How To Make A Wish Map Using Feng Shui

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Law of Attraction


Greetings and Happy Monday my Lovies!

I’ve been having a lot of things going on since the beginning of the year, that’s why I haven’t been posting workouts as much.  Miguel’s schedule has changed as well, he had stepped down from his Flying Trapeze duties after almost 30 years of flying.  But, now  he is a full time Character ( in Cirque Du Soleil they are like actors ), so he is now one of the main Characters.

Today I have a super cool video for you guys, in this video you will get to meet my amazing friend Yulia, she is going to share her story of making a wish map using Feng Shui.  She is a very skeptical person, but she wanted to give it a try anyway.  She began making her Wish Map 2 years ago, and since 80% of her wishes on that map had already came true ( I am a total witness of that ).

I already started making mine, and so far I’ve only chosen pictures for it and placed it into a folder, do you wanna know what started to happen literally days after I did that –  THINGS IN MY FOLDER HAD ALREADY STARTED TO HAPPEN.  I was quite shocked at first, but I’m very aware of Law Of Attraction, and the more aware you become the less buffering you will have in your time line.  Now days, I have to be very careful of what I wish for because my wishes happen extremely fast.

OK, so this Wish Map, is not only going to be just about finding pictures and plastering them on a poster, nope!  In this Wish Map we are going to use Feng Shui for a specific placement of each wish in a specific area, make sure to watch the whole video to find out all the details.

Here is the pictures from the Video:


Feng Shui


At the top in Black you have South the area of – Career, Element of Water

To the left in Gray you have South East the area of – Helpers ( motivators ), Element of Metal

Next down in White you have East – Area of Children or Projects, Element of Metal as Well

Next down we have North East –  Area of Relationships, Element of Earth

Next down in Red we have North – Area of Fame ( for your field ), Element of Fire

Next to the Right in Lime Green is North East – Area of Wealth, Element of Wood

Next up is Emerald Green we have West – Area of Family, Element of Wood

Next Up in Pale Yellow is South West – Area of Knowledge, Element of Earth


Now, here are the Colors to Compliment Each Area ( English ):


Feng Shui


Russian Version


Feng Shui


  • Something we did’t mention in the video but it’s extremely important is adding “AFFIRMATION” to your Wish Map.  Affirmation cannot contain ” No’s ” or ” Don’ts ” and everything has to be in the Present.  For example, you would say: I am living in a beautiful Lodge in Lake Tahoe, I absolutely love my gorgeous house ( this is just a simple example ).  Another thing that I would like to add which is extremely important as well, is stating somewhere on your wish map: May all my wishes come true for the good of everyone and the world.  Because, if you skip this step things might turn out like in that movie with 7 wishes, where the guy is not detailed with his wishes and they happened in a way where it hurts someone else, so everything has to be for the good of everyone.


The Challenge that I have for you guys


Make a wish map by recommendations we shared with you in the video, and after 1 month or so share your experience in the comment section, what kind of things have started to happen in your life?


Now, Enjoy the Video ( Make sure to watch Bloopers in the End ;) )!





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