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About Me


I wanted to write a little list post, so everyone who reads my blog can get to know me a bit more. At first I was thinking about making a video, but I think I am a little too shy to do that yet, and I am not sure if I can talk about my self to a camera. In this post I wanted to describe things that I love and are a huge part of my personality.


1. You already know I am from Moscow, Russia :).


2. My horoscope sign is a Pieces.


3. My full first name is Tatianna – Angelika. My mom named me Angelika after her favorite French movie series “Angelika Markeeze Of Angels”, she always calls me Angelika.


4. I am a little sarcastic, maybe a little too much sometimes.


5. I love to write poetry and proses, and I think some of them are very weird.


6. I worked as a circus performer for 2 years.


7. I love to play video games.


8. I am obsessed with perfume, but I only like the one’s that are hard to find and you can’t just buy them at any store.


9. I collect nail polish, and I am very picky when it comes to colors.


10. I love anything French ( except for fries, LOL ).


11. I don’t like anything that has brand names written all over it.


12. I don’t like diamonds.


13. My favorite food is steak, sushi and watermelon.


14. I don’t like ice-ream.


15. I’ve only tried soda twice in my life, and I can’t stand the taste.


16. I have a crush on Anna Kournikova and Bill Gates.


17. To me the most important characteristics in a person is humbleness, kindness and expression of a talent ( and I believe everyone has a talent ).


18. My favorite books are: Psychology Study Guide, Secrets To Life, Running With Scissors, Think and Grow Rich.


19. My favorite movies are: Matrix Trilogy, Waking Life, Pan’s Labyrinth and Mulholland Drive.


20. I love spirituality, and I try to improve my self every day.


I am sure there are some other things that I forgot to mention, can’t think of it right now. But when I do I will make another list ;).


Do you have some fun facts about you list?


PS – The picture above is one of my doggies Luie, I wrote about them in one of my earlier diary posts.



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