Smoke & Ashes Workout – Lower Body Routine

May 23, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout Routine


Hello my darlings,

I am back with another groovy workout for the lower body! I hope you missed me and ready to work you butt off – literally! The name of this workout speaks for it self :).

In today’s routine I was using a cool new toy – furniture mover sliding things :). I’ve always knew about them but somehow they kept passing me by, thanks to Eli who mentioned them to me. Those things are so fun, you can get them at any department store for under 10 dollars :). I’ve been practicing all kinds of exercises with them but I am still working on my form in many of them.

Make sure you do a good warm-up and practice correct exercise form before you begin your workout.


Smoke & Ashes Workout Video



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems, my interval timer, and an 8 lbs medicine ball.

Don’t have the equipment? You can make it your self! Check out my post ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget “.

Make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video carefully where I explain how I do each exercise correctly.

I originally planned 3 rounds of the workout but after the second round I was pretty done, I noticed my body started to wobble and I knew 2 rounds was enough. But it doesn’t mean that you guys should’t push your self to do the full 3 rounds.

Set your timer as a stop watch, but never sacrifice your form for time. Time is just a reminder in how long it will take you to complete the workout in PROPER FORM.


  • Mini Squat To Back Lunge – 20 reps ( one lunge back counts as one rep )
  • Mini Squat and Side To Side Leg Lifts – 20 reps ( each leg lift counts as one rep )
  • Sliding 2 Way Lunge Right Leg – 12 reps ( both lunges counts as 1 rep )
  • Sliding 2 Way Lunge Left Leg – 12 reps
  • One Leg Jump Lunge with a Medicine Ball Right Leg – 12 reps
  • One Leg Jump Lunge with a Medicine Ball Left Leg – 12 reps
  • Core Slides – 12 reps
  • Squat Pulses – 30 reps
  • Lock & Lift – 20 reps


My Time for this routine was 26 minutes 38 seconds. I literally babied every rep lol and you guys are so gonna be faster than me :).


Taa daa!


Lower Body Workout Routine


Have a fun workout!

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  • Leja Lederer

    Woww! How come your body looks more beautiful every single time? U`re amazing! 
    i`m so doing this tomorrow. I can smell it already now, that`s gonna be so painfull for my legs!:) -a little question

    DOes it ever gets better, i mean, when and how the hell can i get used of that pain, it`s litterally burning every little cell he he… it just feels like my legs are not strong enough? 


    • Ahh you are so sweet :), thank you.

      Of course it gets better, as you train more you will get less and less sore overtime, but you will still get sore!  

      • Leja Lederer

        I know, but after over more than a year of this type of workouts, man, i just thought results would get any faster:) 

        • Yes, you just have to keep switching the training style.  Once you will start doing my workouts you will actually notice the difference within  a week or 2.  Cause splitting the routines is the key to keep progressing. 

  • You’re welcome sweety! 😉

    Yesterday I just incremented my sandbag by 2kg! So it is now 10kg instead of 8kg! So, it is gonna be more challenging for me! And I can’t wait to try out my “sliders” as well! So, I’ll be doing this awesome routine this afternoon!!

    And then I’ll let u know how it went!

    • Yay 🙂 will be waiting :), thank you for the sliders tip 🙂

      • My pleasure!!

        I really enjoyed this routine! <3
        It was very challenging though (as usual!)

        Today was my day to work out my lower body, so I couldn't wait to try this routine out inmediatly!!
        My time was: 25:32.  I used a mirror to check my form all the time.  After I did 50 calf raises with my sandbag, few mins. abs and a nice cardio.  I then took a nice shower and I'm feeling great after it!

        Thanks for another great workout! <3

        • Yeah I thought maybe I was just having a hard day but I noticed some of you guys also only did 2 rounds, I just knew I couldn’t push for the third one. 

  • ur funny! 🙂

  • Kate_CZ

    This looks very intense! After only watching it my legs got scared and wanted to run away. But I stopped them and will put them through this tomorrow, hihi 🙂

    Thanks for the very usefull tutorial! Finally I have understood what the difference among different deep of squating is. I always thought the deeper the better (unless my knees can stand it…) and now I see it is not so simple. I will try the proper poses in front of the mirror before jumping into this WO.

    And also I love exercises using towels, furnicher moves (great thing – it´s new for me), papers or whatever works. I can´t wait to try it. Uuuuh. Thank you for bringing it up!

