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Firm Butt Workout


Today’s workout routine was focused on the lower body and the booty :). All I was using for this workout was my timer, a pair of dumbbells and a chair. I finally got my new workout toy in the mail today, but will soon share what it is, but first i need to learn how to handle it my self LOL. After I finished this routine, I also did Abs Climber routine, that I shared last week and 10 minutes of regular jump rope skipping.

I made a goal for my self over the next month, and this time I am dead serious! My goal is to create more discipline in my life, not only in my trainings but my whole daily routine overall. Today when I was working out I felt a heavy, 10 lbs more heavier then I’d like to be, and all I could hear in my head is a song for my six pack – ” The one that got away ” ( Ha Ha Ha, I’m being sarcastic ).

I definitely learned how to listen to my body over the years and right now I don’t feel my best. I remember a few years ago, I use to have a discipline of a monk, it was a bit ridiculous at times. I’ve lost that discipline last year, and over the past 6 month’s I feel like I tumbled down the discipline slope completely. It’s time for me to get it back! I am going to write a huge post about discipline and how I always get on track when I have to, so stay tuned for that.

Workout Video and Workout Recap are together again, so fast forward for the explanation and beginner variation.

Always perform a good warm up before starting to exercise.



Workout Explanation


This workout is broken down into 2 parts, both parts are interval training.

Part 1

Set your timer for 12 rounds of 2 intervals, 10 seconds rest interval and 45 seconds maximum work, you will go through both exercises for the total of 3 times. There is 2 exercises per side, that means before switching sides you will go through 2 intervals and 2 exercises on one side.

  • Bulgarian Split Squat ( Don’t rush in this exercise, remember quality and proper form is more important than speed )
  • Step Up & Kick Up ( squeeze the butt on the leg you are standing on as you step up )


Part 2

The timer stays the same. There are 4 exercises and you will go through the routine 3 times.

  • Squat to Jump Lunge ( Watch your form, don’t rush this exercise )
  • Elevated Legs Reptile ( Keep your leg tight, never dangling )
  • Toe Lifts ( squeeze your calf as you are rising on your toes )
  • Chair Bridges ( At the top, squeeze your butt as much as possible, hold for one sec at the top )


My scores

Part 1

Bulgarian Split Squat Right Leg – 14, 13, 12

Step Up & Kick Up Right Leg – 14, 14, 13

Bulgarian Split Squat Left Leg – 14, 14, 13

Step Up & Kick Up Left Leg – 14, 14, 14

Part 2

1) 10, 9, 9

2) 14, 14, 12

3) 14, 14, 14

4) 16, 15, 15



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  • Kane

    What weight dumbbells were you using? (Getting ready to do this beast now!)

    • Hi Kane,

      I was using 10 lbs in each hand. If you also want to increase the difficulty, try to extend your arms up as you rise up from the split squat. Share your scores πŸ™‚

  • Tough cookie

    Hi Tatianna,

    Here are my scores for my Sunday afternoon workout.

    Part 1

    Bulgarian Split Squat Right Leg – 15, 14, 13
    Step Up & Kick Up Right Leg – 15, 15, 15
    Bulgarian Split Squat Left Leg – 14, 14, 13
    Step Up & Kick Up Left Leg – 15, 15, 15

    Part 2

    1) 13, 12, 10
    2) 17, 17, 18
    3) 17, 17, 17
    4) 18, 18, 19

    Thanks again for a great workout!

    • Hey Tough Cookie,

      You workout on Sunday – that’s awesome, a great way to start your week!

      Im almost done with a new routine, it should be posted in about an hour or so, will be a nice way to start your Monday :).

  • Indre (sedindriuke)

    I will be doing this Workout today at my working out time 8pm πŸ™‚ I will do 16 rounds of 1st part πŸ™‚ After Wo skipping and ABS&Core routine.

