12 Good Reasons Why We Need Vitamins And Supplements

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The other day I wrote a post about my complete guide to nutrition, and I made a point about taking vitamins and supplements. In this post I would like to go into  more specific details on why we need supplements in our Nutrition.

1. Overcooking

When we cook our food such as vegetables or fruits it oxidizes and destroys heat-susceptible vitamins such as the B-group, C and E. Boiling or steaming vegetables removes water-soluble vitamins such as above. And some vitamins such as B6 can be destroyed by microwave irradiation.
The perfect solution would be to eat the vegetables and fruits raw, but most people don’t like how raw vegetables taste, it also requires a lot more preparation to make raw food that  tastes great.


2. The age and quality of our food

Even organic produce that you buy in the supermarket is at least a week old. The older your food gets, the more nutrients it looses. It is best if you shop at Farmer’s Markets for all of your fruits and veggies. There are much higher chances of your food being more fresh that way, because it’s local and not imported. You should still ask the sellers how they grow their produce. You can find out about which question’s you should ask at the Farmer’s Markets in one of my earlier posts.


3. Poor Digestion.

Even when food intake is adequate, inefficient digestion can limit your body’s uptake of vitamins. Plus we don’t always chew our food perfectly each time. This result in larger than normal food particle size, too large to allow complete action of digestive enzymes.


4. Food Processing

Frozen food containing Vitamin E, will result in significant reduction of the Vitamin once it’s defrosted. Many common sources of Vitamin E such as bread and oils are highly processed so the actual content of Vitamin E is significantly reduced or missing. Since vitamin E is an antioxidant, which prevents oxidative damage to all tissues, lack of it will increase faster damage to your cells. Other vitamin losses from food processing include vitamins B1 and C.

5. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are popular for fighting infections, but they also kill the friendly bacteria in the gut, which normally allows B-group vitamins to be absorbed through the intestinal walls. These deficiencies can result in a variety of nervous conditions, and therefore it advisable to supplement with B-group vitamins when on are taking antibiotics.


6. Food Allergies

Individuals that are allergic to certain food groups such as gluten or lactose, can have a significant loss of dietary sources of nutrients such as thiamine, riboflavin or calcium.


7. Stress

Chemical, physical and emotional stress can increase the body’s requirements for vitamins B 2, B5 and C. Air pollution increases the body’s requirements for Vitamin E.


8. Lack of Sunlight

People with minimal exposure to sunlight can have a deficiency on Vitamin D, which is required for calcium metabolism, without which bone thinning might develop. Often the sun is blocked by clouds, fog, smog, smoke, ordinary window glass, curtains and clothing. The maximum recommended daily supplemental intake of Vitamin D is 400 i.u.


9. Oral Contraceptives

Oral Contraceptives can decrease absorption of folic acid and increase the need for Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, zinc and riboflavin.
I personally wouldn’t recommend oral contraceptives to anyone, because of the dangerous effects on the body, that doctors never tell you about. If you just take a look at the list of side effects, I am sure it would clear some things up ( at least for me it did ).


10. Exercise

If you are on a regular exercise program, your body is undergoing a large amount of stress ( depending on the program also ). This type of stress increases your need for B-group vitamins, Vitamin C and Iron. It is impossible for your body to fully recover without the proper vitamin and supplement intake, this can lead to injuries.


11. Aging

When we are at a very young age, our ability to recover fast is very high. But as we get older the body begins to take it’s toll. As we age we become more and more deficient in vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, calcium and zinc. Riboflavin ( B2 ) and pyridoxine ( B6 ) deficiencies have also been observed. Possible causes are reduced secretion of digestive enzymes.


12. Modern Science

As much as I like all things natural, I am also a big believer in a good balance. Modern science has provided us with incredible choices for vitamins and supplements. As much as some people believe that living like cave men is a way to go, they also might forget that cave men didn’t live past 30, and they weren’t even exposed to the pollution we are living in today.


These are just a few reasons that are very obvious to me, there are many others as well such as Bio-Individuality, Low Body Reserves, P.M.S., Pregnancy, Diets, consumptions of highly refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour and white rice, places a greater demand on additional sources of B-group vitamins to process these carbohydrates, lack of sleep etc. The list goes on and on. This is why supplements are so important as part of a balanced nutrition.



