How To Get A Firm Butt

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Ever since Jennifer Lopez got our of the Limo some years back in that green Versace dress, all women and men around the world became obsessed with the word “Butt”.   You can’t turn on a TV or a radio without hearing something about booty.   Women everywhere running to get butt implants and butt injections like it’s raining.  ( I would NOT recommend that ).   I understand that not all of us are blessed with J-Lo Booty, but I also know there is a way to get a great butt of your own.

How To Firm Your Butt

( If you follow my advice you will start seeing results within a few weeks or less )

Well Balanced Diet

I know that sounds super boring, but eating well is a key to any kind of firm on your body. If you begin by cleaning up your diet, to firm your booty will be a lot easier and not to mention faster.  Cut out processed and refined sugar.
But the most important thing is to drink a lot of water, that will flush out any toxins and trapped fat out of your whole body.

Don’t do running

Running burns a lot of calories,   it also burns off your but.  It makes your butt smaller. Instead, do different types of cardio exercise, like interval training plyometrics: Jump Lunges, Side Jump Lunges, Jump Squats, Box Jump etc.   You can also do the elliptical machine, but after a while your body gets use to it and you plateau.   I don’t like using machines because they are one dimensional, there is only so much you can do.   But when you workout with plyometrics your only limit is your creativity.   The body naturally likes to move in different ways.

Lunges – You should become their number one fan

Walking Lunges, Side Lunges, Front Lunges, Diagonal Lunges, Back Lunges.   You have to move in different directions to build your butt from every angle.

One Leg Squats

This is by far the best exercise for your butt.  I’m not going lie, it is also the hardest exercise to do.  But it makes your butt really round.  When I do at least 2 workouts a week including One Leg Squats, I see results like no other exercise can do. You really have to master those, but you can use a chair if you are a beginner.  When you advance in doing at least 10 One Leg Squats per leg with a chair, you can go ahead and try doing them on your own.  It actually looks a lot harder to do then it actually is. When I began to do one leg squats, I started with a chair,  but in a few days I began doing them on my own. It was so funny, because I kept trying through out the day to find a minute here and there to try my one leg squats.  Within a week I was a pro.


Another really great way to get a firm butt is step-ups.  I like to use a chair for those. Make sure you always keep a good form and squeeze your glutes on your way up.

Reversed Hyper-extensions

This is a great way to finish your lunge and squat workout.  Reverse hyper-extensions just tighten everything up really fast.   Always finish your workout with reversed hyper-extensions.  You can do them on the floor laying on your stomach, or on the bench, or two chairs.  I always do them at the end of my workouts.  Do intervals, they are harder to do.  If you have interval timer, set it so you do 20 reps of 15 sec and 5 seconds.   On the 15 second interval extend your legs and squeeze your glutes, hold, rest on 5 sec.



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