Medicine Ball Builds Muscle Faster!

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Medicine Ball workout, build muscle with medicine ball

Medicine Ball Builds Muscle Faster


I’ve always known about the benefits of a medicine ball,   but recently I saw it in a store and I just purchased it because I thought it would be a cool piece of equipment to add in my workouts, to spice things up a bit.  So I did, and I truly became a fan. I just did my usual routines, but I incorporated the medicine ball in a creative way I knew how.   I really enjoyed my workout, and the ball that I used was the non bounce medicine ball.  It felt safe, convenient and added a great deal of resistance. I decided to do some research about it, as I do with everything.   I found even more then I expected.   And I am going to share the most important points about this wonderful equipment.

Medicine ball, the first question is probably “why?” and what makes it stand out ? As with all weight training exercises, the answer is to build muscle and add some fun. But the magic of a Medicine balll is that every time you are doing any kind of exercise your Abs do an incredible amount of work.   And a strong core is the foundation to a healthy, strong body!  Medicine ball can add great intensity to any workout, by increasing your range of motion, and when you do that you can incorporate more muscle fibers, making your body build muscle much faster. You can also get very creative with the exercises and that will make your workout routine very fun.

Let’s take plyometrics training for example, training plyometrics with a medicine ball will help you to increase your explosiveness,  and that is also another way to start building muscle faster.   If you are a beginner, you would want to start with a lighter Medicine ball,   2-6 lb.  As you progress, you can increase the weight.

There are different variations of Medicine balls, they come in bounce and non-bounce style,   some have handles and there is also a version that comes with a rope pulled through it.  The one that I got was the non-bounce,  I think later I will purchase the bounce kind as well,   just so I can see the difference.  They are also very inexpensive.

In conclusion medicine ball can add a great amount of resistance to your workout routines as well as the amount of fun you can have with them.  By adding creativity and variety of exercises you will be on your way to be stronger,  build muscle faster and increase your explosiveness during plyometric exercise training.

Always remember to  add a balanced nutrition to your workout regimen, as well as drinking a lot of water,  and that will give you even better results.




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