    And last comment – you are so funny performing the “don´t do this” moves 🙂

    • Thanks Kate :), yeah I try my best to imitate the wrong form but I got to show it to you guys because I know some of you might be doing it 🙂

      • Vivi

         Even if you try, it won’t be believable. I think it’s impossible for you! 🙂

        • Yeah I wish, you should of seen me practice the sliding core exercise, I was sliding around like crazy trying to keep my back straight, it was so funny 🙂

  • Bibi

    Wow! I haven’t yet done it, but I think this will be one of my favourite lowe body routines! I love the sliding and I think it is better for the joints.

    • Yep I thinks so too, will start to include a lot of sliding around :).  

      • Bibi

         I did it and ooooh yes, I loved it!!!! As I attended a Body Pump class yesterday evening and now did your awesome workout, I think I won’t move never again 😀 !

        • OMG I’ve been wondering about the body pump, how is it?  

          • Bibi

             I am not sure if we do the original Les Mills Body Pump as it is not very common here, but I think it’s quite similar. And it’s so hard, I can hardly describe it. I know, this might be a bit disgusting, but during the last exercises I slipped on the sweat and could barely walk – unfortunately, I had to go home by bike…

  • 1Ivana

    Tatianna…yeaaaaaaaaaaah the sarcasm…hihihi…
    I will use an old towel that I have prepared for this kind of exercises…Can’t wait to try this one of this days..

    kisses to you all

    • Kisses darling 🙂

      • Jasmin

        Just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your workouts they are so challanging i wanted to throw up doing todays workout.  Your gorgeous as i your body keep up the great work i’ve been telling all my friends about you xxxx. 

        • Thank you so much sweetie :), and i really appreciate such beautiful and positive person like you doing my workouts with me 🙂

    • Jasmin

      i used two small face towls on floor boards worked great.

  • Let me know when you do :), I really enjoyed this one even though I was having a hard time.

  • Vivi

    I LOVE the name of this workout. It sounds so ominous. Dum dum dummm. My legs are willing, ready, and able for this workout. Tomorrow, that is. 😉 BTW, I did miss you Tati!

    • Hi Vivi, I missed you as well :), you know we have another Vivi here from France :).  I started to name all of my workouts like my favorite nail polishes :), this one is from China Glaze 🙂

      • Vivi

         I think naming your workouts after nail polish is a brilliant idea. I feel more compelled to look into a workout routine with an intriguing name rather than one called cardio and leg workout. Plus, you’ll have a never ending supply of names to choose from since there are gazillions of types of nail polish. Haha!

        • Ohh yes I totally agree, and you gonna so love the name of the next workout :), we just finished filming it ))

  • Vivi

    In all due kindness and respect, since English is not your native language, I want to suggest the word facetious instead of sarcastic when you say something that is not meant to be taken seriously. There’s a distinct difference between the two and after hearing your remark, it is without doubt facetious rather than sarcastic. 🙂
    Kisses, Vivi

    • Thank you Vivi, love the new word :), that’s the first time I’ve heard that word 🙂

      • Vivi

         Phew! I worried after I posted that comment that you might take offense. Facetious is one of my favorite words, but it is not a word you hear on a regular basis. You might instead hear someone say, just kidding, or only joking. :*

  • sarroz21

    I managed to finish two rounds of this in 22:46. There were some evil exercises in this workout ma’am 😉 –Cute sports bra, love the color–what brand is it?

    • Hi Samantha, 

      I so had a tough time with this little devil :).  The bra is from Walmart, the other day I was there and I found all of these cute sports bras for 4 bucks, I was shocked.  All this time I’ve been buying bras for 15 bucks each and at walmart they are 3-4 dollars.  So I got them in every color 🙂

  • It’s one of the funniest workouts, even though it’s really ass kicking, I loved this routine. I finished 2 rounds (3 rounds… what????!!!  :D) in 27 min. as I did carefully every rep. My lower body was shaking at the end like if I were an old lady with a cane lol :).

    • He He if I can be funny and give an awesome workout then it’s double WHAM !!! LOL

  • Kate_CZ

    What a burrrrn!

    The fire in my legs increased significantly with every exercise. Very well composed workout. Sometimes I like to built my own routines but I am never so tough on myself 🙂 

    My time after 1st round was 10:23, after 2nd round 22:18 and I finished 3 rounds in 35:01. Whosh!

