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May 10, 2013 by

Upper Body Workout Routine


Hello my Lovies,

I’m happy to present you with another awesome Upper Body Workout!  It’s only about 33 minutes long ( could be longer depending on how long of a break you will take between each part ). I’ve been really working on gaining more strength lately not only with pulling exercises but with different variations of push-ups. These style of workouts have made a huge difference for me within a month and a half. The funniest thing about this routine is, that unassisted pull-ups were actually the easiest exercise.

Few Words For The Newbies 

If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation

In this routine I was using my Pull-Up bar, a chair and my Gymboss Timer. This workout is broken into 2 parts. First part is 25 minutes long, second part is 8 minutes long.

Part one

Set your Gymboss Timer for 1 interval to count down 25 minutes. There is only 3 exercises, and your goal is to complete as many rounds as you can within those 25 minutes in GOOD FORM.

  • Unassisted 2-way grip Pull-Ups – 6 reps
  • Walk-Inn and 2 Shoulder Presses on a chair – 6 sets ( 12 presses total )
  • Twist Back Push-Ups – 8 reps


Part 2

Set your Gymboss Timer for one interval of 1minute, for the total of 8 rounds.

There is 2 exercises that you will complete back and forth with no break in between ( total of 4 rounds each )

  • Slow Wall Climbers
  • Walking Crab ( 6 forward and 6 back )


As I mentioned in the video, I always suggest you do at least 15 minutes of cardio after your strength training routines.  I have a section of Real Time Cardio workouts now, so don’t be a sneaky pooh and skip on your cardio :).

My time:

Part one I’ve completed 6 rounds and 4 pull-ups within the 25 minutes, after the timer beeped I finished 2 pull-ups.

Part 2 I was pretty consistent with my reps, I’ve completed about 40 wall climbers and 38-40 crabs per set.


Have a wonderful weekend Loves!




PS – I got my tights on ebay.

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  • lina tsa

    Woohoo!!Totally gonna try this tomorrow!! (even though I am scared LOL!)

    P.S.:Why don’t you post Food Diary Wednesday anymore? 🙁

    • Hey Lina,

      I will, have been very crazy busy, but I already have this Wednesday’s food diary, will post it tomorrow.

  • oberlee

    Look at thaaaat!!! LOOK WHO”S FIRST!!! LOL 🙂

    Can’t wait to try this. Looks perfect for the weekend! <3

  • denisehendrickx

    What a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • midimidi

    you do look really strong these days! beautiful! shoulders are getting really defined! those are tough to get!

    • Thank you midi 🙂

      It’s all those pull-ups I’ve been doing.

  • Diana

    Hi Tati, you look amazing in this video. I love your pants!!! 😀 Is there any way I can substitute the pulls-ups? I am not lazy, I just don’t have pull-up bar… 🙂

    • Thank you girlie 🙂

      You can do a couple of things, you can try using a door for pull-ups ( place a towel on top ) or, you can use 2 chairs and a broomstick and do double the reps slowly.

  • Marie- T. Heigl

    OMG you are looking indredilbe!! These abs,these arms, this back..! Do you know your current bodyfat percentage?
    And I am still not able to pull myself up on my own,would it be okay if I’d jump up slightly and lower myself slowly?

    • You guys are all so sweet to me, thank you so much for your kind words)))

      Of course it would be OK, it’s actually the best way of gaining strength. Jump up to help your self up, then lower down slowly. Have you seen my pull-up program?

  • denisehendrickx

    Well just finished this great wo. I set my timer fot 15 minutes for part 1 and did the pull ups assisted. Second part I did the 8 minutes but couldn’t hold the whole minute in handstand. . Let’s ee tomorrow how my muscles get away with that. The problem is ; I don’t feel the pain during working out but the pain comes next day or the day after.
    Thank you Tati for another amazing workout , I loved it ! <3

  • taltul73

    hey Tati….

    you are becoming more and more beautiful all the time – if its even possible…

    the workout was so hard… i completed 5 rounds + 6 pull ups and 2 shoulder press (in the pull ups i helped my self up and got down unassisted slowly..)

    part two was so hard… average,of the wall climbers was 23 – 30 and the crab was 30 -36

    NOW …. i want to ask some thing… i do your workout that are advanced.. and i do them pretty well (not perfect like you 😉 )

    BUT…. i cannot do a pull up…. how can i be strong in push ups and all the other exercises and cannot do a pull up… my Dr. said (you remember the problems i had with my back a year and a half ago?).. he said i have over flexibility especially in my back…. you think this is part of the problem.. what can i do to fix it.

