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Firm Butt Workout


Today’s workout was a mix of Interval Training which focused on the booty, and little time challenge at the end which focused on the abs. It was a very short workout, a little under 20 minutes. I try to workout every other day instead of every day, this way my body get’s to recover. But sometimes on the off days I enjoy some jump rope skipping just to help my body recover faster, it’s active resting.

For this workout I was using my 8 lbs medicine ball ( non bouncy ) and My Pink Lebert
. But you totally don’t need this equipment, you can substitute with few things such as 2 chairs and a broom stick ( for the rows ) or a regular doorway pull up bar the one that comes off, like the one I showed you in my “ Basic Home Workout Equipment ” post.
For the push-ups you can use a chair like I showed you in “Love Your Body Workout ” or you can just use 2 dumbbells to make the grip similar to the equipment I was using.



If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.

Workout Explanation

I explain the exercises in the video.

This workout is consisted of 2 parts, the first part in HIIT and the second part is done for time.


Part One

Set your timer ( I am using Gymboss Max ) for 2 intervals of 10 seconds ( rest interval ) and 45 seconds ( max effort ), for the total of 18 rounds. You will go through following exercises in this order 3 times.

  • Two Way Jump Lunges ( 2 diagonal & 2 straight jump lunges counts as 1 rep ) – there is a pause at the end of every lunge.
  • Crab to Plank Stretches
  • Two Way Jump Lunges
  • Twisting Push-ups
  • Two Way Jump Lunges
  • Two Way Grip Row

Part two

Complete 50 bicycles for time


My scores

1) – 4, 4, 4 ( all four lunges counts as one rep )

2) – 23, 20, 20

3) – 4, 4, 3

4) – 13, 12, 11

5) – 4, 3, 4

6) – 11, 10, 10

I completed 50 bicycles in 1 min and 11 seconds.


Share your scores!


Firm Butt Workout


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener


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