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Jan 6, 2012 by

Home Workout Equipment


I’ve been wanting to make a video like this for a while cause ever since I wrote a post about some of my home workout equipments, I got a lot more things. I don’t use a lot of these things in my workout videos because I don’t want to make things complicated for people who follow my workouts, but I would like to give you an idea of how creative you can get so you will never be bored of working out. I always try to be creative with my workouts, and I want to collect a lot of cool gear for my home gym. The only thing I forgot to mention in this video is my homemade agility ladder, but I haven’t been using it very much lately, because now I can use my My Pink Lebert
instead of the agility ladder.

These days it’s very common for people to build their own home gym, but since I am not very crafty when it comes to drilling metal I had to my equipment.  All of the things that I got here I got very very un expensive and some of them I got for free :), such as my brick and my balance pads that I enjoy very much :).


Here is the video  🙂




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