    I used 13 kg (28,6 Lbs) bag and 4 kg (8,8 Lbs) ball. I can´t imagine using 40 lbs like you! It would hammer me into the ground 🙂

    I thought that the worst will be the first two weighted exercises but what killed me the most were the Sliding 2 way lunges, especially the move back from a side lunge. So hard!

    At the end I did 100 Calve Raises off of a step with 13 kg in 04:06.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • OMG 100 calve raises – wow!  I can only manage about 60 maybe 70.

      • Kate_CZ

        Don´t get me wrong! I didn´t do them at once. You said in the video that you will do 3 x 25, so I wanted to do the same. But I paused much more than 2 times during the 75 reps in total, so I decided to go for 100 but not without shaking my legs here and there 😉

        • That’s still pretty darn good Kate 🙂

  • midimidi

    Hi everyone!  I just finished this little killer. love the sliders.  i used the tops of tupperware and it worked like a charm. my time was 15:55.  I also practiced balancing/standing on a medicine ball today for fun.  it was a fun thing to do outside!

    • You should look into a balance disc, those things are fun when you want to kick up a notch !

  • midimidi

    oh yes my sand bag weighed 32 lbs and I did two rounds.  i can’t imagine doing three!

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    You always make me laugh with your don’t do moves. Your form is always PERFECT. Can’t wait to tackle this WO tomorrow or Saturday! 
    Have a wonderful day all!

    • Ha Ha I try to imitate the bad for, I think I look funny, but trust me, my for is so not always perfect but I try my best 🙂

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    Just finished it. I did 3 rounds, it was such an enjoyable and tough WO! Love the core slides. I use plastic bag for all slide ex! Thanks again for an awesome workout! Really LOVE your workouts!

    Have a wonderful weekend all!

    • Hi there :), that is very creative idea to use a plastic bag, I would’t even thought of it!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    Today I am in a bit or time jam..but I needed to workout…you know that feeling when you just to need to get all sweaty and blow some steam??
    And I needed a full body & cardio, and I didn’t have time to practice some new moves, and I did this..

    20 jump squats
    50 jumping jacks
    20 push ups
    50 mountain climbers
    20 jump lunges
    50 jumping jacks
    20 triceps dips on chair
    50 mountain climbers

    I did 2 rounds in 16:14, and I really paid attention to my mountain climbers…since I have watch Tatiannas video about proper form..

    Just good old fashioned moves, but it was what I needed…

    AND YES…I AM BLOND…I will take picture and post it…but now I have to rush…

    kisses to you all..

    and thank you Tatianna once more for re-motivating a bunch of us..I know I felt a little bit down lately and the universe sent you…as you said you have to close one door to let new great things come in…!!!
    You are great!!!

    And I AM BLOND…hahahahahahahhahahahahahha

  • taltul73

    hey Tatianna, 
    as you said fun workout it was. when i finished the first round i did not want to do another one,,,,, but i did!!!! i did not use my sandbag this time – trying to really watch my back. but i used a 3 kilo medicine  ball, the exerciser for the core was really good and i was making sure to watch my form. 
    my time was 21:55
    have a wonderful day. 

    • Hi Tali there you are 🙂

      Thank you for sharing )))

  • SaphireChika

    can you make a workout for improving strength in the triceps? mine are really weak 🙁

    • I can show you how to improve the strength of your triceps in the next video 🙂

      • SaphireChika

        my upper body fat has to go….its so annoying!! 🙁

        • Don’t worry it will, but in order for it to go you have to stop focusing on it :).  The more you ignore the fat the faster it will go 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    morning Tatianna,

    i just finished this WO, nice…it feels good to take a break from the HIIT sometimes and concentrate on form  For this WO I used my weighted vest at 35 lbs…(will bump it to 40 next time…lol )  for the weighted moves and a 10 lb hand weight for the lunge squat jump ups.  I have a big piece of cardboard and sliders for the slidy moves…only the third time I’ve used them..still feels weird.  I did stop the timer to get into and out of the vest, not fast like a sand bag.  I did 3 full rounds in 20:26  even remembered to do the 3 sets of 25 weighted calf raises afterwards.

    Gerri Lee

    • Thank you for sharing Gerri, yeah it is a good switch form HIIT because I do like to focus on form, because we can’t do HIIT too often, it really taxes our nervous system, probably twice a week, and in rare cases 3 times a week but more then 3 times of HIIT is too much. 

