower Body Workout


Hello My Darlings,

I have an amazing lower body workout for you today, this workout is going to make it to my top favorite routines list. The best thing about this workout is that you won’t need to do any cardio afterwards, it’s all included. It took me 36 minutes to complete this routine, but I repeated part 1 twice, at the beginning and at the end of this workout. If you only do part one at the beginning then this workout will take you 33 minutes to complete.

So many of you guys are doing my workouts now, and I would like to say a few words for the newbies. Every day I still get a lot of questions about how many days a week is best to workout. A lot of you guys are writing me that you are so used to working out 5-6 days a week doing full body routines and that it’s hard for you to break those habits.

In order for you to break these habits you have to think using logic and common sense. If you are working out 5-6 days a week using the same muscle groups, when do you think your body will have time to recover? How about your joints, do you think it’s healthy to constantly overwork your joints?

I would like for you to consider a few things:

  • A – Your body doesn’t develop during training, training only stimulates your muscle.
  • B – Your can only develop and grow muscle while at rest. No rest no muscle.
  • C – When it comes to training and getting the best results, more is NOT better. Beginners have a hard time understanding that, but if you have been working out for a while and still don’t’ have the fitness level and the body of your dreams, haven’t you ever thought that you are doing something wrong?

If you are new to my site I recommend for you to read these two very important articles, they will help you understand how training works and I believe it will help you to break that habit of 5-6 days a week of full body workouts. First article is ” How To Train For Best Results ” and second article is ” and ” Recovery Week and Active Rest “.

Now back to today’s workout. Make sure to always warm-up, follow me along in my basic warm-up video, and of course always remember: Proper Form AKA Quality ( is what will bring you the real results and prevent you from
injuries )Β Vs Speed and Quantity.

Please watch the workout recap part of the video to know the proper explanation of each exercise, cause video is very deceiving.



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my Gymboss timer, my 40 lbs versafit bag, and half of My Pink Toy Lebert . I used Lebert because the height of it was perfect for the exercise I was doing, but you can use a regular chair. The idea is for you to repeat each rep the same as last and not just swing your leg around.

His workout is broken down into 2 parts. First part is only 3 minutes long and consists of only 1 exercise, and second part is Interval Training. At the end of the second part I repeated the first part, but you don’t have to, it’s all up to you.

Important Tip:

Do not shorted your intervals, not the max interval or the break interval. I created these specific intervals for a reason considering the exercise I was using and the amount of break you need in between them. Every exercise goes in specific order and with these specific intervals, so don’t be lazy – push your self!


Part 1

Set your timerΒ for one interval of 3 minutes to count down. There is only one exercise and you will be alternating sides each time.

  • Weighted 4 pulse diagonal back lunge


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals, 15 sec ( break interval ) and 1 minute ( max effort interval ), for the total of 24 rounds. There is 6 exercises in this part, but two of them are done on each side. You will go through the following sequence for 3 rounds total.

  • Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat Right Leg
  • One Leg Squat & Jump-Up Right Leg
  • Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat Left Leg
  • One Leg Squat & Jump-Up Left Leg
  • Three Count Superman Hold
  • Weighted Plie Squat ( watch my tempo in the video )
  • Switch Bridge on a medicine ball
  • Double Tuck Jump


After I finished the interval training part, I repeated the 1st part one more time.


My Scores

Part one

First time – 27, second time 26 ( I counted one side at a time )

Part 2

1) – 12, 11, 9

2) – 8, 7, 7

3) – 13, 11, 10

4) – 8, 7, 7

5) – 11, 10, 10

6) – 13, 12, 12

7) 20, 18, 17 ( Had to update this, thank you Susu for pointing it out πŸ™‚ )

8) – 12, 13, 12


Since it’s the end of the week, I did my usual Full Body Stretching routine.


Have a wonderful weekend Darlings!




PS – Check out my this week’s article for – ” Workout Tips For Six Pack Abs


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • sedindriuke

    great workout. I will love it! I know ! I love lower body routines very much and this your post is a goooodddd for us who thinks to be healthy, slim etc. that we need to train much πŸ˜€ You kicked ass in all ways! Im so admiring you and what you do!

    p.s. some questions: when do you workout mostly? how long after the meal you workout and do you eat right after wo? Thank you thank you!

    • Hi there,

      When we film I workout in the afternoon around 1 pm, when we don’t film I workout around 6-7 pm. I do eat after if I feel hungry, before my workout I always have a handful of mulberrys 20 minutes prior. But the actual meal I have about 2 hours before my workout.

  • This workout looks great ! though today I already did a lower body, so I have to save it for my next lower body one. Will look for an upper one for tomorrow :).

    • Hey girlie,

      We are gong to record new Upper Body on Monday, I already have it all put together, it’s gonna be so cool πŸ™‚

  • missraten

    Thanks Tatianna for all the explanation and the workout! I’m just taking a two days break, gonna do this one afterwards, looks really fun!

    • Me too, I am taking today and tomorrow off, after this workout i’m pretty sore.

  • taltul73

    your my star!!!!!! i will do it tomorrow …. i know i will enjoy it…

  • Vivi

    You know what? the best thing you learn me is the rest day ! Really I see most difference, most definition with 1 or 2 rest day per week than any rest day ! For m before rest day was so hard, something lack in my day but yo REALLY learn me that my body NEED that ! And with your Wo I didn’t ask me if I need …My body tell my to rest!!

    • That’s right, rest is everything! I always say No rest no muscle !

  • Vivi

    NOOOOOOOO pulse lunges !! so hard exercise for me really !! OK not difficult to do but SO challenging ! Ok i don’t work legs enougth , not so much lower body workout for me because I don’t want to hae so much muscles on legs…so this exercise still kill my legs !!