    • Indre (sedindriuke)

      Done. Nice sweat.
      1st part: 16 roundsBulgarian Split Squat Right Leg – 16, 15, 14, 13Step Up & Kick Up Right Leg – 15, 15, 15, 15Bulgarian Split Squat Left Leg – 14, 13, 14, 14Step Up & Kick Up Left Leg – 16, 15, 15, 14
      2nd part:
      1) 13, 14, 17
      2) 22, 21, 24
      3) 22, 19, 20
      4) 14, 15, 14

      +ABS&Core workout and 10 min cardio

      Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • Hey sweetie, trust me I know that feeling! Sometimes it’s pretty hard to push if you feel like you have a knot in your stomach. But I am glad you were able to push your self!

  • Maureen

    This wo is so much fun. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Hi. Good workout! My scores: part 1 1) r. 18/16/14 2) r. 16/16/16 3) l. 15/15/12 4) l. 16/16/15 part 2 1) 14/14/13 2) 21/23/25 3) 14/15/17 4) 12/12/11.

    • Thank you so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  • This was perfect for me tonight! I am having some weird hormonal issues and was wanting something short-ish that I hadn’t done before. I also love different parts–keeps it really interesting! Anyway, this was another slow burn one–esp the first part. Really added up towards the end.

    Two 10lb dumbbells on the split squat, two 20lb dumbbells on the toe lifts, and a 10lb medicine ball for the squat jump lunge thing.

    part 1:
    bulg split squat L: 11-13-14
    step up and kick up L: 17-16-14
    bulg split squat R: 13-14-13
    step up and kick up R: 16-14-14

    part 2:
    squat to jump lunge: 14-14-14
    elevated reptile: 24-22-21
    toe lifts: 21-22-24
    chair bridge: 22-17-21

    I planned on 10min of cardio, but stopped after 7. Then I did the Booty Challenge! Week 3! Ouch and OOUUUCH! πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to check out the new workouts you’ve posted too. Thanks!

  • Christian

    Such an enjoyable WO. Just finned it followed by week 3 day 2 Booty challenge. My butt was hurting in the booty challenge, the tight booty hold is getting easier, the last 10 second I’m shaking!
    Thanks for such a cool WO.
    Have a nice day dear!

  • JB

    Did this yesterday, 12/14.
    Part One: RL-14,14,13
    Part Two: A – 22,24,22 (counted each jump as 1 rep)
    B – 20,19,20
    C – 24,23,20
    D – 18,17,17
    My feet were cramping really bad for some reason during this workout so I really had to push through.
    Did interval skipping 30/15 X 14
    And then set stopwatch for 4 min and did an Ab combo move: toe touch – V-split and knee tuck for AMRAP – completed 22 sets.

  • I super super like this routine; so simple but at the same time a great sweat and jelly feeling butt.
    These are my scores
    Part one
    right leg 19, 18, 18
    step up 17, 16, 16
    left leg 16, 17, 16
    step up 17, 17, 16
    Part two
    10, 10, 10
    16, 17, 15
    12, 13, 13
    15, 15, 15
    It took me 8:07.23 to do Abs climber.

  • Warm Up: 10 mins of bodyweight version of work out routine; followed by 5 min dynamic stretched.

    Part 1
    BSS R-Leg: 12-13-11 (8lbs sets of DBS)
    SU&KU R-Leg: 15-14-12
    BSS L-Leg: 13-12-13 (8lbs set of DBS)
    SU&KU L-Leg: 14-14-14
    Part 2
    1. 14-13-14 (10lbs KB)
    2. 13-12-11
    3. 15-16-16
    4. 12-12-12
    Cardio: 15/1:00 secs of 12 rounds skipping variations.
    Cool down and strectching 10 minutes.

  • Kane

    Tati, here is a suggestion (that you needn’t take, of course) – that your blog posts have “back” and “forward” type of buttons so readers can go to the next blog post in time, whether earlier or later. Especially with your earlier ones, your workouts are sometimes grouped sequentially (“X workout is a followup to Y workout”), so it would help to be able to see adjacent posts so that readers can plan workouts. Such buttons might also encourage people to browse around in your blog. Just food for thought – I still remain a loyal fan, regardless πŸ˜€

  • steffi_dk

    I was so not motivated to workout today, so I was glad to find this one. When I donΒ΄t feel like working out at all, I prefer HIIT workouts, because then I know that I will be done with it in X minutes, no matter how slow I might be πŸ™‚
    Happy that I could motivate myself to working out at all. Feel the burn now.