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        I’m sorry I missed your chat today….I would be interested to hear more about your training techniques. Read through all our comments and you mentioned a few times about over training and the nervous system. I’ve plateaued with HIIT I think. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been getting back into weight training with a smaller amount of cardio mixed in. You seem to do a split routine between upper and lower body. I’ve been doing 3 days upper, one day lower with the weight training, and 1-2 days of routines like yours. I’m about to go to 2 days legs and three days upper body. I still want to do your WO’s too, but I’m trying to build my muscle definition back to were it was. Guess I need to find a balance somehow…sorry to ramble. By the way, missed the chat because I was out hiking, 7 KM up and down a canyon….my butt really felt it after doing this WO on Saturday…lol

    • Kate_CZ

      20 minutes for three rounds? You didn´t even enjoy it fully! 🙂 Haha. Well done, Gerri Lee!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

         thank you Kate….I really did enjoy it though

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    I just did this workout and it was AWESOME…and the new moves with the sliding thing..WOW…
    My time was 24:34…

    Thank you

    kisses to you all

    • Thank you Ivana, 

      I loved the sliding things too 🙂

      • 1Ivana

        Today I feel my butt…I love your workouts…they don’t kill me immediately (I am NOT saying they are not hard, and kick my ass…but I feel tired, but good..not killing me in a bad way that I feel bad whole day) but they gradually crawl in to the pain…and now I know that I did it well!!!!
        I hope you understand what I meant..???

        • Of course I understand exactly what you mean! I design them so we are able to pull through them gradually, it is the best kind of sore 🙂

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

       yeah slidey things…   :))))

    • jt

      almost the same time here, but i did some beginner moves 🙂 happy Sunday to you!

  • Nabi

    Hi Tatianna!
    First time trying your workout. Did it with a friend and we used a barbell loaded to 15 kg for the weighted ones and a 5 kg medicine ball for the jump lunges. I managed to squeeze out 3 rounds in nearly 27 mins minding my form. I really feel the burn in my shoulders from the core slides 🙂 I have been doing similar type workouts from a couple of years back (first Bodyrock with Zuzana and then her ZWOWs as well as some crossfit type workouts). What I notice with this workout is [email protected]_CZ:disqus t while it wasn’t as aerobically challenging (even though I still huffed and puffed) I feel really, really warm afterwards. Just like my whole body has been working as a unit!! I have never worked up this kind of sweat with any other kind of exercise (everything from HIIT, cycling, heavy weight and so on…). Will try one of your upper body exercises next! Thanks for providing such a great resource without all the drama – you seem like such a grounded person from watching your videos.
    Nabi from Norway

    • Hi Nabi, 

      It is great to meet you, I am glad you liked my workouts, it is pretty awesome you completed 3 rounds cause I was only able to finish two.

      • Nabi

        I could probably have paid more attention to my form, but I am just lazy that way..! I try though… 🙂 Today we will do your S&M Jane workout for the upper body – really looking forward to doing my second Tatianna workout, but also kind off dreading it because we are not allowed to take breaks in-between rounds. I am sure I will be nearly dead afterwards. Oh well! Will let you know how it goes.

        • Naughty Naughty – Form is always first!  Sometimes I create workouts without breaks to switch up the training style, this way we won’t hit plateau 🙂

    • Kate_CZ

      What is this magic about? Do you also see my nick name in the middle of this post or am I too self-centered? 🙂

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

         hahaha…Kate, when I try to do the @ sign and put something behind it, your nick name kept coming up this morning too………..weird

      • 1Ivana

        You are special…:)))))

      • I am wondering about that, but looks like you are special 🙂

      • Kate_CZ

        Hmmm, thank you ladies for your opinions. It indeed seems I´m special… I´m a special weirdo. Not sure there is much to celebrate 😉

        • 1Ivana

          hahhahaah…we all are some kind of weirdos….don’t you worry..sometimes it’s seems to me that “the worst thing you can be is normal”…because what is normal?? what my mom thinks, or my neighbors, or…??? and if you try to be “normal” you are not your sweet happy self…I like being a weirdo…!!!!LOVE IT…celebrate!!!

          I know that you know that, just wanted to express my self….

          kisses to you all….weirdos!!

