Bois Blonde Booty Workout

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Lower Body Workout


Hello my sweets,

Finally I am bringing you a new lower body routine! This routine is only 26 minutes long, plus if you do the bonus it’s going to come out to 27 minutes long. I did this workout with only my bodyweight ( except for in the part 2, I used my sandbag for weighted bridges ), but in the workout explanation I will also show you a variation that you can do with weight if you like ( that is if you need to gain more muscle in your legs ), for me personally I had to stop using weight on my legs cause then they get too big.

For everyone who is new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


All I was using in this routine was my timer and a 30 lbs sandbag ( for part 2 only ), you can also use a dumbbell or kettle bell. My sandbag is from

This workout is divided into 3 parts, all three were interval trainings with no breaks, but part one only had 15 sec long intervals ( make sure not to bring your pillow cause those 15 sec isn’t gonna be easy ).

Part 1

Set your timer for 1 interval of 15 seconds, for the total of 24 rounds. There are 3 exercises and 8 round of all three total. The exercises are back to back:

  • Iso Squat Side Bends
  • Leap
  • Regular Squat ( I did bodyweight, but you can use weight on this squat if you like )


Part 2

Set your timer for two intervals 45 sec and 30 seconds, there are 2 exercises and you will go through each of them for the total of 8 rounds ( there is no break between the exercises ):

  • Surfer Twist Jump, Pulse & Tuck
  • Weighted Bridge ( with 1 sec hold at the top )


Part 3

Your timer stays the same 45/30=8

There is 2 exercises, and you will go through 4 rounds on each side. So the sequence will go like this:

  • Side Lunge Jump-up Right Leg
  • Half One Leg Squat & Twist Right Leg
  • Side Lunge Jump-Up Left Leg
  • Half One Leg Squat & Twist Left Leg

( if you like to use weight for this part, you can do Side Lunge with a sandbag on your shoulder, or with dumbbells in your hands ( no jump-up ).



Bridge Hold with a medicine ball between your knees – 1 minute ( you can even do 3 rounds 1 minute each if you really want to let your hair down πŸ˜‰ )


Have fun training my sweeties!

Lot’s of Hugs,


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Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • sedindriuke

    love your workouts even before watching it πŸ˜€ first? πŸ˜€

    • Thank you sweetie :), you’re always so kind

  • sedindriuke

    so you are not going to do split routines by yourself just that cardio routines you will share in the blog? or you will share just on facebook what you did that day ?:) just curious πŸ™‚
    also it is not so good to say..but just checked some old br routines with Z.. and some of them are short and really nice.. maybe nice because nice to remember the times i started working out at home (until then i was a gym rat) … now of course addicted to LovingFit and cant do anything about it πŸ™‚

    • I will share everything I do for the specific day, I still do my split routines, but mostly I rely on my intuition and what my body want’s to do. ( today is my day off training, tomorrow is upper body πŸ™‚ )

      I noticed that so many people love the old BR routines, I checked out a lot of them and yes, I agree, there are some really nice routines.

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hey Tati, I think it’s the shortness of some of the routines that holds an appeal to a lot of people

        • Yes I know, people want things fast, and fast routines are good if your maintaining or don’t have time certain days, but alway fast routines and only those, won’t bring good results for somebody who is advanced and been training for a while, beginners yes but not someone like me for example.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            totally agree with you…maybe once a week or 10 days I’ll do a “short” routine, but then I usually add on some fast paced cardio, the short routines are a great place for new people to get into fitness and not be shocked too far out of their comfort zones. :))

          • Yup! Agree here too… I started with BR, but progressed up. Now, I tend to do at least 20 min of something, but sometimes if I’m really pressed for time, a 12 min workout can get my energy up and make me feel like I’m not a lazy bones. But I agree with Kristen Gilliam above–now I feel like both my mind and my body are much more knowledgeable and I like a more specifically-designed workout. But it’s wonderful that there are all these options out there for everyone. I know a lot of busy moms with little ones really take to the short workouts. It can do a bit physically, maybe a lot if one’s a beginner, and sometimes it’s the psychological benefits of just having done something that is the biggest payoff.

          • sedindriuke

            Agree. I used to do two routines of old Br in fact since the beginning.
            As i do usually cardio after Your routines. Just now I again started enjoying bodyweight training for a while for lower body and add extra exercises with weights gor upper body. Just some cycles for body.

