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Abs Exercise


I came up with this cool exercise the other day, which I totally enjoyed adding to my workout. I always spend a few hours in my workout studio trying to come up with ways of twisting and turning my body to create more muscle confusion.
This exercise was the toughest on my abs, triceps, glutes and overall balance. But after practicing it for a while, I got a hang of it.
At the bottom of the post, I am also including a picture alternative for beginners.


The movement:

Start in a triceps bridge position, like this:


Abs Exercise


From this position you will turn your body to one, your arm stretches diagonally while the opposite leg goes though the inside of the leg you are standing on. Like this:


Abs Exercise


Here are are using your abs to keep your balance, the back leg is straight and you will be squeezing the back of your leg. Make sure you are reaching diagonally with your arm as far as you can.


Return to the starting position.  This was one rep.


Abs Exercise


Now do the same thing on the other side.
I used this exercise in my Interval Training workout routine.


If you are beginning to get a hang of the exercise, don’t switch sides. Do it on one side through the first interval, and then on next interval do the other side.


For beginners:

When you are performing the Turning Bridge, instead of balancing your leg in the air, you can place it on the ground like this:


Abs Exercise


Let me know if you try this exercise and how you liked it.


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