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American Food System


The other day I was browsing through the Netflix and I found this a great film that I thought would be interesting for me to see called ” Ingredients “. I try not to watch TV and when I do I make it educational. I love watching anything that has to do with nutrition, but this movie turned out even more educational than I thought.

It is a documentary about an actual movement, that I believe is going to change the the American food industry.

Because the quality of the food we are eating, for the first time in history, our children’s generation is expected to have a shorter lifespan than our own.
This documentary talks about creating a food system where we eat locally and seasonally how we are always meant to eat. How going to the market and connecting to local farmers creates more joy for cooking and enjoying our life.
They take you on a tour of different farmers and show you how local farmers grow their produce.
I thought it was just beautiful when they talked about taking care of soil and picking the veggies literally on the clock, exactly when they are suppose to get picked. It is truly an art to grow vegetables. In the movie the farmers explain exactly what it takes to grow food the natural way. There was so many things I didn’t know, so for me it was a very inspiring film.

The whole experience of going to the market and bringing home fresh produce free of pesticides while connecting with people, is priceless. Imagine how beautiful the world can be if everyone can eat like that?

Another thing that the movie talks about is that restaurants everywhere are slowly begin to adopt to buying local food ( I need to find some in my area ). The ingredients is where the real taste comes from. We don’t need super recipes, we just need fresh and flavorful produce. And getting fresh produce is only possible through your local farmers market. Because the further your food travels, the less taste and nutritional value it has.

What I loved the most about the movie is where they talk about a children’s program that the farmers created to teach children what real vegetables taste like. Because these days the only thing that children eat is processed plastic foods. ┬áThis is really sad to me, and I hope it changes in near future.

One of my favorite quotes from the movie is ” Pay the farmer or pay the doctor “. This is completely true, people in America rely on medication more than any other country in the world, while the secret to great health is right in front of them – nutrition.

Every single person can help to change the way we eat, by shopping at local farmers market. You will be supporting more than just your health, you will contribute to the movement that is trying to change our food industry from toxic to fresh.

Here is a small preview of the film:


On a final note, I know that the near future of our food system is looking bright. I believe this change will create more happiness in the world, and there fore help our planet to recover from the disasters we are faced with.

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