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Healthy Food


Happy Monday My Lovies!

I want to wish you a wonderful beginning of the week and send you lot’s of positive energy and love!  Today I had a whole different post planned out, but all of a sudden I got an idea to make a post about foods that I include daily in my regimen, these foods are my staple and I never ever skip on them, if I do it happens very rare.  If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am not a fan of counting calories or counting every drop that falls into my mouth. I just love to eat healthy foods in the amounts that my body craves, I listen to my body at all times and if I feel like I’m craving something I just eat it.

Before I share with you all the foods I eat daily, I wanted to say that I am just staying in shape, at the moment I don’t have goals to lose weight or do anything specific, I just want to be in shape and be happy.

Food #1 – Organic Eggs


Healthy Food


I always have 2 and sometimes 3 organic eggs daily.  Most of the time I have it for breakfast but sometimes if I had something different for breakfast I would eat eggs for dinner ( yes I do that 🙂 ).


Food # 2 – Steel Cut Oats


Healthy Food


Now, I know that some of you guys who follow my blog don’t eat grain, but for me I absolutely need it.  I’ve tried no grain thing for a while and it didn’t work very well for me.  I always recommend everyone to listen to your own body and eat the foods that you feel work for your body type.  Recently, yes just recently I’ve discovered Steel Cut Oats ( where have I been all these years that I just now tried them LOL ).  I tried them and good bye Old Fashioned Oatmeal, I’m a Steel Cut Girl now ;).  What I love about Steel Cut Oats is that I can make them sweet with cinnamon for breakfast or salty with chicken for dinner.  I cook them a bit different than the package states, I cook them for only 25 minutes on very low heat ( the package states 55 minutes ), but I think that would be way too much.  For dinner I make them with coconut oil and grass fed beef sausages ( MMM so good ).  I eat about 1-2 cups a day.


Food # 3 – Organic Baby Kale


Healthy Food


I think I won’t sing you a song about Kale, I’m sure most of you already know that it’s the most Nutritious Veggie on ANDI list.  I always eat my kale raw and I eat about 2-3 cups a day.


Food #4 – Organic Apples


Healthy Foods


I’ve totally cut down on my fruit consumption, because I’ve realized that it was too much sugar for me to consume daily ( I eat some really absurd amounts of fruit before ).  Now, I eat only 2 organic apples a day, and that is the only fruit that I consume during the week.  On weekends I would eat watermelon or pineapple.  I love to eat my apples with a spoon of Organic Peanut Butter, because I love the energy that it gives me.


Food # 5 – Coconut Oil


Healthy Food


I’ve written an article about coconut oil before, so here I will just say that it’s the only oil I use when I cook for my self.  Normally I buy it Unrefined, but this time the store was out of it ( 3 stores to be exact ), I had to settle for the refined this time.  I don’t like this kind as much because it doesn’t have that coconut smell that I love so much, but others who don’t like the coconut smell would really enjoy this variation.


Food #6 – Organic Cashews and Hazelnuts


Healthy Food


These are my absolute favorite nuts right now, before I always used to buy salted cashews but when I tried them raw I fell in love even more.  Hazelnuts I usually add to my breakfast or just have them as a snack, I absolutely love how they taste.  I always have them in my house and I eat both of these nuts almost daily.


Food #7 – Organic Peanut Butter


Healthy Food



This is another food that I absolutely love and as you might already know I even add it to my chicken salad.  I just love crunchy organic peanut butter ( non organic tastes different and I can tell them apart right away, it’s not as delicious as the organic one ).  As I mentioned earlier I also love to have a spoon of peanut butter with my apple as a snack.


Food # 8 – Clif Kid Bars ( Chocolate Brownie )


Healthy Foods


OMG these things taste like a brownie and they have incredible ingredients.  I love to have them with my tea in the afternoon, sometimes if I feel naughty I add some peanut butter to them.  They have just a bit more sugar than I would like ( 11 g ) but I can live with that if I only eat 1 a day.  Miguel love these things as well and he is very picky when it comes to healthy bars.


Of course, you guys already know that I eat chicken daily ( I’m sure you’ve seen it in my food diary posts ), and lately I’ve also added Grass Fed Beef Sausages that I’ve been eating on a regular basis as well.  Most of my protein I get from chicken, eggs and sometimes fish.


What kinds of foods do you guys eat daily and what are your must have favorite healthy foods?


Have a beautiful week my darlings!




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