    • You can reduce the weight πŸ™‚

  • Did you mean Quality is what will bring you the real results and prevent injuries? You’d typed Quantity. Nice peep talk. It’s what repeating and hammering to Lovingfitters. This will be my lovingWO on Monday.

    • Hi sweetie, yep that’s what I meant :). I love how LovingFitters sounds very cute

      • :)))

        • Ahhh hugs hugs hugs :)))

          • sedindriuke

            I’m lovingfitter too!

  • meebrbey

    I had been following bodyrocktv for a year and half and although I lost 40 lbs, I started to wonder why I wasn’t building any muscle definition or strength. I felt exhausted and achy all the time, now it makes sense, I was overtraining. I think I was burning fat and muscle. I was a bodyrocker now I think I want to be a Lovingfitter.

    • You can always be both! πŸ™‚

    • Ahh you guys are all so sweet I love the new term Lovingfitter :). It does sound like you were overtraining, when we workout too much our body doesn’t build muscle, it burns it. It pretty much burns everything and tears into the joints. Because we have few different energy pathways that our body uses, and if we don’t workout correctly and don’t recover our body begins to break down muscle even more than fat.

      I have a great article I wrote a while ago about overtraining, I listed some of the symptoms in the article, such as always feeling tired, cranky, having a hard time sleeping, loss of appetite, muscle twitches etc, it’s our body’s way of communicating with us, telling us it’s too much. And if we don’t listen for a while the body will force you to take a break with an injury. Here is the article –

      • AlishisPhillips

        I also was a BodyRocker for over a year. It made me real trim, and it got me excited for working out regularly, but only now am I getting definition, even in my abs! (I’m still following Zuzana occasionally.) I’m not perfect with my workout schedule or my diet, but since discovering Tatianna, and listening to her advice, I have gained so much more definition. There are a lot of people on YouTube who have their workouts, one emailed me and asked me to give her my opinion on her workout video. It takes a lot of guts to workout on camera and blast it all over the internet, so for that I give this woman props…but her style of workout left much to be desired. I don’t like to be negative so I’ll only say it made me appreciate Tatianna’s work, knowledge and effort that she puts into each video, article and workout. I’m cheering with the Lovingfitters these days.

    • Vivi

      Exactly the same for me. My body is more toned thanks BR but I really had difficulty to have definition. I follow now tatianna & another one & in 1-2 months I see already results.
      Tatianna approach is very seious & professional. <3 I really love to follow her workout but her article too <3

    • Meebrbey, I too used to be a bodyrocker and have found that by following Tati’s smart training advice my results have improved and my muscles have also shown improved results. Tati, has taught me that it’s not always speed but form and making sure your feeling the muscles you want to target working. She’ll even say part of her workouts are to be completed with focus on form vs. speed. I guess one could say I am a Lovingfitter too:)

      • meebrbey

        yeah, it just makes more sense to split the workouts: upperbody one day, lowerbody next day, rest until recovered then do it again. Before i was doing full body workouts 5-6 days a week, i can’t believe i did that to myself. but i saw all the weight come off and thought i was doing the right thing. now i’m just flabby skinny, no muscle tone.

        • I’s ok don’t worry, you will put some muscle on once you workout the right way πŸ™‚

          • meerbrbey

            im so happy i found this site πŸ˜€ thank you for all you do

    • KirryKaatje

      I’ve experienced the exact same thing. My body changed for the better when starting doing Tati’s workout’s. Love it. So have fun! πŸ™‚

  • Maureen

    Psyching myself up to do this one in a few minutes!! Looks great. Thanks for all the good info.

    • Ohh you will love this one, I so enjoyed it!

  • This workout looks amazing! I am definitely doing it today…after a teeny nap. I had to work today and am a bit tired.

    Here’s my question for you…because I am one of those people addicted to working out 5-6 days a week, although I DID take yesterday off because I was so sore from the Love on Top workout…is it really so bad if you do a light, cardio-based and/or very short workout on one of the “off” days? I only ask because emotionally I am SO much better working out at least 5 times a week. When I fall below that number I tend to get more depressed and lethargic.

    Now, by “working out” I don’t mean the same intensity that I use in your workouts. Usually I find a bodyweight, mostly cardio workout to get my blood moving, or even just go for a jog, and do that on day 3 and maybe 6, while days 1 and 4 are lower body, days 2 and 5 upper body. And if I’m feeling worn out, like yesterday, I will take it off, or maybe go on a walk.

    I know you probably won’t think this is best, but do you think it is so very bad?

    • Hi girlie :),

      Just a little cardio its’ OK to do, but as long as it’s not interval training because it’s very taxing on our system, so just light cardio or a light job and not too long. You can also add a little stretch to it. Also, listen to your body, if you feel too sore than just do a stretch and go for a walk.

  • YAY I love how that sounds it’s so cute πŸ™‚

  • I did it! Fantastic workout–I sweated through two sports bras. I really like the squat-lunge thing. I realized on the second round that it’s more effective if I put the leg further out, too. I used my 35lb sandbag for all the weighted stuff. Found the bridge hard at first, but got the hang of it by round 3. Left leg one leg squats are hard; did them with my heel up on a book, and used a thinner book for rounds 2 and 3, so my reps were lower but it pushed my balance and ankle strength a bit more.

    part 1: 29; 27

    part 2:
    weighted swing lunge-squat L: 15-16-13
    one leg squat and jump up L: 8-6-7
    weighted swing lunge-squat R: 14-15-13one leg squat and jump up R: 10-8-83 count superman hold: 10-9-9weight plie squat: 20-20-17switch bridge on ball: 12-14-16
    double tuck jump (ea jump = 1): 15-13-14

    I love how difficult part 1 is after the interval!