          • Kate_CZ

            Exactly! Weirdos rock! 🙂

          • 1Ivana

            What are you doing inside??? go out!!!! hihihi…

          • Kate_CZ

            🙁 Studying. I´m a very outdoor person so it´s quite killing me. But you guys always cheer me up.

            But you are right. Enough of procrastination and back to work! 

  • Evaleen

    I’m excited to try out a lot of these workouts! For one more week I’ll be doing random stuff, but all next month I’m going to commit to building upper-body strength for push-ups and chin/pull-ups… and to have all these lower-body routines to choose from is simply great, so thank you!!! Gonna miss the full-body ones badly though, they’re my favorite. 🙁

    And I should warn, in the coming weeks I’ll probably end up “spamming” your site a bit with my questions haha, so apologies in advance. :p But I’ll be thankful for any answers you can give, I’ve never even had the opportunity to get advice directly from anyone as experienced as yourself. 🙂

    • No problem you can ask as many questions as you like.  As far as full body workouts you can still do them just make sure you take a day off in between.  I also do full body workouts when I a running low on time during the week.  You can do 2 days in split routines, and 2 days of full body, like I said as long as you take rest in between you can still do them. 

      • Evaleen

        Thanks Tatianna. 🙂 Definitely gonna schedule them into my weekly regimen next July, most of June though must stay “separated” so I can do your push-up program, followed by one for chin-ups, then pull-ups (with rest days between all). And I’ll be so happy once I master all these muscles– like so far, I can only do a single chin-up at a time, but it’s a first-ever for me! 😀

  • yboog

    Loved this Saturday fun! I thoroughly enjoyed every single rep!
    Due to a fresh pedicure I had to hit this bare foot.
    So I opted for the weightless, jumpless “beginner” version. I used 2 big ziploc bags as my carpet sliders!

    I pushed for 5 rounds: I could have never forgiven myself for doing 3 body weight rounds, it was tough!
    R1: 7:45
    R2: 15:14
    R3: 23:29
    R4: 32:29

    R5: 41:51!!!

    By the end of round 4 my arms were so sweaty n slippery I could no longer “lock” them and had to keep them stretched along my body!

    50 calf raises cause Kate told me to do some.

    Abs: 10/50 x6

    Core slides (hadn’t had enough of these): 11,9,12
    basic crunches: 27,25,24

    20 reverse PU using DS
    20 tricep PUs on knees

    15 minutes BR flows

    • yboog


      • Thank you for sharing yboog :), have a wonderful Sunday!

    • Kate_CZ

      Haha, you are funny 😀 but I´m absolutely sure you did the calve raises because YOU wanted to 😉

      • yboog

        Exactly! u did inspire me tho! How many did u do?
        I couldn’t find it but I was gonna go for 100 but my legs ditched me by 43 so I pushed for 50.

        My legs are sore but the stretching def helped!!!

        • Kate_CZ

          Tatiana recommended to do 3 x 25, I did 100 in total but split them into more sets with less reps. Whatever… 🙂 

          Yes, the bloody stretching! I actually did stretch but somehow forgot on the calves 😀 So after 3 days I´m slowly beginning to be able to walk normally again 🙂

          Btw, I love how we can interact here because the posts come up immediatelly!

          • yboog

             OMG! How did I miss her saying that?! lol!

            and here this whole time I thought you added them for fun! lmao! Ugh! I love sore muscles but not the calves, they are the worst!
            yeah! I love the instant posts!

          • Kate_CZ

            I never add calve raises just “for fun” 😀 Burpees into raking leavs? Yes. But not these tiny little devil moves that leave my legs usless for another 3 days (I know, my fault!).

            Tatiana mentioned it after the whole routine so that´s easily to be missed (from 8:30 if you want a proof ;->). That´s why I insisted on doing them for you. I kind of suspected that there is a chance to miss this info and as I wasn´t able to walk I thought it would be a pitty to miss it 😀

          • yboog

             Tiny little devils! This is what I will call them from now on.
            Thanks for telling me about them, he, he, he…I def missed it.
            It was a good burnout finisher!

