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Hello My Lovie-Dovies,

I’m finally brining you another diet challenge. In previous challenges we’ve usually taken something out of our diet, in this challenge we’re not going to take anything away, we are going to add specific foods into our daily regimen. However you are eating at the moment, eat the same but add the foods that I’m gonna share with every single day. Even if you are not eating very healthy at the moment, don’t worry, leave everything how it is and just add these foods every day on top of what you’re eating. What you will notice is, in a few weeks your body will begin to crave healthy foods on a regular basis, naturally and you will gradually be able to change your eating habits ( if you need to ) without the forcing effort, plus by adding these foods you will start to lean out quite a bit as well.

The reason I believe that most diets fail, is restriction. When someone decides to begin a healthy lifestyle, and the reason why so many people drag it out until things get really bad is, their understanding of a healthy eating approach is limited. It’s limited by a restriction belief, such as: In order to lose weight and be fit I have to eat very little and very limited “. This approach is simply not true, and it never works in the long run, people with this approach begin to eat healthy and then end up falling off the wagon and start again and again. I personally cannot stand restricting my self of food, it’s miserable and I don’t want to live my life eating like a bird. This is why the Adding Approach works so well.

If you’re just beginning your way to a health lifestyle, you’re gonna love this approach so much because it’s quite easy to follow. If you’ve been on a healthy path for a while, you will also love this approach because it will help you to reach your goals of even better habits and it will also help you to lean out even more.

We are what we eat, and we crave what we eat most of.


The Challenge:

Each day you will be adding these foods in these specific quantities either through all of your meals, or just some of your meals, as long as by the end of your day you ate all these foods:

Green Leafy Veggies – 4 large cups ( stuffed all the way up ) or 2 large plates, pick, only from this list. Green leafy veggies must be eaten raw:

  • Kale
  • Collard
  • Bok Choy
  • Spinach
  • Arugula


Other Veggies – 1 cup ( stuffed all the way up ), pick only from this list

  • Brussel Sprouts ( can be lightly steamed )
  • Cabbage ( raw )
  • Broccoli ( can be very lightly steamed, but it has to still remain crispy )
  • Cauliflower ( can be very lightly steamed )
  • Greep Pepper ( raw )


One more thing ( I’m sure many of you already eat this already )

  • 2 organic eggs ( either scrambled or boiled )


The reason I picked specific veggies above are because all of those veggies are the most nutrient dense. Vegetables also help your liver to detoxify, therefore speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

Another point that I wanted to make is, by adding so many nutrient dense foods daily, your body naturally begins to stop craving sweet or processed foods, it reconstructs it self.

Organic eggs contain lecithin, which help to break down fat in the body. Eggs also have a very high quality protein.

I’ve been doing this challenge for a little over a week now, adding these foods but still eating how I normal eat. I’m not the healthiest eater but I’ve noticed that I’ve leaned out and I started to crave vegetable daily, and not just crave but CRAVE the way I would crave chocolate.

I’m not going to place a time frame on this challenge, because by eating this way each of us individually will adjust to eating move nutrient dense foods.

Sending you hugs and kisses of health :),


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