    I did just a few minutes of abs afterwards. I was toast! Thanks for an awesome workout, as always!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed this routine, I loved it so much and my butt and legs feel amazing today :). Have a wonderful Sunday sweetie πŸ™‚

      • I loved it. Always with your routines when there are rounds I get through one and I think, “oh no! I can’t do more!” But I do! Your workouts are always challenging and so well put together. You have a fabulous Sunday as well! xo

  • Vivi

    Done ! My butt’s crying !! Squat lunges + pistol back to back the same side killed it !!
    My score
    Part 1 : 35 & 40 in second time
    Part2 :
    1/ 19.21.22 12kg
    2/ 10.10.10
    3/ 20.23.2312kg
    4/ 11.11.12
    5/ 12.14.14
    6/ 27.29.31 12kg
    7/ 28.31.32
    8/ 16.20.22 (I counted 2 jump tuck=1rep )
    Great sweat ! But I don’t know how I gonna walking tomorrow !!!!!

    • Yep my butt was crying from this one as well πŸ™‚

  • taltul73

    I can breathe I can breathe,I can breathe hehehehe
    im telling my self this right now!!!!. just finished the workout it was amazing – as always… but some of them – like your last ab routine… are special… πŸ™‚
    part 1: 30 – 27
    part 2:
    10=8-9 (modify – i can go down on the one leg squat.. but cannot comp up πŸ™ )
    i used 10 kilo sand bag.
    now im going to do your full body stretching routine
    thank you
    have a wonderful day.


    • Thank you for sharing sweetie πŸ™‚

  • steffi_dk

    I should have listened to you about the rest time! I had to pause now for 2 Shops weeks, because my joints were hurting and some were swollen, too:-( I guess that I was overtrained for a while, and when I had more stress in my life than usually, my body said STOP. It was very frustrating, but I think I learned my lesson!

    • See I told you that when our body doesn’t get the rest it needs it will take one for you. Good thing it’s not an injury. Take few days off and just rest

  • steffi_dk

    Whole weeks, not shops weeks lol

  • marysunny verdi

    i absolutely agree with you. i am 44 and ive been practicing those furious short workouts , but after few months something happened. during a workout session i suddenly felt a very awful pain on my right knee had to stop immediately fortunately nothing was broken, but before that i paid attention to some strange signs from my knees. i could not straighten my right leg when i drove my car. so i decided to find something more suitable for my body . thats when i find tatianna. i did not feel tired and breathless all suddenly and could control every movement without pain. surely the short wo are not for me! my body absolutely rejected it! now i feel great not tired not joints pain anymore! thanks

    • I am so happy you stopped and listened to your body. Short workouts are ok to do when we don’t have any time, but always doing just short interval training workouts really taxes the nervous system and the physical effects turn to plateau. Short workout only work Anaerobic System but in order to train the right way we have to also train Aerobic System as well, that’s when we get the full training effect including the improvements in health and immune system.

  • Kristin

    I found you a little over a month ago and absolutely love your workouts and articles! You do a great, professional job! Thank you for providing this website for all of us. πŸ™‚

    I read your article on recovery and rest week and had a question. I am currently in graduate school while still holding down a full time job. I make it a priority to workout 3 times a week, but am lucky to get anything over that. I usually do one full body, one upper body, and one lower body workout with some extra skipping afterwards (if time permits). Should I still consider a rest and active recovery week?

    • Hi Kristin,

      I recommend you do one Lower Body, One Upper Body and One Full Body. You’re recovery week should be 4 days off, but complete 4 days off. You still need to recover.

  • Hey Tati, thank-you for your opening discussion. This is something you don’t hear a lot of other fitness sites talking about. It’s always “work hard, even if your tired push yourself”. I do struggle with following this but when I do take appropriate rest time, I can truly attest to the fact that I do feel STRONGER and feel that I have gained more muscle. We’ve been brain washed by the media and society to think going hard all the time = strength and success, which in training isn’t the case. Thanks again for the the sensible reminder, you can tell you used to be a professional athlete, very smart training regime. Love your energy and your site, you inspire me to train smart and hard:)

    • Hi Kristen,

      Thank you so much for your kindness and support. Yes rest is very important, it’s just as important as training it self, a lot of people have a belief that more is better but it’s not, if we don’t rest our results will suffer not only physically but mentally as well. Not every workout needs to be extreme, because we need to periodize high intensity with low intensity and that’s the healthy approach, and with this approach it’s hard to give up because you always see progress and you don’t feel tortured and tired all the time.

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  • Let me know how you did sweetie :). Hey I’ve noticed I’ve missed some of your comments, I feel terrible I didn’t see them earlier :(, sorry sweetie

  • Hi sweetie :),

    I hope you are doing great hugs hugs hugs :)))

  • I know–I just have a homemade sandbag, which is fine, but when I need to hold it up on my upper back for 3 minutes it makes my elbows cranky. But I considered using dumbbells instead. you could for the part 1 exercise and the swing lunge-squat thing. Might be hard for the plie squat.

  • Bibi

    Me too! yes! Sounds sooo cool :—–)!

  • Hi Sandra,

    Welcome to Loving Fit :).

    I am very happy you like my workouts, let me know if you ever have any questions.


  • Christian

    I use to be guilty of only taking one day a week off, till i found your site and got my AHA moment!

    Did this wonderful, enjoyable and brutal workout!

    Part one. 28 & 27 reps

    Part two with 10 kg sandbag!

