Diet Challenge – Break Out Of The Diet Box And Listen To Your Body

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Stop Dieting Diet Challenge


As I was reading the Glamour magazine a few days ago, I found something quite interesting, an article about a diet called “Snob Diet”. Personally I run the other way when I hear a word diet, because in the past I’ve experimented with few of those so called diets just to say I’ve tried it, and all of them got me to the same place – sleepless, deprived and depressed. But I wanted to give it a read anyway just so I could of rolled my eyes and said, wow this is ridiculous.

I turned out to be in for a surprise. As I kept on reading  about the ” Snob Diet “, I started remembering that this is the way I always ate before I started trying different diets and as I can recall, I never gained a pound. This is a very simple nutritional approach that let’s you eat what your body craves, as long as you listen to your body and stop eating when you feel full. Here is an overlook of the Snob Diet ( I want to call it a nutritional approach, because I hate the word diet ):


  • Choose the highest quality foods possible – Whole Foods

Instead of eating 10 low fat crackers with some low fat topping ( just an example ), choose the cracker that has the full flavor and the fat, same with the topping. Because of the amount of full flavor, you will feel full much faster, and overall eat less. Same goes for other foods, home made and full of flavor, vs low fat take out, etc.


  • Enjoy every bite

Eat slowly and mindfully, don’t gaze at the TV while eating. Enjoy your food, chew slowly and stop when you feel full.


  • Don’t deny your cravings

If you really crave it, have it! You are not going to gain 10 lbs, but if you deny it to your self, then it will create an obsession and later you will eat 5 times more, and overeating is what causes people to gain weight.  This happened to me many times, if I denied my cravings I paid for it later on.  In my previous article ” Is It Healthy To Always Eat Healthy ”  I described that experience.


  • If it’s not delicious don’t eat it.

If you are not going to have the best piece of cake then what is the point? Don’t just eat junk food or snickers, if you are craving a good dessert have the best you can find.


I think what the article in Glamour Magazine was trying to say , if we eat food that we want with full  flavor, we naturally won’t eat big portions because we will feel full faster and stay satisfied.

I believe that eating this way creates a very healthy relationship with food naturally.

To me the rules are very simple, there is absolutely no gimmick to this way of eating. It’s pretty much common sense!

The key is listening to your own body.  If you are a person who just wants to get into great shape, stay in great shape and still live life to the fullest then this approach is for you. If you are not a bodybuilder then there is no need to get technical with calories or fat content, just mindful eating.

This eating approach does not include processed foods which are full of refined sugar, just good high quality foods.


So for the next 30 days I am doing a challenge of listening to my body. I will eat what I want, enjoy every bite and stop eating when I am hungry. I believe after you follow something for an amount of time, you gradually begin to train your mind and your body. After the 30 days, I believe it will come naturally as it did before I tried different diets.

You are welcome to follow this challenge with me, let’s break out of the diet box!

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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