How To Make A Wish Map Using Feng Shui

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Law of Attraction


Greetings and Happy Monday my Lovies!

I’ve been having a lot of things going on since the beginning of the year, that’s why I haven’t been posting workouts as much.  Miguel’s schedule has changed as well, he had stepped down from his Flying Trapeze duties after almost 30 years of flying.  But, now  he is a full time Character ( in Cirque Du Soleil they are like actors ), so he is now one of the main Characters.

Today I have a super cool video for you guys, in this video you will get to meet my amazing friend Yulia, she is going to share her story of making a wish map using Feng Shui.  She is a very skeptical person, but she wanted to give it a try anyway.  She began making her Wish Map 2 years ago, and since 80% of her wishes on that map had already came true ( I am a total witness of that ).

I already started making mine, and so far I’ve only chosen pictures for it and placed it into a folder, do you wanna know what started to happen literally days after I did that –  THINGS IN MY FOLDER HAD ALREADY STARTED TO HAPPEN.  I was quite shocked at first, but I’m very aware of Law Of Attraction, and the more aware you become the less buffering you will have in your time line.  Now days, I have to be very careful of what I wish for because my wishes happen extremely fast.

OK, so this Wish Map, is not only going to be just about finding pictures and plastering them on a poster, nope!  In this Wish Map we are going to use Feng Shui for a specific placement of each wish in a specific area, make sure to watch the whole video to find out all the details.

Here is the pictures from the Video:


Feng Shui


At the top in Black you have South the area of – Career, Element of Water

To the left in Gray you have South East the area of – Helpers ( motivators ), Element of Metal

Next down in White you have East – Area of Children or Projects, Element of Metal as Well

Next down we have North East –  Area of Relationships, Element of Earth

Next down in Red we have North – Area of Fame ( for your field ), Element of Fire

Next to the Right in Lime Green is North East – Area of Wealth, Element of Wood

Next up is Emerald Green we have West – Area of Family, Element of Wood

Next Up in Pale Yellow is South West – Area of Knowledge, Element of Earth


Now, here are the Colors to Compliment Each Area ( English ):


Feng Shui


Russian Version


Feng Shui


  • Something we did’t mention in the video but it’s extremely important is adding “AFFIRMATION” to your Wish Map.  Affirmation cannot contain ” No’s ” or ” Don’ts ” and everything has to be in the Present.  For example, you would say: I am living in a beautiful Lodge in Lake Tahoe, I absolutely love my gorgeous house ( this is just a simple example ).  Another thing that I would like to add which is extremely important as well, is stating somewhere on your wish map: May all my wishes come true for the good of everyone and the world.  Because, if you skip this step things might turn out like in that movie with 7 wishes, where the guy is not detailed with his wishes and they happened in a way where it hurts someone else, so everything has to be for the good of everyone.


The Challenge that I have for you guys


Make a wish map by recommendations we shared with you in the video, and after 1 month or so share your experience in the comment section, what kind of things have started to happen in your life?


Now, Enjoy the Video ( Make sure to watch Bloopers in the End ;) )!





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  • Boryana Gospodinova

    Tati, I’ve been planning on doing a wish map for myself and I somehow haven’t gotten to that. I bought a board and startedcollecting the pictures. In the beginning I thought that I should concentrate on a few wishes in order for them to come true. I thought that If I put too many and different in theme wishes that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on any of them. SO I guess I was wrong 🙂 ANd My question is, should try and put pictures of myself with the things I want or just pictures that illustrate the things I want and strive for without necessarily having me in them? THank you very very much for all that yu do, you are such an inspiration!!! Also on the fitness side, I’ve been thinking of asking you to please, do a challenge or a videoo on showing us how to learn to do the one leg squat (pistols) This is such a challenging exercise, it almost seems impossible to me 🙂 Ooooh, it became such a long note 🙂 Thaaank you! XoXo Bory

    • Hi Boryana,

      You have to definitely place pictures of your self, but only like we stated in the video, into the middle ( you can either do a collage or just a favorite picture of your self where you are happy and like how you look ). Since it is your card, you need to be there 🙂

      I actually already have one leg squat how to 🙂 ) here is the link

      • Boryana Gospodinova

        Tati, thank you for the quick reply 🙂

        I looked at the tutorial for the one-leg squat and I will start it tomorrow 🙂 I am sooo excited, I am sure that I will get better at it 🙂 And WOW you doing a one leg squat on a ball – amazing!

  • Jeanne

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    ? ???? ???????? ??????????? ? ????? ????????, ?? ??????? ???????????… ????? ?????? ?? ??? ????, ?? ????? ??? ???????? ??? ? ??????? – ?? ??????????. ?????? ???????, ????? ????-?? ????? ?????? ????????, ? ??? ????????? ? ?????????? ??????????? ???????..??? ??? ???????? ?? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ? ?????? ?????.. ??? ??? ???????!