  • jt

    So, I did this one yesterday. I used a 4 kg backpack 🙂 for the squat exercises, and a 1,5 kg dumbbell instead of a medicine ball (as I don’t have one). I found it a great replacement if it’s just about grabbing something and not thorowing it away 🙂 Still working on my strength…
    I found this workout really challenging! I also did it in 24 something as Ivana :), 2 rounds, but well, I used lower weights although I did it in a low pace, looking at form, and did the beginner variation of the plank slides (no sliding), so that was definitively quicker to complete.
    I ended up with a nice amount of sweat!! I couldn’t believe it, because there was no rush and no crazy jumps here and there, but it proved how tough it is!!!
    Anyway, I wanted to squeeze all my juice lol, so did half of reps of LOVE THIS ONE!!! (except for the windmill and the jumps, my joints are feeling a bit strange these days, even my shoulders are making funny noises!?!? even though I spend quite some time warming up, so didn’t want to push it), then 2 minutes of planks.

    Have a nice Sunday everyone!!

    • 1Ivana

      I am also doing planks after my workout since I saw the “plank post” from Tatianna..3 minutes of them at the end drain me out…:)))

      • jt

        Same here! (about the reason for doing them :)) But I can only handle 2 for the moment. Last time I could handle the first round without failing, but wasn’t that lucky in the second one. It’s tough on my arms too, most of times I fail because of them than my core :/ Still sooo weak!

    • Guys I’ve noticed a lot of you love the Abs Afterglow Workout, I’m gonna have to make a sequel 🙂

      • jt

        yesssss it’s super fun AND challenging!!! but I still have to try the other Ab workouts! 🙂

        BTW, I think it would be interesting to see different types of stretching focusing in different “groups” (like: arms, core, legs, back…) and “this is stretching is good for these exercises” etc Maybe a video per group or goal etc… 🙂
        Another topic would be warm up for specific (and troublesome areas). Like knees, lower back, wrists, etc… 🙂

        • That’s a great idea JT!  I was also thinking about it 🙂

  • jt

    BTW… i used a CD sleeve as a slider. My inner thighs are sore today, I guess it’s because of the slides and the pulse squats? 🙂

    • I think it’s because you gave it 150%!

  • sedindriuke

    I did it today (my second day on after 5 days off). Great workout, I like sliding exercises – i used woolen socks on my shoes 🙂 3 rounds in 27:35 min. Afterwards some targeting exercises and 8 min cardio jumping. Tomorrow Rose Among Thorns Wo.

    • I’m taking my 5 days, I am on a day 3 🙂

      • sedindriuke

        I am not sore today 🙂 feeling great 🙂 But it is not necesssary to be sore, is it? 🙂 it just a myth soreness means effectiveness?

        • It’s yes and no, depending on your level of fitness. People who are beginners need to feel sore because they can tell that they really worked out, but if you have been working out for a while, you won’t always feel sore because your body adjusts to training.

  • yboog

    Today I am feeling like my glutes are on fire. The w/o name is quite appropriate!

    • 🙂 it was named after the nail polish I wore in the video 🙂

      • yboog

         lol!!!!!! Thats awesome! Very creative! and here I was thinking about my burning glutes!

  • ltwin

    Privetik 😉
    did this one today followed by perfect abs.. great great burn!!!
    thanx again … spasiiiiiibo bolschoye i prekrsassnogo dnya!

    • Privet moya dorogaya :), tebe toge prekrasnogo dnya!

  • KirryKaatje

    Great workout! I loved the sliding lunges, they made me feel so strong somehow. I could do them all day, well, not really, but you get the idea. I hope to do them more often. 🙂

    I only completed two rounds, because I was wiped out! Because this workout requires a lot of balance and focus, I was afraid I’d mess up round 3 and my time for these two rounds are more than fine. 😀
    Oh, right. I did Crown exercises on my Swiss ball instead of the Lock&Lift. I just can’t lift myself from the floor like that, so I did it on the ball. Took me ages to get on and position myself, that cost me quite some time, but ah well. 🙂

    Time! 32:31. I’ve used two 4 kg dumbbells for #1 and #2, and two 2kg dumbbels (I couldn’t balance well with heavier weights) for #5 and 6. 

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing my dear!  It is so nice for me to wake up in the morning and read all of you guy’s scores and comments, <3

  • Sdravstvujte :), spasibo bolshoe za kompliment.  Pishite esli u vas budut voprosi 🙂

  • That is awesome!  I love when people get results, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • sus

    I just finished this one.  I did 2x in 22.02.  I was going to do a third round but I upped the weight I was using, so 2 was enough for me.  Great workout.  The sliding exercises were intense!  I could feel the burn.  

