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Healthy Eating


Hello my Lovies,

I have another Food Diary post for you guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted one and last time I did, I made it into a video. For the past few months I have been much busier than used to be before and I thought I was going to be able to keep with Video Food Diary blogs, but I didn’t do good job at it, so I decided that I will still be posting Food Diary posts regularly, and only sometimes I will make them into videos.

Lately I’ve been in a very creative mode so I started looking into the options of creating products for Loving Fit. My original idea was to create an affordable but very creative Glam Fitness Wear, from good materials, perfect stitching and a beautiful design, not just something with logos on, but something that would really represent me and Loving Fit. Me and Yuls even came up with some design ideas ( she is like a waterfall of creativity ). But of course because of my demanding personality when it comes to quality, to realized these Ideas is out of my budget at the moment ( but since nothing in this reality is fixed, Law Of Attraction hint hint I’m talking to you and I said only at the moment LOL ).

Anyhow for now I have to start small, so I’m still gonna design stuff so I can grow it into the big picture that I have in my mind. For now, me and Miguel decided we are going to make some cool designs for 100% cotton tank tops for girls, T-shirts for guys, and maybe some other things, something that is going to be very useful to people. And everyone who will purchase a tank top or a t-shirt from Loving Fit will get a free gift a bottle like this one  for example ( which is eco-friendly ) or something else very useful, because I want the gift to be something everyone will need and use daily. These are just some of the ideas we are trying to realize, so now I have to make pictures of these ideas and place them on my Wish Map so I can make it happen fast 🙂

Now, let’s get to the Food Diary Gabba Gabba 😛

As you already know I don’t do any kinds of diets, or calorie counting, I’m just maintaining the shape I currently have and I’m happy with the way I look all the way. At the moment I have no physical goals, I’ve achieved them all and now I’m just focusing on being healthy and happy on a daily basis. I always eat intuitively, whenever I’m hungry and I usually eat only 2-3 times a day. Sometimes I have snacks, sometimes not. The amount of food I eat depends on what I did that day, if I didn’t do a workout then I don’t get as hungry.


My Morning Coffee


Healthy Eating


I usually don’t have breakfast, I just don’t like eating in the morning. But, I do have coffee :), and I love my coffee. This is not just regular coffee, I add 2 table spoons of Raw Coconut Oil into it, I also add 1 raw egg, then I blend it in my blender. That keeps me full for a few hours. Prior to having my coffee I always have a huge glass of iced water, that is always needed otherwise coffee alone will dehydrate you.

Then after I had my coffee, me and Miguel went for a light jog.


About 2 hours later I had my Lunch 🙂

Healthy Eating


For lunch I had Organic Steak, Organic Spinach, Organic Hummus, Organic Tomatoes and huge piece of Watermelon.


About an hour later I had some Dried Organic Mangos, I really love dried fruit and I have it daily. I also wanted to show you that I drink 1 gallon of water every single day, and that is what really makes my skin glow, water is seriously important!


Healthy Eating


My Dinner

( today I did the opposite, I had my Organic Steel Cut oats for dinner instead of breakfast ). I always add Raw Coconut Oil to my oats, lot’s of it. I also had a smoothie, cause I needed complete protein and eggs are the best )


Healthy eating


That was my food day!

Today I also did henna treatment on my hair, I love how it makes my hair so much thicker, even though it’s bit of a pain in the butt. So I spent all day at home with a bag on my head and reading a book.


What did you guys do and eat today?




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