  • Elena Sviridova

    ???????, ????????, ?? ??????? ? ???????? ?????!!!! ????? ??????? ? ????? ??????, ?? ?? ????? ? ???? ??????….????????? ??????? ???, ????, ?? ??, ??? ?? ????!!! ? ???? ??????: ? ????? ?? ??????? ????? ??? ????? ? ?????? ????????? ? ?????? ? ??????? ??? ??????? ????????????? ? ???? ?????? ???????? ???? ????? ? ?????????? ????????

    • Da, konechno mogno! Mogno sdelat odnu kargu dlya semii i odnu individualno.

  • It takes some time (1 week) to make this map…. but I can tell you I´ve draw 2 days an only written and colored map…and things start to happen miracally !!! 😀 😀 😀

    Career, Man, Motivators….wuapwuap

    • Law of attraction really exists and this is so WOW..that everything you can imagine gonna happen.

      Can´t wait for the video you´ve made with Teal. I love this women.
      Are you ready with your Map, Tati?? 🙂

      Lovely Regards,

      • Hey sweetie,

        I just picked all the pictures into a folder, then the computer which had photoshop program broke down ( cause I wanted to make pictures smaller and print them without paper waste ). Now, I have to either have to fix that computer or purchase new photoshop for my mac.

        Interview with Teal went great, I have to do Russian subtitles first, it will take a while, for me to do that.

        • damn it, if I wasn´t such a foul in computer fixing I would help you regardlessly :*

          After lot of mental work in the past few weeks I looked @ my wish map again and saw lot of things I made up that made me feel bad. Things I wish for to please others, things that might bring me happiness from outside but not inside.

          Did you met Teal yesterday @ workshop in Prague? Sadly there was no livestream…

          Lovely Regards,

  • Karolina

    I love this idea 🙂 but i don’t get it with those colors…should pictures included some of them ? i’m excited thanks 😀

    • Hey,

      You can add the colors behind the pictures, so which ever zone you have, underneath place the color for that zone.

  • Inga Mak

    ??????? ??????? ?? ??????????) ?????? ? ?? ?????? ? ???? ????????? ???????? ??????? ?? ?????? ????????? ?????

    • EE ne obyazatelno vstavlyat, mogno prosto pod niz v opredelennie zoni nakleit sveta.

  • Inga Mak

    ? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ? ???????, ???????? ?????? ? ??? ? ???? ?????? ?? ??????? :((((

    • Ya sproshu u Yulii, i ona vam zdes otvetit.

  • Shelby

    Tati, do you have an email I can send more detailed questions to?

  • pavla

    Hi Tati,I would like to share my experience wit my Wish Map I did more than 6 years ago.Apart of other pictures(which I cut from magazins) I had a beautiful beach in Dominican Republic (always wanted visit Carribean) and picture of Dubai.Than few days later I decided that Dubai is too artificial and took out the picture.Than I put my Wish Map (actually it was paper notebook) away.After seven months or so I quit my job and went to Dominican Republic with a friend for 2 months-even though we didn´t really planned that,as we wanted go to Martinique.But we ended up in that place from my book.After I came back from Dominican Republic,I was doing some odd jobs ,and looking for some pernament job as out of blue I recieved an offer to work ni Dubai from one my former employer ! I din´t hesitate much and off I went to Dubai.I couldn´t believe my luck ! Yet I thought that this is all just coincidence.But what happend next made me believed that my Wish Map has something to do with all that ….I was not allowed to entry the country as I needed a special visa !! So totaly agree with you, be carefu what you wish for…wish you all the best !

    • Thank you so much for sharing that! I think others who will read it will get inspired and it will help them to change their life. Got to tell you a secret 🙂 – there is no coincidences, things always go according to our plans and desires. I’ve learned to pay attention to my thoughts, because the more aware I became that I create my own reality, the shorter buffer time became, now things fly into my life as soon as I wish for them, I’m literally watching Law Of Attraction with every thought I think.

  • sedindriuke

    Hey beautiful inspiring lady, hope you are well.
    I have started collecting pictures into folders and will play around to make a wish map (you never know until you try…if it really works?!).

    Wanted to ask are you going to make a nutritional post soon? 🙂 Yeah, would be interesting to sneak in into your plate hehe 🙂 Thanks Tati for being in my inspiration folder for the wish map!

    • Hello my beautiful :),

      Yes wish map works 100%, I right now only have my pics in a folder and I already see things coming true, it’s amazing! Also, make sure when inspiration hits, follow it, it’s always best when we act out of inspiration ( not need ) towards our goals.