  • yboog

    GooD evening Tatiana! This is an amazing routine!!

    LAst night I DiD this baby again but as an interval w/o.
    10/50×18= 2 circuits. I love this w/o! I LOVE THE CORE SLIDES!!!
    Then I did half of “Perfect Abs Afterglow” (next time I will complete it as posteD) also in
    intervals 10/40×15= 3 circuits. The plank mills were so harD!!!

    10/40×15= 12 min n 30 sec

    Slide & Touch (using my UGI ) :16,14,14

    Reptile : 22,18,22

    Side Plank Mill LEFT:8,10,9 
    Side plank mill RIGHT:9, 11, 10
    Side To Side Medicine Ball drop: 18, 19, 22Tonight I DiD Tough & MuDDer!

    • Good evening yboog, if you love the core slides you’re gonna soooo love this next workout’s exercise, because it kick core slide’s arsie :).  Thank you for sharing! 

  • Good morning Tatiana,

    This was absolutely exhausting (in a good way)!!! I did this workout first time in the morning as I love to work out before having my breakfast . This way I feel I have enough energy after a nice sleep and my stomach and the whole body feel light. My bf heard me saying “uff” many times, sweat was pouring from me…but I managed to finish 3 rounds in 32:33 mins.

    Then I pushed myself a bit further and finished up my training with 14 rounds of your Six pack abs & Core HIIT routine. Lovely morning, thank you so much for all the motivation you give to us!

    My previous workouts this week included: 1) Tuesday (legs)- Flip Flop Fantasy Workout
    2) Wedensday (upper body) – Limbo Bimbo Workout
    and tomorrow I am having your Electro Pop Workout for the upper body 🙂
    I am going to post the scores for the mentioned workouts soon.

    I wanted to share another good source for workouts I’m using with you – Cori Ann Lentz who has just scored 1st place in Fitness America. Her diet is quite strict as she is competing, but I find her approach to training motivational.

    Have a great day and hugs from Denmark!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Anastasia :).  I checked out the last diet article you sent me, that one was very very strict.  I will check out this one as well 🙂

      • You’re very welcome, Tatiana! Yes, the candida diet is rather strict at its first stage.
        I wanted to share that I made my first kefir from kefir grains, really enjoyed it! It reminded me ??????? ????, eventhough it’s made of cow milk. I followed your recommendation and removed milk and milk products from my diet. Kefir is the only thing left, sometimes a bit of cottage cheese. I could already notice that I lost some weight in my arms and around waits and feel lighter. I also removed bread and pasta, though never thought I might have gluten-allergy, but I can say I feel much better without it. My stomach is flat and not bloated as before. I still alow myself 1-2 days per week to eat this products in small amounts, but regular habits make a big difference. Hope you enjoy Zeland’s books 🙂

  • OMG that one was a killer with just 2 rounds, I can’t imagine 3…. Wow girl!

  • annebelwind

    Hi Tatiannna,

    I liked this one very much.. I have no sandbag, so fill a sportsbag with regular weights.. i haven’t done this for a while, so I didn’t do the 3 rounds.. I was already struggeling at the end of 2nd round. Legs are shaking.. 😀 Used about 14kg weight.. I have to make a sandbag soon… Thanks.. Oh my time: 27.24 min..

    • It’s good that you listened to your body, only push if you know you’re gonna keep the form, if you’re loosing the form it’s time to stop 🙂

  • ltwin

    Dorogaya 😉 privetik..
    ya opyat sdelala etu trenirowku segodnya…. prosto SUPER!!!
    etot raz ya sdelala 3 rounds.. i dlilos eto wsyo okolo 35 minut.. 4uwstwuu sebya otli4no!
    Spasibo za eto – Tatiann!!!!

    • Oj ne za chto solnse moe!!

      seluu i obnimau 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Today I made this one my birthday workout! Too bad I couldn’t finish it in “26” minutes haha– had to settle for 36 min and 5 sec instead. :p Used my 30lb sandbag (one 5lb dumbbell for the jump lunges) and loved it all as always 🙂 thanks Tatianna! And no cardio afterwards this time, just a few planks ( 60sec / 45 / 45 ) and 50 calve raises.

    P.S. I freakin’ love those pants!!!

    • tee_w

      happy birthday evaleen! It’s my birthday too!