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  • Softapple1

    Hi Tatianna.
    I´m thinking to start taking supplements.What supplements would you most recommend for me?

    • Hi Softapple1, how have you been?

      I would always recommend a daily multivitamin for everyone, since we can’t get all of our nutrients from food these days. On top of that depending on your activity level, how active are you? Do you workout regularly? How is your energy levels? How is your stress level? I also learned there is no need for super expensive vitamins, because it doesn’t make much difference.

      I personally take a hair skin nails supplement and a biotin supplement on top of my multivitamin, it really helps to keep my hair and skin healthy, without it my hair seems to break. I also take an L-carnitine supplement, this I’ve been taking for about 8 years now and It helps with fat metabolization and energy, comes in handy for those tough workouts I do. I take it in a natural liquid form ( it’s the best way ).

      • Softapple1

        I’m fine thanks :)).Thank you for always replying.

        I workout regulary but not hard,I do cardio workouts I love to jump rope.I always love to checking out your blog for new workout videos to do.

        I have low stress and my energy level is normal.I had low energy and I just wanted to sleep for 11h or 12h per night lol but I´m ok now I eat healthy and workout regulary.

        I have daily spoonful of raw honey it helps my inmune system.I eat a lot of fruits,veggies,nuts,oats,flax seed,sesame seed,1 or 2 eggs per week,I drink green tea and dandelion tea…I have a varied diet.

        I´m going to try the daily multivitamin and a biotin supplemet I think its gonna help me with my fine hair and weak nails and an L-carnitine supplement for more energy.Do you take fiber supplements too?

        • You are so healthy! That’s awesome! Then just the daily multivitamin is enough, and of course the Hair Skin Nails supplement with Biotin. You will literally notice a difference in your hair and skin within a week. I take Maxi Hair ( those are the hair skin nails ), they are the best and they only cost 15 dollars for 2 month’s supply, but you have to take them twice a day, don’t forget to take them, because the results are amazing, it completely changed my hair. I tried more expensive vitamins but I always go back to Maxi Hair. As far a biotin you can just purchase any brand.

          I do not take fiber supplements, fiber can be obtained easily from food. We need about 25 g of fiber per day, if you already eating all these fruits and oats, then you don’t need fiber supplement. I also learned it’s best to obtain fiber from food, because fiber supplements can be touch on the liver.

          L-carnitine is truly amazing supplement, our body naturally produced it but not always enough and it declines with age. So getting it in liquid form is the best way, get the one that comes in 1000 mg per table spoon. This supplement will also help you develop muscle tone and keep the muscle you have even if you don’t work out as often.

          Before you wrote today, I was just thinking about you yesterday, I was like where is the softapple1 :)? Cause you would always stop by. And today you wrote, so I was like, wow it’s magic! Thought travels fast!

          • Softapple1

            Thank you!! you are so nice.

            I have added your site to my bookmarks to check out new post.I love all you post.I found your site by chance I was looking for a review of Sonia kashuk blending sponge and I found your amazing website.I have passion for healthy living and I was AMAZED by all of the great information and helpful tips.

          • You are so sweet,

            I am happy you found my website, and I am very thank full you stop by and ready my posts and leave me such nice comments. I created this website to find people who are passionate about healthy living and it makes me feel happy to interact.

            Thank you!

  • Oh no, those things are the worst.  Years ago my doctor tried giving me those pills and they made me very very sick.  I know the side effects of those things and it’s best that you stop taking them.  They do give you cellulite but that’s the least of the problem, they cause blood clots, heart attacks and all kinds of damage to out system.  

  • sarroz21

    which l-carnitine do you take? and also do you take this in place of a BCAA powder? I am using Xtend right now but it has ingredients that I cannot pronounce so I am trying to steer away from this type of supplement. I found a liquid l-carnitine on amazon from NOW foods that seems to have all natural ingredients. What do you think?

    • Hi Samantha, 

      I take Liquid L-Carnitine from iron tek.  I’ve been taking it for at least 8-10 years now, I love it!  That is the only thing I am taking right now besides my vitamins for hair skin and nails.