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Intuitive Eating


Hello my Lovies!

Today I have a Nutrition Talk for you. In this video I will be talking about Intuitive Eating, an approach that I am personally doing. This video will be very helpful to those who are just starting out in Healthy Eating, and would like to learn how to build a solid base, to teach your body healthy habits, so they can eventually become an intuitive eater, such as my self.

What is an Intuitive Eating Approach

It’s very simple :), you pretty much rely mostly on listening to your own body. For example when you are craving something you eat it, when you’re hungry you eat, when you’re full you stop. But in order to do that you have to be very in tune with your self. It took me many years to come to a conclusion that this is hands down THE BEST APPROACH for Me. After trying every DIEt imaginable, you name it, I’ve tried it, intuitive eating became the way for me. This is how I train as well.

You see, when I was on some kind of DIEt, whether it was counting calories, carbs, or sizing my portions, I was not happy, I was miserable, depressed and out of balance, not only physically but emotionally  and this my friends is not a natural state for any human being.  We’re supposed to feel joy, especially when it comes to food, it’s part of this beautiful physical experience that we are currently part of. So, why would you take that away? Especially where there is no need for it! You can absolutely be healthy, in an amazing shape and at the same time enjoy your food. I am a living example of that, and I would love to help others to achieve this balanced state of living.

Now, if you’ve been dieting your whole life, it will be hard to drastically change things, plus your brain wont accept that, so you will need to take things slow, don’t make any drastic changes.

First things you would have to do as I already mentioned, is become more in tune with your self. There are many ways to do that, I personally prefer meditation, spending time in nature, just having quiet time alone, walking outside barefoot. The more I did these things, the more connected I felt to my true self, the more balance I became overall.  Now for example when I wake-up, I always ask my self how do I feel? What kind of workout would I like to do today? What kind of food do I need to eat right now? And my body intuitively always give me the right answer.


A Couple of Books I would like to recommend

There is a few nutrition books that I absolutely adore, and I mix them into my eating approach. One of them is Live Right For Your Type ( At the moment I have Eat Right For Your Type, because I lost my other one and got this one by accident ). But Live Right For Your Type is a very scientific eating approach, where you find out your blood type, and based on that eat foods that are beneficial for you. The book actually lists foods like Beneficial, Neutral, Avoid. This was one of my favorite no diet, eating approach, because when I first tried it 10 years ago, I never felt deprived, and I ate insane amounts of foods. I definitely recommend you reading it. But, if you can’t by it right now, I suggest just google foods for your blood type and you can find all of then online.

Another Nutrition Approach that I really like is the O2 Diet, again, it’s not really a diet where you deprive your self. I shared this book with you in one of my previous videos ( breakfast for glowing skin, the link is in the video ). In this eating approach you mainly focus on consuming foods that are high in antioxidants, so definitely check these books out.

And now Enjoy the Video 🙂






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