    1.Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat Right Leg 16,15,15
    2 One Leg Squat & Jump-Up Right Leg 6,6,4 assisted!
    3.Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat Left Leg 16,16,15
    4.One Leg Squat & Jump-Up Left Leg 6,5,5,
    5.Three Count Superman Hold 10,10,10
    6.Weighted Plie Squat
    7.Switch Bridge on a medicine ball 12,12,11
    8.Double Tuck Jump 16,14,10 counted each jump as one rep

    Have a wondrful day all!

    • Nice job on those double tuck jumps, they were very hard for me

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  • Kim

    I haven’t read through all the comments yet, so you may have already addressed my question to come. If so, I’ll read it later in the comments, if not, I’d love a response from you. First, this post was so needed. I have such a hard time “resting”. I push myself biking, jogging, snowshoeing (whatever sport season I’m in), then I usually do one of your workouts after, or the very next day. Sometimes I keep that up for 10 days in a row before I decide I really need a break! I know that’s bad.
    ***So…my question: I am never quite sure which workouts I should do for optimal muscle building so I am not repeating muscle groups over and over. Could you outline a typical week’s workouts from your site that would target all areas? What’s your feeling on going for a moderately paced bike ride (usually 25ish miles) and weight workout outs? I know, I’m asking more than one question, but I REALLY appreciate your advice! If you only have time to answer one-please outline a typical week for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    • Hi Kim,

      have you seen my Creating Your Workout Plan post? –

      • Kim

        Tatiana, Thank you so much for pointing me to that. I have read a lot on your blog, but missed that one! I feel like I can make this work. One question-I think you mentioned in one of your more recent workouts that we should do cardio after your workouts if we are trying to lose weight. So, it’s best to do your workout and then go for my bike ride or jog after? I’ve always done the opposite thinking the cardio would be a warmup for my workout.

        • Yes exactly, after the workout is when you want to do your biking or jogging. Because when we begin to workout our body uses muscle glycogen as its’ first choice for energy, so if you waste that glycogen on cardio you won’t be able to do strength training to its’ full potential.

  • midimidi

    It was really hard for me to quit working out 5 days a week. even though the routines were short i began making them longer and doing more stuff like cardio etc. little by little I noticed my strength was not where it was, my motivation was stalling and I was getting kind of irritable. the amazing thing is that since i am doing just tati’s routines my body is better for it. Her workouts are more challenging then the body rocker workouts in my opinion and I am getting better results and working out less.

    • Midi I am happy you are seeing results, yes these workouts are very challenging and I put them together specifically to be that way so we can take time off and get stronger.

  • Esal1

    Hey Tati!! Did this one this morning, another fantastic WO thank you!! LoL I felt like your opening rant was aimed right at me. I want you to know I have been pretty good with taking my rest days, Sat was a rest day and I did 10 min of high knees and 10 min in Funk Roberts new burpee finisher. I think that is pretty good for a rest day, not to much right????? Sunday went to the park and just messed around w/ muscle up practice nothing to strenuous. Back to work this week thoug, lower body this morn, upper tomorrow, rest, lower, upper.

    • Ethan πŸ™‚ thats’ a good start. Try to have your rest days where you are actually resting completely :), you can be active but try not to do any exercise. It is a good start though πŸ™‚

  • midimidi

    ok just finished and stretched. this one was very hard, i know i will be feeling it a little tomorrow! phew. 30 lbs

  • Warm-up: 10 minutes; 4 rounds 10/50 sec Elevated Planks with arms futher.
    Part 1: 24 , after Part 2: 19
    Part 2.
    1) 13-13-9 (30lb sandbag)
    2) 6-6-5 (unassisted half way down one leg squats & Jump-up)
    3) 11-11-10 (30lb sandbag)
    4) 6-6-4 (unassisted half way down one leg squats & Jump-up)
    5) 12-10-11
    6) 14-14-13 (30lb sandbag)
    7) 10-9-11
    8) 8-8-6
    other 4 rounds 10/50 sec Elevated Planks with arms futher. Finished with 10 minutes of stretching.

    • I love that you write about your warm-up, that is a very important part!

      • I agree. Thanks for advising that I increased the time. I was kinda counting my planks as part of my warm-ups.

  • Diana

    Hi Tatiana, this WO was ammmazing!:) First time I did proper one-leg squats!!! Ah, they are true killers! πŸ˜€ This workout will be one of my favourites! I also did pre/post-workout 3×15/60 plank (simple and raptile).
    Have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Diana,

      This workout is on my top favorites too πŸ™‚

  • paula

    Before every workout I do my 10 to 15 min skipping is it ok or to much(and I do work out 5 times a week using LovingFit body rock or Zuzka side)

    • Paula, if you want to gain muscle faster while burning fat, I recommend you do cardio after your strength training.

  • Sdravstvujte Elena,

    Esli menya priglashaut pokushat to ya idu i v tot den beru vihodnoj so svoego posta, nado nemnogo po veselitsya toge :).

    V buduuchem ya uverena chto sdelau seksiu dlya Russkih podpischikov, tak kak sejchas ya postroila ves blog sama bez pomochi specialista to ya dage ne znau kak bi mne eto sdelat. Sejchas ya v poiske specialista po web sitam, horoshego ochen trudno najit tak kak im nado doveryat. Kak tolko ya najdu programista to obyazatelno sdelau seksiu na Russkom.

  • sus

    Hey TatiTat. I just did this one. You are missing a set of scores on your interval training. I was wondering if you had those. You posted 7 intervals but there are 8. I like to have your scores posted along with my workout journal.