          • I completely agree I always had to adjust the old BR routines to make them double in length so I could feel like I did an intense workout.

          • dani

            There is so so much I can say here! you are right, advanced people need more. beginners can get by for a little while, but should not be doing the types of fast-paced routines that , for example, most ZWOWS and similar things are promoting. i did the old BR workouts and there were some great ones. for me, however, I would for example bike to the track, do one of those, then bike home….theres no way I could have relied strictly on those if I wanted to improve, but I could maintain for awhile. i also like Angry Trainer, and just recently read the blog about this same issue, which lead to tons of backlash from people who get so angry simply because someone has a different opinion (which happens to be backed up by science AND real life …but thats besides the point) than the person they idolize. its craziness to me that people get so worked up and defensive. Really…you are going to let what someone else says is their opinion…someone you’ve never met, nor will probably ever meet affect you so much that you spend time writing hateful things because you want to believe someone who says “Oh, yes, spend 10 minutes a day doing high intensity exercise, eat sensibly and you’ll get to be in the shape I’m in!” It just doesn’t work that way, I have yet to see pictures of ONE person who has achieved those types of results (that Z did, supposedly from doing that sort of protocol) but people still want to believe it and claim they have or can. If you did, good for you and you are the exception and NOT the rule.

      • sedindriuke

        i am off and stuffed with too much food (not bad one.. steamed whole cabbage, apples… ) and i am so much under stress because of my postgraduate studies.. i cause stress for myself and it starts being chronic stress.. such a terrible condition… when you feel blood vessels pulsing ’cause of pressure… I need to choose a wo for tomorrow without jumping as I will be wo in the morning while others will be sleeping. First thing in the morning and no chances of not doing a wo in the evening.

      • I started out with BR but I found once I moved on to Loving fit, It taught me to focus on muscle groups and pay attention to feeling your muscles working in proper form. As a result of this I am much stronger all over. I personally not a fan of shorter routines, it’s okay once and a while but to truly see results you got to sweat it out for a little longer than 12 minutes a day.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    interesting as always Tati, will try to fit it into my schedule next week maybe

    • You will really enjoy this one :), I’m crazy sore today and It was bodyweight, can’t imagine if I would of added weights

    • sedindriuke

      GL, you are planning all your workouts in advance? πŸ™‚

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        lol………..I usually make up my routine in the morning as I do it, the only “plan” I have is Tuesday = lower body, Wednesday = core and cardio, Thursday = upper and light cardio, Friday = lower body, Saturday = core and cardio, and Sunday is my free day to do whatever, today I did an hour 16 minutes of Insane Cardio wo………..Monday I rest :))

  • Hiiiiiii, this will be my super truper WO for tomorrow evening ! So I have definitely something looking forward to !!!

  • You have the BEST lower body workouts!!! Definitely looking forward to doing this one tomorrow:) Your workouts have really helped shape and strengthen my legs which is greatly appreciated since I consider this my problem area!

    • I’m very glad to be helpful πŸ™‚

  • You are on the best trainer in my opinion. I can see now other trainers copying you like asking people to warm up or keep proper form. They were more concerned about speed than quality. I learned from you to keep good form during an intensive workout. You are so humble because you do not mind you follow other trainers.

    • Thank you for your kindness sweetie, I my self still like to learn from others, I think Alfonso The Angry Trainer is amazing and has so much knowledge, Strong Like Suzan is so good too, and I really love reading fitnessbalckbook, I’ve learned so much from Rusty.

  • Tati, you are so generous and amazing to share so much with us! I’m always happy with whatever you want to film. Thanks for trying to keep all of us happy. πŸ™‚ I am so excited about this routine…I will do it next week. I am pretty excited about the whole bodyweight thing and I might try bodyweight only for legs myself for a few weeks.

    • Thank you for your support my love, you are always so kind! I love to please all of you guys and I am so happy that you guys always give me ideas, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

      I’m working on coming up with the diet challenge right now, and I got a really good one, just gonna work out all the details and will post it this week πŸ™‚

  • JB

    Ok, after seeing this I am soooo bummed that this is my week “off” before my next 6 week training stint πŸ™ boooo but at least I know I will be doing this workout as my first one next cycle!! Thanks Tati – looks great, as usual πŸ™‚

    • Have a nice time on your time off, enjoy it!

