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Karma, The Laws of Karma

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The other day I was looking for some things on the Internet, I was just browsing. It is amazing how things just start coming up without you even looking for it.  So I stumbled upon this amazing video about Karma, and of course whole bunch of more videos started to come up.  Somehow by the time I was done watching those videos and reading all that incredible information I decided to write about it.  It made me feel really good, and I hope after reading this it will make you feel just as great as I felt.  So here is:

The Laws Of Karma

  • The Law Of Cause and Effect

Whatever we put out into the Universe is exactly what comes back to us. It is true when that what goes around does come back around. It is one big circle. If you would like for good things to happen to you, you have to make good things things happen for others. Your thoughts included, what you think so shall you feel. If you feel envious of other people, if you are jealous, all you are doing is creating bad vibe for your self. To make great things happen in you life, we have to break down the pattern of negative thoughts towards others. I feel it is also important to have your mind made up, if you really want something, stop your self and think, do you really want this? Or do you feel pressure of others for you to want this. Because if you do want it, the Universe will give it to you!

  • The Law Of Creation

Life doesn’t just happen, you have to create everything around you, and you have to participate in every detail of your life. Whatever surrounds you,  are the clues to your inner self. Every person in your life, as every circumstance is not there without you participating in it’s creation. There is no accidents, only choices. Today choose and be who you want to be!

  • The Law Of Humility

What you refuse to accept will continue to be. When we judge others, it is something that we don’t like in our selves. If you see others as a threat, or you feel that you are better then them and you have to compete, then you are not focused on higher level of existence.

  • The Law Of Growth

For us to grow in spirit, it is us who must change, not the people or places or things around us. Your self, is what you have control over. The only thing that we can change is our selves. If you want your life to change, you have to change what is in your heart. Then everything around you will follow.

  • The Law Of Responsibility

We mirror what’s surrounds us, and our surroundings mirror us. We must take responsibility for everything in our surrounding, because we participated in it’s creation. If there something that we don’t like, running from it is not going to make it go away.  We have to face the responsibility for what’s in our life, and then take action to change it!

  • The Law Of Connection

Nether the first step or the last step play a big significance but they are both connected. Each step leads to the next.    Even if something seems insignificant,   it is still important that you do it. Your Past,  your Present and your Future is connected.  You can’t create a future if you run away from your past,  neither can live peacefully in the Present.  Everything together makes us who we are.

  • The Law Of Focus

Focus,   is what gets you to the next step, and then to your desired destination.  You can’t do two things at the same time,  well you can,  but then they are both going to be half a****.  If you want quality, put it all into one thing at a time.

  • The Law Of Giving

This to me was very interesting when I read it, but it made crazy sense.

If you believe for something to be true,    then sometime in your life you will be called upon to demonstrate that truth.  It is our chance to show what we say and learned and put it into practice.

  • The Law of Here and Now

It is good to be aware of your past,  but dwelling in it prevents us from living in the present.   Old patterns, thoughts and dreams block us from having new ones. Today make it your task to create new thoughts!

  • The Law Of Change

History repeats it self until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.  I always happen to bump into it my self.  It can become frustrating at times, but that is where we need to become more aware of our surroundings.   If something keeps happening to you over and over, maybe you still have something to learn from it.

  • The Law Of Patience and Reward

Rewards of lasting value require patience and persistence.    True joy comes from doing what we are suppose to be doing, and waiting for the reward to come on it’s own time.  Everything requires work, but if you are doing something you truly love,   it just seems as time is flying by.   It’s magical, reward will come with patience, but remember your heart has to be in what you do.

  • The Law Of Significance and Inspiration

The value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it. You get back what your released.

That is very interesting to me because,  so many times I stumble upon people who judge others and say that the reason they judge, is because the others didn’t deserve what they have.   I believe, everyone actually has what they deserve. If people are doing good,   is because they put the good out in the Universe.

It is loving and personal contributions that inspire the Whole.

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