    I just finished my 1 week break from working out and let me tell you, it was very refreshing and much needed. Saturday I swam as cross training but it wasn’t much, just enough to get me warmed up and ready to come back to working out today. I used less weight (8lb dumbbells) to ease myself back into it. Here are my scores:

    Part 1: 26,19 (it seemed like that 4th pulse was just enough. I couldn’t have done 5)

    Part 2:

    1. 15,13,13

    2. 8,6,6 (only went half down)

    3. 14,13,13

    4. 8,7,6 (only went half down)

    5. 7,8,7

    6. 16,20,17

    7. 16,14,16

    8. 14,12,15

    • Hey Susu, thank you for pointing that out to me, again I didn’t pay attention, I went over the post several times and darn it still made a mistake. I will fix that right away πŸ™‚

      • sus

        Thank you! I really appreciate it. I know I love when you post your scores. It helps me to know where I can be one day and if I am going too fast on the exercises or not. Lots of love.

      • sus

        This is what I do with all your workouts. I saw someone had done it with all of Z’s workouts so I do this with yours.

        • I love this Susu! This is very creative πŸ™‚

  • Vivi

    Totally brutal. But I loved it as usual! Yesterday was a day off from working out, so I was ready for a challenge. I used a 40lb sandbag.
    Pt 1: 30 & 28 – started to feel a bit light headed during this round.
    Pt 2:
    1. 15-15-13
    2. 11-10-9
    3. 14-14-14
    4. 11-10-9
    5. 12-12-12
    6. 18-19-19
    7. 17-19-19
    8. 17-17-17 Oh boy did this burn. Had to shake out the legs at 10 reps and one more time at 14 reps. Otherwise I stayed low during each interval.

    • Thank you for sharing Vivi :), I really loved this workout

  • Yes 4 times a week is too much of running. If you gonna run the best way is to use intervals and don’t run for too long, not more than 20 minutes. This way you will develop muscle fast, but if you run let’s say moderately for too long then you will be burning muscle off.

  • My dearest Tati,

    How can I even thank you for these amazing posts?
    I read them all, and yes I wanted (for a few weeks now) asked you about the working 5-7 days a week, but now I don’t have any questions any more πŸ™‚
    I have to focus on my nutrition, emotional eating is my problem πŸ™

    Anyway I did this workout today.

    1 Part : 27. I really wanted to do it again but I end up so exhausted I decided to take it easy.
    2 Part :
    15-15-15 (after 10 proper tuck jumps I switch to little jumps trying not to stop)


    • Hi sweetie, emotional eating is something a lot of people have to deal with. It’s good that you understand and admit that you have it, that means it will be much easier for you to work through it. It’s definitely a process and overtime you will overcome it.

  • Evaleen

    I’ve believed for a long time that rest was essential, but I also thought that I didn’t push hard enough to warrant that much rest… especially seeing so many others far exceed me without needing a break. But I’ve stopped doubting myself like that, it was just silly and doing me no good.

    I gotta admit though, when it comes to the 5-6 short workouts a week concept, it’s probably still my favorite. I guess cause it’s like a daily ‘short-but-sweet’ dose of invigoration (without being too tiring) and seems the most versatile/convenient/least stressful… cause no matter how much I plan, I still worry about possible interruptions during longer routines (and this may sound like an excuse, but I really do get a lot of anxiety before starting a hard workout). But, I know it’s a flawed plan in the long run, so I just save that as a (temporary) maintenance option during travel.

    • Hey girlie, in the end you have to do what makes you happy and what is more convenient for you. It is also a good switch from time to time so you don’t hit plateau.

      • Evaleen

        Best advice evar. πŸ™‚ And you know what, it’s so refreshing to hear something like that, instead of “Do my workouts and you’ll be ripped for life!!!!!” Lol, *rolleyes* I’ve been exposed to WAY too much marketing…

    • I’m always wearing by so called scientific studies, but came across an
      interesting one as I was reading July Shape. The magazine used a study that
      says β€œRunning for 60 minutes don’t just burn calories, they also stimulate your
      stem cells to become bone instead of fat”. Shape magazine cited a study
      from McMaster University. In this study they found that mice that ran for an
      hour three times per week had less fat within their bone marrow than those that
      did not. They ended by saying “interval workouts are great, but balancing
      them with longer less-intense sessions a few time per week is best”.

      • Evaleen

        Interesting, and I wonder how the results would have been with mixed activity… say, 50/50 intense workouts and moderate exercise (like hiking, certain kinds of yoga, etc). I definitely agree that everyone needs several hours of activity each week, without necessarily spending them all at the gym (preferably not, in my case anyway lol).

        • I agree with your point. I’m in the 50/50 club for workouts.I do Iyengar yoga twice a week. I try to do some kind of physical activity outside in the weekends.

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Tatianna,

    I did your workout today… I liked it very much. I haven’t lost any strength juring these 5 days of rest.. I feel good.. Do not have a lot of energie, but think for the next 5 rest days I have to stay more active.. some light cardio for about 10 min every day I think would give me more energie… I did go wrong with this workout with the one leg squats.. I can not do them properly yet.. And forgot the jump up for the first round.. the second and thirt round I just went as low as posible.. About normal squat hight.. and than did the jump up after that.. Was pretty tough on my butt! I am trying to learn pistols/.one leg squats by an instruction video on the disavowed rockers page.. I think that is a good one.. My scores are about the same as yours on this workout.. so think my pase was right on.. Thank you!

    • Hey Annebell,

      This one was pretty hard workout on your first day back!!! I’m glad you took your rest though, I’m sure your body is like ” AHHH finally ! ”

  • Evaleen

    And speaking of marketing, just got to share this somewhere… see, I’ve been subscribed to a certain highly-acclaimed trainer (cause I bought one of his programs before), but recently got
    an email that started off with him saying how “terrible” this athlete looked:

    In his words, “like a 12 year old boy”, with “no six-pack”… then of course, he followed it up with a sales pitch (as usual). Anyway, I hate saying this cause he always seemed like such a respectable guy, but that is one low-blow and ridiculous gimmick to sell your product.

