Healthy Post – Workout Protein Shake

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Healthy Protein Shake, Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Post - Workout Protein Shake


One of the most important meals of your day beside breakfast it is your healthy post-workout protein shake.   You have to consume your workout shake within 30 minutes ( the best time ) after your workout.  Healthy and balanced  Nutrition and a great post – workout protein shake can help you burn fat to gain muscle. After a workout your body needs fast absorbing protein and enough carbohydrates to bring back and restore muscle glycogen. You can of course consume whole food, such as chicken, eggs, steak, fish etc, but whole foods don’t absorb as fast as Whey Protein.  It takes your body a while to break down whole foods to make them usable.   By the time whole foods are finally broken down your time window is closed.   Your body will begin to break down muscle, instead of building up. The reason I pick Whey Protein after my workouts because it has the highest biological value than any other protein.   Also as I wrote in my previous article on Whey Protein the body absorbs whey protein faster and better, and without the saturated fat of animal products.

The reason I use specifically a Papaya Fruit, Spinach and Raw Cacao is for their dense nutritional benefits.   Right after your workout is the perfect time when your body is ready to receive nutrients.  Soy milk provides just the very little amount of fat that your body needs to absorb these nutrients.


Ingredients for my post – workout protein shake.

Healthy Protein Shake, Healthy Nutrition

The Ingredients


1. Whey Protein  Isolate of your choice  ( I am still drying different kind )

2. One cup of Soy Milk

3. Two hand fulls of fresh organic  spinach

4. 1/4 of a fresh Papaya Fruit

5. A table spoon full of  Raw Organic  Cacao Powder

6. A whole banana

Place the ingredients in a Blender and enjoy it within 30 minutes after your workout!


Healthy Protein Shake, Healthy Nutrition

Ready Shake 🙂


Let me know how you liked it and leave me a comment?


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