The Truth About Dark Chocolate ( Updated with a video )

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Dark Chocolate Benefits


The other day I was on Youtube and I accidentally saw a video of one girl who was really suffering from being over weight. This girl was in so much emotional pain that I almost cried my self. She had a big problem with food, but mainly sweets and chocolate. One of the comments she made startled me a little, she said ” Today, I don’t feel as bad because I went to the store and bought only 2 bars of dark chocolate, and since dark chocolate is healthy, I know that I can’t gain weight from it “. The first thing came to my mind is, I knew that she probably has no idea which dark chocolate is healthy, because most that are on the market are not.  Now let’s answer some questions about dark chocolate.


Is dark chocolate healthy?


The answer is more then just yes or no. Real dark chocolate that hasn’t been processed, that comes in it’s raw form and has no added sugar is very very healthy. It has so many antioxidants that you won’t even have to take an additional antioxidant supplement and it is also considered a superfood. I wrote a post about Raw Cacao Amazing Superfood with a lot more detail on that.

But pretty much 90 percent of chocolate on the market is very heavily processed, on top of that it has so much sugar in it that is also heavily processed, and because it is so heavily processed the antioxidants are pretty much gone, to almost nothing. What I noticed is that many companies mislead people in commercials or on labels, by stating that their dark chocolate is full of antioxidant goodness, but the reality of that is far, far from that.  And people seem to be buying into that and then wonder how come they have such a hard time loosing weight.


Which dark chocolate can I eat?


Not all the dark chocolate is bad and heavily processed. In one of my earlier posts ” Indulge The Right Way Every Day “ I mentioned which dark chocolate I buy all the time, it has only 3 ingredients and only 3 g or sugar. Most of that chocolate is 90 or more percent cacao.

When buying chocolate always look at the ingredients and the amount of sugar it contains. The sugar shouldn’t exceed 5 g and there should only be 2 or 3 ingredients. But the best thing you can do is buy your chocolate Raw, or another great option is to buy Raw cacao and Coconut Butter and make your own.  It is very easy to make and requires no cooking, just mixing the ingredients. that’s it!  I started doing that all the time and it’s delicious!  If you want your chocolate to have protein in it, I have a recipe for Raw Protein Truffles ;). And best of all, I know that what I am eating is very good for me and since it’s not cooked, I get the real goodness of it’s benefits.


Know your chocolate and stay healthy!


Here is a video to go along with the post, and I made it in 2 languages English and Russian.  For Russian version fast forward!



Know your chocolate and stay healthy!



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  • I only used to eat white and milk chocolate and would proudly declare how much I hated dark chocolate.  Now I have worked my way up to 85% and 86%.  I have 87% and 88% waiting to be tried out.  It takes me forever because I only have a small square but it feels indulgent and decadent and delicious rather than shoving huge loads of sugared trash down my throat.
        Yesterday I saw a very overweight woman at the supermarket,  and she was buying huge container of diet green tea (lipton), i felt really bad because I bet she though that was a positive step towards health.

    • You are so funny, I was laughing when I read ” Shoving huge loads of sugared trash down my throat” Ha Ha Ha. I use to love white chocolate, when I lived in Russia they use to have the best white chocolate ever with little pores so yammy. But now I learned to love Dark chocolate as well, as you said if feels decadent. I get the Lindt kind with 90% cacao, I love it so much. Yesterday I gave it to my husband and he hated it, he said it was the worst chocolate he ever tired, but then again he is a soda drinker and I can’t stand soda.

      • sus

        Why is that all the healthy wives out there have husbands who eat junk?! I have slowly been easing my husband into healthier foods.  He loves raw veggies now as long as I make tzatziki to go with it.

        • Ha Ha Ha, I can make my husband eat healthy and he would during the week cause he has to fly 60 feet in the air and he likes to feel light.  But on weekends he goes crazy with his usual food, he goes to his parents house where his grandma cooks everything with a cup of butter, even eggs.

  • l-p-r

    Education is a cuLture that has many thoughts!   …thanks teacher T  🙂

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  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    Hi Tatianna !

    Great Post !

    What’s your opinion on Raw Cocoa Beans/Nibs ??? I just couldn’t find any good choclate so I would like to hear your opinion about it before buying ! (it’s about 15$ for just a small 30-pieces bag..)

    • Beth, 

      Raw Cocoa beans/nibs are incredible!  So healthy and so nutritious, I recommend it with both hands and feet ( it’s a Russian expression ).  Right now I only buy raw nibs or raw cacao powder and make all of my snacks with it 🙂

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        Sounds Great ! But is it true that the caffeine they contain blocks some of the calcium absorption in the body ?

        • No Beth, you’re looking to much into things, you have to relax just a little.  It’s important to eat healthy, but it’s also important to have a balance.  Raw Cacao is one of the real superfoods, it’s a true healthy product, of course if you eat too much of anything it’s not good as with everything else. But it has a lot of antioxidants, I believe even more then Goji Berries, it’s not gonna block your calcium absorption unless you eat bags and bags of it. 

    • sus

      I love the nibs!

  • April

    I read the post about the truth about dark chocolate. In it you mention making your own Raw Chocolate with coconut butter and raw cacao. What proportions should be used of each ingredient?

  • Inez Reyes

    Thank you for sharing this information. You are so right. Most of us are truly mislead by this dark chocolate scheme.

  • Thanks. It was lovely to find you recommending a brand we can get here in Denmark (yay!)