    • I totally see what you mean girlie, I don’t like when trainers tear people down and discuss others, that would be a total turn off for me.

      • Evaleen

        Is why I was so disappointed, he was the one trainer I thought wouldn’t stoop to that. πŸ™ I was shocked too cause that Balotelli dude looks great as far as I’m concerned!

        • I thought he looked great as well!!! I think some people trainers and others people in general once they become popular they thing that they are above everything and everyone, and the ego becomes bigger than a person. You know I always say ” Give a person just a little bit of popularity and you will see their real face “, that is so true.

    • This guy looks like a natural athlete and what most soccer player will
      look like. I guess people are used to seeing crazily ripped looking athletes
      this day. If a trainer can find fault with this body, there is something wrong
      with that trainers’ philosophy and ideal of a healthy body. I think in general our societal notion of a healthy body is a bit warped.

  • this workout seemed to go so fast!!! 2 of the exercises I avoid the most were in this workout – tuck jumps & 1 leg squats (really hard for me as I have over pronating feet so when I bend on one leg my knee bends diagonally so its tricky to get proper alignment and I wobble a lot!). I felt I had so much more power today and I didn’t hate the tuck jumps at all – in fact I quite enjoyed doing them. I finished with 2x 5 minute finishers – 1 was a combo based on an old bodyrock ‘hot curves’:-2 jump squats forward, 10 high knees, 10 second plank, power down & up (5 min amrap) and then I did 5 mins of light jogging. I looked like a sweaty tomato at the end of the whole workout. Thanks so much again Tati for another brilliant routine and encouraging being mindful of form – it has made a huge difference and I am very grateful x

    • Hey girl πŸ™‚

      It’s definitely good to know your body and adjust things more accordingly πŸ™‚

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    ok, did this one finally. I tried to match your tempo, but some things I seem to have gone faster on or you counted differently than me.

    part 1/ I wore my weighted vest at 40 reps…37-36

    part 2 / used my sand bag at 37.5 lbs, a bar stool for the swing overs. My one leg squats were done holding onto a post and my right leg wasn’t co-operating today, had to give a leg assist up in round 1 and 3 and only did half squats for round 2…still need to work on these. my reps.

    1/ 19-17-16
    2/ 8-10-6 (round 2 half squats)
    3/ 19-17-16
    4/ 9-9-8
    5/ 13-13-12
    6/ 20-17-17 I just held my SB in front of me, no curl because of the pull ups challenge
    7/ 17-19-18 squeezed my buns inside out on this one…lol
    8/ 18-18-19 I counted each jump

    I then did day 4 of learning the pull ups


  • tee_w

    Hi guys! I did this workout yesterday as my shoulders were sore from 6week 6 pack abs (- almost finished!) so I figured a lower body workout would be perfect! It was! lol
    I did part one – 20 reps, no weight
    part 2 – only did 2 rounds, no weight except for plie squat (I don’t really like to add weight to leg work or do too much as mine grow pretty easily!)
    1. 13, 13
    2. 9,7
    3. 13, 14
    4. 7, 6
    5. 12, 12
    6. 14, 12 (I used my sandball with 20.5lbs in it)
    7. 16, 14
    8. 8, 6.5 (I counted both as one)
    part 1 – 24 reps, no weight
    today I did zwow 26 twice. fun but it was my active rest as it wasn’t really difficult! lol

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      good job Tee!!!!!

      • tee_w

        my butt is sore! lol

        • Gerri Lee Schafer


  • tee_w

    I kind of find it funny reading comments of people who were former bodyrockers. I used to sometimes shake my head at how fast people seemed to be going by looking at their scores. I would watch zuzana & see her scores and so many people were passing her, and by so much, yet zuzana quite often would keep telling people about form, more important than speed. I guess it must have been the challenge to beat her score.
    As for me, I’m very good about listening to my body (I guess lots of experience as I’m so old! lol) and can work out most days of the week. I can feel when my body needs rest, so take it when needed. but I find if I don’t work out I get so tired and then my back starts aching (have a bit of scoliosis) but I also know to vary the workouts, some intense, some more muscle building, some more cardio, and some lighter. maybe it works for me as I have a physical job rather than office type work?

    • Hey T πŸ™‚

      Something is going on with Discuss, I just saw some comments that were posted days ago and I only now see them.

      I also love varying the workouts, the way we should always train is switching between high intensity and low intensity ( periodization ). It’s the only healthy are ring way to avoid injury and overtraining.

      Good form is what gives results, scores are only important if you did it in good form.

  • Naomi

    I am back!
    I decided to take a break from training during a two week vacation without worrying about loosing strength or getting fat… πŸ™‚ Not to say I wasn’t active at all, we rode race bikes on 50-90 km trips about every other day. I tried to mind my eating (stay away from junk), but I let myself indulge in delicious desserts when out eating. After the vacation I noticed I can see more muscle definition (for the first time in my life my abs are starting to peep out) and after doing this workout I decided to test my pull-up strength and managed to smash out 7! (Previous record was 6) So, obviously my body really enjoyed this little break period and I will not stress so much about working out almost every day this Fall. Rest is good!

    My scores for this workout:
    Part 1: 20 the first time and then 18 (I actually lost count because my legs were dying).

