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Hello My Lovies,

Tomorrow we are filming a new super hard upper body workout for you guys cause my hubby is back :). Today I have another Vlog video, I filmed a few days ago but subtitling takes a while so I’m just now posting it.  I made this video because of the question that I had from one of my Russian subscribers, she asked me: ” How can I be positive when all I see around me is negativity? “. I wanted to address it right away because I get asked this question all the time.

Sometimes I get surprised by these kinds of questions because I always assume that everyone knows how positivity and law of attraction works, but I guess I am wrong, not everyone knows about it and people who don’t know or don’t believe it, really struggle in life.

I wrote a post called ” Karma “, which was one of my first posts, check it out if you get a chance. In that post I go over different laws of the Universe, and how things work from my point of view. Karma is just a big fancy word, so don’t get scared to read it :).

A few words I’d like to add to the video:

Our thoughts are very very powerful, they are a lot more powerful then some of us give them credit. I think a thought is even more powerful than an action because it’s much harder to stop. We get millions of thoughts per day and we aren’t aware of every single one of them as much as we are aware of our actions. As soon as we think something we release it into the Universe, in turn Universe will make more energy around the thought and that’s how things come together and become a reality ( this is just a fast way of explaining it, it’s a bit more complex ).

  • Each and every one of us, only see the world based on a reflection of our selves, if our inner wold is happy and positive that’s how the outer world will look, and that’s how all the people in our outer world will be, happy and positive. If our inner world is negative, that’s what the Universe will show us on the outside as well. You will only see what you think about the most.

I found that to always be happy and positive, we have to appreciate everything that we have in life, even the smallest of things, and we have to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

Everything that surrounds us is there only because we thought it there, we are the creators of our world. Once I understood that, I was able to make a lot of magic happen in my own life, and it really hurts me to see people who still don’t understand it and struggle by the belief that something else is in charge of their life.

  • They way I think we can help others who have a hard time to stay positive or believe in change. If we see someone struggling we have to be positive for them, we can’t make them understand it, but we can help them by creating a positive world for them in our own mind.

And now, here is the video 🙂



If you guys have any great books that you would like to recommend on this subject, or quotes, or sites or movies that would be awesome!

I also would like to thank all of you guys for your amazing support, kindness and positivity that you gift me with every day. Thank you so much to all of you.




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