Intuitive Training (IT)

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Intuitive Training is key to a great success in your fitness.   Your body always communitcates with you. Intuition is a tool that everyone should use to maximize their progress and minimize their potential for injury and setback.  It is a fundamental principle to know if you are a beginner starting out in fitness. What it comes down to,  is listening to your body and your mind intuitively, and with great synergy.
Intuitive training uses three main indicators to guide you in: technique, effort and discomfort or pain.   These three interconnected factors must be always monitored and adjusted in order to achieve success in fitness.

Let’s say you build your workout routines on the intensity level from 1 to 5, or for some people who are more advanced it can be from 3 to 10.  Beginning of your week, should always start out with less intensity,  then progress further and further throughout the week.   But, if let’s say you did a workout today that was a 6 and you are extremely sore and exhausted the next day, that means your body is telling you that you should take it down a notch, even though your calendar says the next day should be an 8.  This is just an example.

Our bodies are very intelligent, so always listen.   But our minds are just as intelligent, and sometimes our mind can keep us hostage.   Telling us things like: hey, you worked hard yesterday, take a day off today.   Or hey you worked hard today, and even though your body is tired you should still work harder tomorrow,  if you don’t you might loose your strength.   It is a tricky thing to get you mind and body to work together,  but once you learn to identify the mind traps it eventually begins to listen to you.

If you feel that you can do a harder workout,  then you were going to do, do it.   If your body is telling you to take it easy,  do it.  You will intuitively know when to push and when to cut back.
Before I started studying fitness,  I had a feeling about this technique,  but I felt like it was my mind trying to talk me out of working out.  I thought the harder I workout,  the faster I will see the results.   I was like a maniac, working out at the level that was way too much for my body,  and I didn’t stop.  I didn’t have anyone to tell me that working out too much can be dangerous.  Nobody told me that you were suppose to regulate your workouts,  and listen to your body.  I got really injured and I felt completely defeated.   I felt like it was my body’s fault and I cursed my body for it.

That’s why  I want to be here for all the people who are just like I was,  who don’t have anyone to tell them to listen to the intuition of their body.
When you learn how to do that,  you will see that on the days you know you can push your self harder, you will be amazed at the improvement in your strength and what you can really do.


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