    Part 2 – Took it easy since it was my first workout after my holiday, 15 kg sandbag.
    1) 13, 14, 12
    2) 8, 8, 7 (unassisted)
    3) 12.5, 12, 13
    4) 7, 6, 6.5 (can not do these all the way down)
    5) 12, 13, 11
    6) 16, 19, 18
    7) 13, 15, 12
    8) 16, 15, 14 (each jump as one)

    • Sorry girlie, I just saw this comment.

      I am glas you took that break, and just as I always say rest helps you develop muscle πŸ™‚

      • Naomi

        No worries Tati!
        I did this workout again today after having followed your advice with the advanced training plan for about a month. I am super happy to see such progress, especially with the one-legged squats (they were my nemesis before).

        Part 1: 27, 26 (and this time I actually counted right!)

        Part 2:
        1) 19, 19, 16
        2) 12, 11, 10
        3) 17, 16, 16
        4) 10, 9, 9
        5) 14, 13, 13
        6) 23, 20, 18 (paused at the bottom)
        7) 19, 16, 14
        8) ?, 24, 20 (massive improvement)

        • Thank you so much for sharing girlie πŸ™‚

  • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

    42 reps w. 15 kilos for both diagonal back lunge parts πŸ™‚

  • sedindriuke

    I did this WO again today as first time i did it as it was released. I love this one coz it kick really into right place πŸ™‚

    Tati, what do you think about workoing out in AMRAP style like recent ZWOW? I love Zuzana and her old workouts as I started working out with her but I think it is not good to try to tear yourself in 10 minutes … usually you just need numbers and lose your form. Most people starts doing in good form and later you just wanna do more rounds… i think it is not so good… better to decide to do 5 rounds and do it really properly… What do you think?

    As I said I love and respect Z and wating her new site, just such stupid question born in my head…

    • Hey sweetie,

      It’s not a stupid question, it’s OK to wonder and ask questions :).

      You can do any workout just as long you keep good form, as soon as you start loosing form you have to take a tiny break until you are able to resume back up with a good form.

      I can’t wait for Z’s site as well :), I’m so exited!

  • yboog

    Good evening Tatiana,
    Thank u so much for this routine! SO HARD CORE!

    10 min 10/50 skipping warm up
    I used a 20lb SB for the weighted exercises and my dip station for assistance for the 1leg squats.
    Part 1Weighted 4 pulse diagonal back lunge: 27 the first time 24 the second (OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Part 2Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat Right Leg:19,16,10One Leg Squat & Jump-Up Right Leg:10,12,13Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat Left Leg: 19,16,16One Leg Squat & Jump-Up Left Leg: 13,11,12Three Count Superman Hold: 8,8,6Weighted Plie Squat: 24,20,20Switch Bridge on a medicine ball:20,20,18Double Tuck Jump: 15,15,12 12 min. hula hoop cool down40 min. yoga
    What an incredible living room experience!

    • Good evening sweetie :),

      I want to do yoga this weekend as well, I found this video I want to try, it’s real yoga in full time – ( it is a bit long, but it looks great )

      • yboog

        OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!!!! I just watched a few minutes and already learned something!
        Plus his voice drew me in…tonight I shall dream of yoga with Gonzales. I will do this tomorrow.
        I am back to work next week. My goal is to manage my time wisely so that I can still focus on my health trough, intense W/O, proper stretching, rest, and good nutrition.
        This nice and long routine will set me right for the weekend and help me focus on my purpose.
        Thank u so much for sharing, nighty night.

      • yboog


      • yboog

        So tonight I set out the time to complete this long ass yoga routine!
        It was so tough! The balancing on one foot while coming up and down was the hardest (warrior 3?)
        I loved it and learned some cool new poses. It was a little bit too quick in pace for my liking but it’s nice to do something different!INTENSE!
        I will admit, that I got a lil bored after an hr but I have it down on my log for next Sat TO RE-DO… next time I will hold some of the poses longer even as he moves on to something else…then join back when I am ready <3

        • Yes it is long, there are a few more yoga on youtube that are a lot less timed, I’m gonna try those. 75 minutes does seem quite long.

      • Kalin

        I LOVE Mark Gonzales! I’ve been following his yoga workouts for many many months now. I’ve done both Onese1f and Ubuntu several times, although Ubuntu is my favorite. He now charges for Ubuntu and a new one he recently created, but I think it’s still a great bargain. I’ve had a lot of exposure to yoga for over a decade, and I’ve always thought of it as a chore. And I’ve found that the majority of yoga instructors much too ethereal for me. Gonzales reminds me of you Tati – very grounded. Straightforward, no-nonsense, professional, and he approaches his fitness craft as if it were art – because it is!! I’m curious about how you liked it if you’ve tried this yet πŸ™‚

        • Yes he is great, and I love me a good yoga teacher!

      • daybelis garcia

        Haha that’s funny this is the video I always do for yoga at home;p

  • Hah, I just did this workout, finished and cooled down – then ran up my stairs for a shower (I always run up my house stairs) and my legs suddenly reminded me “HELLO WE JUST WORKED HARD”…I almost didn’t make it haha!
    Great workout, I really enjoyed it. I will confess I did have to shorten it a little due to time limits… :-/ BUT I didn’t shorten interval times, I just did 2 full rounds. *hides*
    Part 1 – 26
    Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat – Right – 14-13
    One Leg Squat + Jump Right – 9-8
    Weighted Swing Lunge-Squat – Left – 12-11
    One Leg Squat + Jump Left – 8-8
    Three Count Superman – 9-9
    Weighted Plie Squat – 15-14
    Switch Bridge on Couch! – 15-16
    Double Tuck Jump – 8-10.5

    Ahhh… I was sweating from every single pore on my body!!
    Thank you so much! x

    • *hides* he he he – found you! πŸ™‚

  • Did this today! I took your advice and also started the Ab Challenge. Did an upper body + ab challenge yesterday + 15 min light cardio (Jumping jacks, high knees, 1/2 jump squats, etc.). Did this lower body + 2 min of feet on med ball plank, and 1 min of elevated knee tuck plank. Wow, I know that after two days the rest of the world cannot see a difference in my abs, but I can FEEL a difference. My abs are sore, but I feel more confident when I am walking around. They just feel tighter already πŸ™‚

    • This challenge will totally sharp up the abs, I always see the difference the first few days too when I do this challenge.

