The Incredible Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe Vera Health Benefits


” Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food”.¬† I found this quote, I am not sure who it’s by but this quote represents everything I believe in when it comes to Nutrition. It surprises me that so many people still don’t know that food is medicine, it is something that will prevent us from getting sick at it is also something that will help us heal if we are.

Today I wanted to tell you about the benefits of drinking Aloe Vera Juice. Not so long ago, I discovered this Miracle Water Recipe from one of my blogger youtubers Katya. She is a nutrition specialist and a personal trainer as well. One of the ingredients of this recipe was Aloe Vera Juice.
You can check out her video about the miracle water recipe, she made it in two languages English Version and Russian. She swears by this recipe for weight loss, skin rejuvenation, cell regeneration and overall detoxification of the body. I tried this Miracle Water and I have to tell you – It works! Every morning after I drink it I noticed this incredible energy, so now I even started drinking it before my workouts and I can push through my routines, even on days where I haven’t gotten as much sleep as I should of.

Turns out Aloe Vera it self is quite a miracle plant. I would like to outline some of my favorite health benefits I discovered about Aloe:

  • One of the main benefits of aloe is that it enhances the absorption of vital nutrients to the body, meaning you can get more nutrients out of your food, just by drinking Aloe Vera juice prior to every meal, as well as prior to taking vitamins. You don’t need to drink a lot, about 80 grams 3 times a day.
  • Another great benefit of Aloe is that it regulates blood sugar levels and had detoxification properties to the liver. When our liver works properly, our metabolism works fast as well.
  • Since Aloe is full of anti-oxidants, it will boost and enhance your immune system therefore regulating all of the processes in your body.
  • If you are working out on a regular basis, aloe vera juice will help your body and your joints to recover at a much higher speed, because it reduces inflammation.
  • Because aloe vera contains collagen, not only that it feeds the cells in your skin and hair, but it is also much harder to digest, and the body uses more energy to digest it, this process causes weight loss.
  • Drinking aloe vera juice is like drinking a vitamin and mineral cocktail, it contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Folic Acid and Niacin. Minerals in aloe vera include Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium and Chromium.
  • Another benefit of Aloe is that it contains 19 amino acids, and 7 of them are essential amino acids ( not produced by the body ).
  • If you have problems with hair loss, Aloe Vera has an amazing solution for you. Check out this article on how to use Aloe Vera For Hair Loss.


From all the research that I’ve done, the amount of Aloe Vera should not exceed 2 to 4 oz a day, it is enough to get the benefits of the plant. Do not exceed more than that because It can cause side effects such as nausea and allergic reactions. As with all the vitamins if they are taken in large amounts.
I also found a couple of great videos with more details about this amazing plant.


Aloe Vera Juice Health Benefits



Here is another small video about Aloe Vera



I cannot believe I haven’t started drinking this before!

One more thing I wanted to point out, is to always buy Organic Aloe Vera Juice. The difference in the price is about 2 dollars, but the difference in quality is worth it.


Let me know if you tried Katia’s Miracle Water Recipe, because I love it!


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