  • Love, love, love this workout πŸ™‚ Thanks, Tati, for always bringing in smth new into training. I have never been bored with your routines. Keep it up!

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Today I’m doing the workout you described on Facebook last Thursday. This will be my workout for tomorrow, thank you so much Tati!

  • Diana

    Hi Tati,
    Awwww… I haven’t really doing your workouts lately cos I was really short on time cos of my exams… and to be honest, I was terribly depressed after nothing worked out the way I planned, so even sport did not mean a lot of entertainment… But now I am starting to getting back my optimism and the mood to do your crazy-tough workouts! πŸ˜€

    This one looks like a killer – exactly what I was looking for. I will do that today. I can harld wait to “die” after the last beeeeeeeeeeep πŸ˜€ Thanks you so much! πŸ™‚

  • voula

    hello tatiana, i have been doing your exercises for two months now and i have to say i am totally happy with the results . the workouts are fun, tough and extremely challenging. i used to go to the gym and do the same exersices over and over again, with minimum results. now i would like to ask you something. i have noticed to the workout explanation above that you avoid to use weights cause you don’t want your legs get big. i want exactly that πŸ™‚ i have skinny legs and i hate them. what can i do to help them get bigger? thanks so much

    • Annebel Wind

      Hi voula… I have the same thing.. And ad weight to whatever you can..
      And do less cardio.. that works for me.. so if you see, for example,
      jump squats.. you could do regular ones with weight.. I hope this
      helps.. πŸ˜€

  • steffi_dk

    I canΒ΄t wait to try this one! Your bodyweight routines are awesome:) Right now I am cross country skiing all the time and have no energy left to work out at all. But itΒ΄s winter only once a year, so my priorities are out in the snow:)

  • Mary Lou

    This one makes it hard to be on rest week, it looks great. I’ll be saving it for next week with a sandbag to build up my ‘chicken legs’.

  • OMG i’ll have to take a step back on my training , couldn’t finish the wo . I don’t what happened to my form :-(( I will be doing some lighter cardio versions for a while. Thank you so much Tati for the nice wo , see you later !! <3

  • zarinda bee

    First time I have heard you wince in pain in one of your workouts – I am officially scared of this workout!

  • This workout was insane! I had to give myself a pep talk to continue onto the third part. I managed to do about 4 measly half pistol squats with twist on average. My legs were so burn out. I LOVED the bridges with the S.B. it really intensified the exercise. Thanks Tati:)

  • Lili Suke

    Tati, thank you for this routine. I did it yesterday and yes!!! This was was really really hard. I could barely make a half pistol squat at the end πŸ™‚ I’ve also noticed,that you dont include so much full pistols in your routines. I also had a problem with those and my knee. Is this the reason for you? Again, what an amazing workout! I love your creativity and I think i will never get enough of your workouts! πŸ™‚

  • Annebel Wind

    OMG, this workout really was a tough one! I had to push myself so hard not to give up.. I wanted to many times. but didnt.. Liked it very much! thanks Tati!

    • voula

      hi annebel, thanks so much for your reply, i will follow your advice and add weight , so no more jump squats and less cardio ..ok i will do that. thanks again

  • I am grateful for this amazing bodyweight workout. Your Bodyweight Workouts are not a piece of cake. I am in love with them because they are very challenging.

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Great workout Tati! It was one of the best lower body routines I have ever done, hard but fun, so it went by pretty fast. The Surfer Twist Jump, Pulse and Tuck was the hardest for me. I thought I could hear my legs scream :)))) During the third part, I barely felt my legs!

    • Thank you :), I’m still sore from this workout and it’s Tuesday, I was listening to the CD you gave me yesterday, I really love it, thank you so much for it.

      • Katerina Gjorgievska

        You are welcome Tati, I am so glad you loved Foltin. I’m very proud to say they come from my home town πŸ™‚

  • wolfblood

    You just made my day, I just spontaneously decided to go skiing during the next week and now this πŸ™‚ I will try this one on Friday (did you rlower body Isometric Training this morning and ou did I forgot how tough it was!! Still feel it literally in every inch of my legs πŸ™‚ Excited to hear about the challenge and I’d love to have some cardio workouts too! Great ideas Tati thank you so much it is so so so great to have you! I will try this change too and use less weights for legs too since my muscles there are pretty strong and (I am just gonna claim this πŸ˜‰ enough developed. Have a great night and I send you a wonderful snow storm as it is just too much here and I remember you love and miss it πŸ™‚

  • Tati, you created another top notch routine. My legs felt it big time, all three parts were torturous.
    I started with 10 mins skipping as a warm up, followed with Good Posture Challege. After the bonus, I did 10 mins of high knees jump rope; then cool down and stretched for 10 mins.
    I can’t wait to see what the diet challenge will be.