  • daybelis garcia

    Loved this, my booty did too lol
    Part1: 26, second time: 20
    Part 2:
    1) 13,12,13
    2) 9,10,10
    3) 11,11,10
    8) 12,13,12
    Then I did some skipping without realizing it wasn’t needed , no wonder ten minutes seemed so longggg lol… Thank you as always;)

  • KirryKaatje

    I’ve just finished this workout and I’ve written down my score, but.. it’s all a bit of a jibberish, because I keep forgetting my reps while doing the exercise; it’s like I can’t count anymore. ^^

    Darnit.. I seriously need to buy a new keyboard, because every score begins with a ‘one’… I’m too lazy to put the score in words, soooo.. to be continued. ^^

  • I did this for my lowerbody WO day on Friday. I so enjoyed it!! (I get to do more One Leg Squat! :D).. Thank you Tati. I am actually have been following your workout routine and I could really feel improvements in strength, body composition (esp my booty! lol) and overall being. Finally found what I’ve been looking and longing for.. a solid strength training workouts 4x a week, and your workouts just are the best! Not too long and not too short, but with all the intensity in it! OMG I am in love. <3 <3 > 12/18/16
    One Leg Squat & Jump-Up >> 8/9/7
    Weighted Kick Over & Lunge-Squat (L) >> 12/15/13One
    Leg Squat & Jump-Up (L) >> 9/8/7
    Three Count Superman Hold >> 11/11/11
    Weighted Plie Squat >> 15/16/17
    Switch Bridge on a medicine ball (Alt Sides) >> 14/16/16
    Double Tuck Jumps >> 15/15/15 (1 tuck jump 1 rep)

  • I revisited this one again tonight. This is one of the sweatiest workouts! During the last round when I got down to do the superman holds my eyes were closed because there was so much sweat in there stinging them. Aaaaahhh…I love sweating…feels so gooooood! πŸ™‚

    I made some adjustments this time which made my scores a little different than last time. For the squat lunge thing (I love that move, by the way–very effective and it’s easy to adjust for difficulty) I found out last time in the last round that it’s more difficult putting the leg further out, so I did that this time, putting the leg without weight as far out as is comfortable to really get the burn in the other leg. Because I have a sandbag and know now NOT to put it on my back, I put it on my shoulder for part 1, switching sides every 14 reps. For the interval part, I put the sandbag on the shoulder opposite from the leg I was working. The supermans I tried hard to make it 3 seconds, but to rest for less than that if possible. The weighted plie squat I don’t think I did it right last time; this time I did it like you, with a small pause, almost a minipulse at the bottom. Double tuck jump I had to run outside! I counted each jump as 1 rep. πŸ™‚

    part 1: 34; 31
    part 2:
    wtd swing lunge squat L: 15-12-14
    one leg squat and jump up L: 9-7-7

    wtd swing lunge squat R: 14-12-13one leg squat and jump up R: 10-9-8
    3 count superman: 12-13-12
    wtd plie squat: 14-14-14
    switch bridge: 13-15-17
    double tuck jump: 17-18-18

    And theeeeeennnnnn…I FINISHED THE BOOTY CHALLENGE!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! Week 1 I was like, “this is cake! I can do this!” But 30 of those bridges….owww….so tedious and hard. Anyway, glad it’s done. This was enough for today. I also went on a 2 hour hike today and in the middle of it got to meditate on a hilltop overlooking the SF Bay Area. Really beautiful. πŸ™‚

    • Ahh I bet that meditation felt like heaven after such a nice hard working day, I wish I could go to a nice place right now to meditate.

      You know today I stuffed my little blue sandbag with just a little extra weight, 10 lbs to be exact, and I realized OMG I think I am going to stick with 40 lbs a little longer, cause, wow, it was a bit heavier than I like.

  • Mary Lou

    I just did this one today and then read all the comments below. I was in that boat too and I’m so glad I jumped ship. Great results at first, then plateau, no more strength or definition, then just complete weirdness. I just started my 2nd 6 week block and have already seen and felt differences thanks to your split routines and REST Tatianna. A million thank you’s!

  • Mary Lou

    I felt like doing this one again even though it’s only been 2 weeks. I saw improvement across the board and even upped the weight on pile squats by 10 lbs, for the first round anyway. I used 2 – 15lb weights and it was hard to keep the back straight so I switched back to the 20 lb bag. It’s time to remake my ‘rice’ bag into a 30lber, I think.

  • AlishisPhillips

    Gonna give this one a go again. I remember this was a fun one!

    • AlishisPhillips

      Ok, I revisited this like I said, and by the middle of part 2, I wanted to give up! This one is so difficult! But I stuck with it and wouldn’t you know it…I just focused all my energy and I completed this workout! Feeling great. Tomorrow is upper body and I’ll probably want to give up in the middle of that workout too. Anyone else experience this feeling of wanting to give up in the middle of the workouts? How do you stay focused and complete it?

  • Olga Tihencaia

    1. 15 15 16
    2. 9 10 9
    3. 12 16 14
    4. 8 7 8
    5. 14 14 12
    6. 15 16 14
    7. 16 15 21
    8. 15 14 14
    ????? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ?? 20 ??? 3 ???????