    Thank You so much

  • I just finished eating my post workout breakfast after this brutal workout!!

    I warmed up with 4 min tabata high knees skipping with my jump rope.

    first part: I did 5 rounds + 6 pull ups and 2 of the shoulder presses combo. (i had to assist some of my pull ups after round 3)

    second part: during the middle of this part i dont know what happened to me but i started wanting to throw up, i still finished it though and it was tough! first round i managed 36 wall climbers and on the other rounds i did around 26. For the crabs, i did 30-32.

    It was a really intense workout, u should have seen my face during the first part, i was really struggling lol.


  • [email protected]

    This workout was one of the best Mother’s day gift for me. It was really good not only for your body but for your mind too.

    Part1 took me 21 minutes but assisted Pull ups (6 rounds)

    Part 2 Wall climbers 30-35 rep

    Walking crab 20-25 rep (wow this is a killer)

    I told you this before but you are of the best trainer in my opinion. You show your greatness how a simple workout (only bodyweight exercises and not jumping) can work your body from head to toe.
    Many blessings for you!

  • oberlee

    This was a wonderful workout. I did 7 rounds plus 3 pull ups in part 1. Part 2, oh my gosh…I couldn’t hold myself up for the whole 1 minute! I was scared I’d fall on my head! I think I only got through it one time, and the rest I had to come down early, or come down and then go back up again! I usually did about 30-40 of the climbers, but towards the end they aren’t really slow, LOL. I did about 30 of the crabs.

    Finished with 50 burpees and 50 leg lifts, divided up as I felt like it. That gave me some cardio and abs.

  • I thought the 25 minutes for part 1 would take forever…it flew by. This was a nice upper body routine, hardest exercise for me was the walkin and 2 shoulder press on a chair.
    Warm up: 4 rounds of 50 high knee marching; basic warm up routine with light run through of exercises from this routine, then 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.
    Part 1: I replaced the pull up with lat pull downs using 50lbs on the machine ( wide grip & close grip.) I completed 6 rounds, 6 reps lat pull down and 3 sets walkin and 2 shoulder press on chair.
    Part 2: I average about 40 reps on climbers and 30 reps of the walking crabs.
    I took a 2 minutes break, then did a fit test challenge of burpee from Tee Wee.
    1min (15 reps); 2mins (28 reps); 3mins (42 reps); 4mins (49 reps) and 5mins(61 reps). I completed my workout with a 10 minutes cool down and stretching.

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    What a great and painful workout!! but I loved it 🙂
    Started with 10 minute warm up and 3 – 1 Minute plank variation sets

    For the workout, I did assisted pull ups, I am working towards building up strength and hopefully I can do them unassisted soon, the rest done without modifications and all in advanced form.
    Part 1 = Finished 6 full rounds + 6 assisted pull ups and 6 – walk inn and 2 shoulder press in chair.
    Part 2 = wall climbers started doing 40 by the last round I only did 20! lol..
    walking crabs were exhausting and did 36 to 30.

    Finished with another 3 – 1 minute plank variation sets

    For Cardio
    Day 8 of 50 Burpees with push ups as part of a 50 burpees in 50 days challenge I am following on facebook. Time: 6:40
    I went outside and did 10 minute sprints uphill, 20 seconds max effort ran as fast as possible and 40 seconds walk to recover.

    Amazing workout day!! I can feel it already 🙂

  • Karmalife

    Great workout Tati! I am having some wrist pain, though after the wall climbers I think. Do you ever get wrist pain?

    I loved the shoulder press walk in and the varation on the push-ups. So clever and effective!
    Thanks again for an awesome workout,

  • oberlee

    Just finished this again! Great workout. Really great. I did a little less than last time, but that’s okay. 🙂

    part 1: 6 rounds through the pull ups and all shoulder presses. Finished the 7th round after buzzer.
    part 2: Who knows? 🙂

    I finished with Day 1 of your ab challenge! I did day one a week ago but didn’t keep up with it and took a break, so I’m back on it.

  • Michelle_G

    What a workout!
    Part 1: 7 rounds (assisted pullup/ lowered myself down without assistant)
    Part 2: average of 30 for wall climbers and 30 for Crab

    Did this last night, Im so sore everywhere today, especially in my back! Awesome, def be doing this one again.