  • jt

    After the holidays I’m feeling veeeeeeeeery lazy… but it’s time to beat that feeling! I’ll let you know afterwards… πŸ™‚

  • jt

    Sooo all I can say is… pleasant torture!! Thighs on fireeeeeeee!! πŸ™‚ I pushed through to the end but had to replace the one leg half squats (due to my knees) with weighted regular squats. I could barely do 5 minutes of skipping, I was closer to death than anything else lol
    BTW it was a dripping sweat too!!

  • Amazing and painful workout!! I loved it anyways πŸ™‚ I started with a 15 minutes warm up, Part 2 was my favorite, there is something about those tuck jumps that I really like hahaha maybe that they hurt so bad!! I used a 28lb sandbag for part 1 only, I couldn’t use it for the other 2 parts it was too much for me, at the end my legs felt sooooo heavy during the side lunge jumps. I am doing week 2 on Bum and Thighs of Steel Challenge so I completed it after the workout. Then, I also did abs, “Simply Cut Abs Workout” wow, my abs cried on every exercise! I finished with 10 minutes of cardio and stretching! I felt so good and energized at the end…and sore too πŸ™‚

    Thank you Tati!!

  • Gwyneth

    What a great workout! Tough, and just try to not use your core. Ha! It’s a fantastic core workout, too! I loved the way you broke it down and each part was unique and very challenging. VERY, VERY challenging! Thanks, Tati:)

    • Glad you enjoyed it Gwyneth πŸ™‚

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    got this one done this morning, very quad dominate routine for me. I used a chair for the one leg half squats in round 3, let me go down further into the squat. My hamstrings and glutes needed more after this one so I did 3 super sets of 10/leg RDL with 45 lbs / 8 straight leg dead lift w/70 lb. then 3 super sets of 10 one leg glute bridge on chair L / 10 regular bridge / 10 one leg glute bridge R / 10 reg bridge and finished with 3 rounds of 10/leg donkey kick pulse. thanks Tati

  • MaiCarInMtl

    Hi Tati,

    I did this workout on Tuesday and it nearly killed me! Felt great though. Unfortunately, I cannot find my GymBoss timer so I decided to get a general idea of how many reps I could do on my first set and kept up with that number for the rest of the rounds (I certainly went over the time, but it felt great at the end). It took me quite q while though and I was completely wiped out when I was done. I’ll be trying out the Jeannie workout tonight.


    • sedindriuke

      after Jeannie workout my arms, forearms, a part of a back was/is soring 4 days. I did pull ups on my doors πŸ˜€ Amazing workout which will be repeated more and more times πŸ™‚ Recommend!

  • what a workout! wheewwww, IT WAS HARD.VERY HARD.
    those surfers almost killed me, and the side jump lunges were about to give me a heart attack lol!

    I did all bodyweight just like you except the bridges in which i used a 10 kg disc.

    for the bonus i did
    2 sets of 1 min bridge hold with 10 kg
    2 sets of 1 min wall sit with 10 kg
    50 shoulder width calve raises
    50 hip width calve raises

    and thats ittttttttttt

    • its been 2 days and legs and butt are even more sore than yesterday, it hurts so much to sit and walk downstairs ahahha πŸ˜€

  • Wow….this was…a JOURNEY!!! Ouchie…This was actually “fun” despite the fact that I thought my legs would fall off, especially in part 2. I felt it a LOT in the bottom part of the quad, near the knee. I used a 35lb sandbag for the bridges, and my 10lb medicine ball for bonus. I finished with the Real Time Cardio, but I could only do 10 min. My legs were so angry I was making them do more side lunges!! πŸ™‚ Amazing and different and creative–like you! You always amaze me… Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • You’re always so kind :), I always try to get as creative as possible so we don’t get bored of working out πŸ™‚