      I will start making regular nutrition posts, but they will be videos not written posts like before, because I will include 2 days of eating during the week and also what I eat on the weekends, cause it’s always different and on weekends I allow my self to eat things that I normally don’t eat during the week.

      • sedindriuke

        Thanks for a reply, sweetie! Continue collecting pictures, will need to print them at work and glue on the carton paper and have a map in front of me every day in the room!

  • Zoueto Zuzu

    Hi Tati,
    this idea of creating a wish map looks fantastic. I want to start making my own, but have some questions for you. 🙂 Do we need to put the pictures on the first map in a circle grid, because it looks like a circle? And I didn’ really understand , what we have to do with the colored map( second one on the video) Do we need to color the grids ? I am a little bit confused :)) Thanks a lot . 🙂

  • Zoueto Zuzu

    Hi Tati, my comment just disappeared so I am writing it again. I would like to make my wish map and think the idea is perfect. 🙂 But I didn’t understood some things so I have questions to you 🙂
    Do we put the pictures in a circle grid on the map, because it looks like a circle? And I didn’t get the meaning of the second map ( this one with the colors and symbols). Do we need both of them and should we use the colors for both of them? Thanks a lot! 🙂


    • Hi Zory,

      Disquss always makes comments come and go, but they all eventually show up. You can place the picture with colors underneath, and yes it all goes into a specific area in a circle. Other picture it’s just to compliment picture number 1, it is an addition, but you don’t really need it.

      • Zoueto Zuzu

        Hi Tati, I feel a little bit like an Idiot 🙂 Sorry….just working as an architect in germany makes you crasy when you look for details 🙂 I love photoshop, so shall I place my pictures in this colors like a different layer ( you deffinetly know what i mean, for example my picture) an over the picture a color) :)And the map there you just put fotos in the grid, the second one I mean? Can I take other pics or the same ?

  • Nina Oddball

    Thank you so much Tati for sharing this with us! I can’t wait to get started on this project:) I appreciate it so much when you share amazing things like this!

  • Gabriela

    I would like to ask which way should be the bagua map oriented, because on English version is south fame on Russian version is south career?

  • oberlee

    Love this! Sometimes it takes me a while to watch your longer videos because it’s easier to read something on the train, at work, etc., but I’m so glad I finally watched this! I’m so excited to make my own. Yulia seems like a wonderful person, friend and resource, so I for one would love a video about fend shui. I know nothing about it. Thanks again, you two. You both seem like you’d be really fun to hang out with. I even forgot you were speaking a different language. Lol. 🙂

  • oberlee

    Ooohh, Tatianna, Yulia…can you answer this? WHY are some diagrams the opposite? Even above, you have the english one with “career” at the bottom instead of the top. And “south” is always at the top. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I was wondering why there was so much disparity? I looked it up on Google, and came across the same thing. All have “south” at the top, but sometimes south is fame, sometimes career. Or does it not matter because the energy is the same direction? Thanks. 🙂

    • oberlee

      Never mind! I tried deleting this comment but it won’t let me. 🙂

      • Hey love, did you end up making your wish map?

        • oberlee

          I started to, and felt amazing about it, but then it kind of dissipated. Part of it is having limited access to the computer I was making it on. How is yours coming? Funny, I was thinking yesterday that I should start this up again. I think you writing me is a sign to go ahead and do that!! xoxo Hugs!

          • Yep, that was your sign! I’ve done mine a while ago, but I have a few bold spots on it, I have to finish placing the family part and the part of me and Miguel together. It looks pretty cool actually, I was dragging it for a while, then one evening I sat down to just collage them in photoshop, and ended up making 9 collages and printing all of them.

  • Mari Kurochkina

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  • Thea Shengelaia

    Hi, lovely article and very useful, except I dont know if anyone has noticed (those who speak Russian of course) that the translation of the areas is incorrect, like in black is north, not south and in Gray it’s Northwest and so on… Good luck everyone!

    • Thank you, yes I noticed later on that I messed some things up.

  • Dear Tati,

    I was confused lately with the direction of my wishmap. I wanted to put it on my table in north direction.
    For Chinese North is in the South. Where I have to put it correctly? Career pointing to South!??

    • I suggest for you not to get too caught up in North or South, because many cultures have it differently, instead place it where YOU will see it daily, but away from eyes of others who don’t believe in this kind of stuff. You don’t anyone coming through your door be exposed to your wish map, I have mine in my bedroom, so each time I brush my teeth ( that is 2 minutes morning and evening ) I stand in front of my wish map and look at it. My bathroom is in my bedroom so it works pretty well.