  • KirryKaatje

    Phew! First workout after my week of rest. I have used weight where I could, since I want bigger quads and hammies. Those weighted bridges were the worst, haha! I also did the bonus and used weight with that and did 3 rounds. Dear Lord! My butt was shaking so hard It was getting awkward. ^^

    Anyhoo! I’ve finished the entire thing with Crowns, weighted calve raises and the bonus. Thanks for the workout. <3

  • Skippie22

    Well I feel really dumb that I had to ask my husband, “….so…..does ‘Bois’ mean ‘Boys’?????” — ;-D. I really pondered it, thinking, “Well, she’s Russian…maybe it’s supposed to be “Boris”? But why does Boris have a Blonde Booty? Oh dear…and then I still don’t know what a “Boys Blonde Booty” might be (!!?).
    Ahem. Anyway! What a FUN workoiut!! Once again, Tatianna, you provided a fun, engaging workout that pounded my muscles but was well-balanced in such a way that I could push through each part.
    I had 40lbs in my sandbag (it’s a majorly huge pain to change the weight ‘cuz I have everything in garbage bags and duct-taped to heck and back….any chance you’ll be using 40llbs again regularly? Or should I just make a mess and reduce the weight?). But I LOVED weighted bridge anyway — awesome!!
    Then the balance of the Side Lunge Jumps and Squat-Twists in Part 3 was inspired…because the twist and hold at the top gave me just the right amount of recovery to pull out another squat! When I watched you do it I thought there was NO way I’d be able to do it….but then I knocked it right out (panting and gasping, but I did it!)
    And I am absolutely STUNNED by how slim your legs are!! Thank you for being your own laboratory and showing us excactly what to do Tatianna. Because of you, my body is starting to feel less like my mysterious enemy, and something hopeful instead!

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Thank you Tati!! This workout left my legs shaking and my booty in so much pain!!! It is already sore πŸ™‚ I used only bodyweight and sandbag for bridges. I completed the Bonus and I am on week three of “Round & Firm Booty Challenge” Then, I completed Abs routine. wow! what an awesome day πŸ™‚

  • Anya Sonrisa

    ???????, ??????? ??????? ???? ?? ????? ???????? ??????????! 2 ????? ?????? ?????, ????? ??????????? ??? ?????. ????? ???????????, ??? ? 3 ????? ???? ??????????? ???????????? ???, ?????? ???????. ? ?? ? ??? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ????? %))))))))))))

  • Weighted! I did the squats weighted and in the last part instead of jump lunge I did slide lunge with 15 kilos… Then bridges (20 per leg and 1 min hold with ball x3) and 12 min skipping. Feeling so goooood right now!
    I want my legs bigger πŸ™‚ that’s why I decide to add weight…

    Thaaaaaank you Tati! Love lovingfit

  • Second time doing this workout.. its definitely a killer! My legs are already a bit sore (its been about 4 hours)
    first part: I did the iso squats with 30 lbs sandbag so i did no bends.. I really pushed in this part, and i realized ive been missing alot in my squats cuz i almost never squeeze my butt hard like you do in the video, but today i did it and it totally hit them!!

    second part was a tortureeeeeeeeeee… for my quads.. i was so glad when it ended

    third part: I start doing the side lunge jumps and i could barely do them!! after the first round on both legs i started doing them without jumping with 20 lbs sandbag on my shoulder.

    Finished with 1 min 10 lbs bridge hold… totally smashed my inner thighs!


  • jeanie

    you are beautiful my dear:)

  • It felt good to do this one again this morning. I started out with basic warm up routine. I forgot how hard the Iso squats side bends was…so simple but tough on the legs. For the weighted bridges in used 35lbs sandbag.
    Post work-out: Completed 4 rounds in 15:20…I was aiming for 8 rounds…next time.
    1) 30 reps jump squats & jump tuck.
    2) 30 reps weighted (10lbs DB) side jump lunges.
    Cool down and stretched for 10 minutes.

  • Michelle_G

    Second time through with this one the other day and wow! Still hard!! Part two seems like its never going to end! haha

    great workout! πŸ™‚

  • Tracey

    I loved this workout! I know you probably don’t see posts anymore but i am posting anyways. I have room for improvement as I had to rest during my intervals as my legs were burning, but that is ok. I did not rest full minute between Parts, though. I warmed up with some Egoscue stretchs and the AB challenge you have of planks and leg lifts. Off to bed now.