      • Evaleen

        Hey, awesome! Happy Berfday Tee! 😀

        • tee_w

          thanks! I guess my workout should have taken “22” more minutes than yours was supposed too! lol but I didn’t get to do mine as I was interrupted all through the only time I had to work out! 🙁 hopefully I’ll get to do it after work this evening, it may be another midnight workout! lol hope you’re having a great day!

          • Evaleen

            Thank you, I have! 🙂 Was a nice drama-free day lol. And how was yours? Hope it was fun. 🙂

            Ugh, and getting interrupted is the worst, 🙁 especially right before or during HIIT– dunno about anyone else, but I have to work hard to build up the nerve for that… and then not getting to do it, URGH, so much pent up angst!!! You’ve got amazing determination to do workouts so late, I’ve felt dead every time I tried that… but then again, I am kind of a wuss. :p

          • tee_w

            ha, just an ordinary day, my hubby didn’t even stay up until I got home, so didn’t even see him today! lol but no problems at all today but I really wanted to work out! I am a night owl so I can do it late at night but tonight I don’t think I will! Tomorrow’s another day!

          • Evaleen

            Well glad to hear it went well. 🙂

            And yep, we all need a day off now and then. :p Taking one today too, cause upon waking from my sugar-induced-coma of a night’s sleep, I’m feeling like a sack of tired bones and sore meat from this workout (great visual there xD).

    • Happy Birthday Evaleen!!!! Hugs and Kisses to you 🙂

      • Evaleen

        *Hugs* Thank you beautiful! 🙂

  • I’m a day behind my workout schedule. I completed this July 10/12.
    Warm up: 5 minutes, followed with elevated Planks: 10 sec rest / 30 sec max and
    2 mintues pistol
    This was a complete Leg burn. I did 3 rounds of this routine in 48:42 , followed by 2 sets of 25 reps calf raises. I was too tired to do any more planks at the end my WO. The sweat was sure pouring down from me at 4:30 am.

    • I know what you mean too tired for planks, I’ve been like that for the past few days 😛

  • ??????????, ???????!!!! ??????? ????, ??????!!!

  • KirryKaatje

    I did thid workout again. <3 because I've started the pull up challlenge today.
    My time was way better, because i've traded in my uncompfy sandbag with my bf's backpack and filled it with 12 kilo. (+2kg more than last time). I've also used more weight with # 5,6. (4kg instead of 2 kg).

    2 rounds:
    Old time: 32:31
    New time: 29:36 (^_^)/

    • Yay you are faster congrats!!! I like the little face 🙂

  • missraten

    Did this one this morning- managed to do 3 rounds in 23 min 51sec. The leg sildes were killing me in the 3. round! my butt feels like a marshmallow now – love it, thank you, Tatianna! 🙂
    I do have 2 questions: I am aiming to lose about 3-5 kg (nutrition is not a problem, since I love to eat healthy) and will try and use your immediate level workout plans. Would you recommend to go with that or should I include anything else?
    Does it make a difference if you do the Cardio before or after the workout?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to us! It is very much appreciated!

    • Hey darling,

      Yes cardio makes a huge difference when it’s done after a workout, so make sure you do it after and never before your weight training. Because its’ the way our body uses energy, at first our body uses muscle glycogen, and it’s very important that you use that glycogen for strength training and not cardio, that way you will workout to your full potential. Right after strength training you have a window and your body will begin to use fat for energy, that’s when you do cardio 🙂

      • marienchenkäfer

        Thank you for explaining! I will keep to your advice, makes a lot sense. Just one more thing- will 10-15 min be enough if I aim to lose a little weight?
        Taking today off, yet can’t wait to do your next workout 🙂 Have a lovely day!

        • Anytime!!!

          Yes 15 minutes is plenty of cardio after the strength training, you can sometimes stretch it to 20 but don’t ever do more than that, cause strength training it self opens a window for fat burn and if you do more than 15-20 minutes of cardio after your body will begin to break down muscle.

  • Mmmmm!!! Yummy! I liked this workout! I really tried my best to not stop on the mini squat exercises, but in the third round I had to a bit. Oh yes–I aimed for 3 rounds, and finished 3 in 36:17 (one in 10:23, two in 22:13. I used my 35lb sandbag, tupperware lids (from Ikea, not real Tupperware) for sliders and my 10lb ugly ball.

    I decided against extra cardio as I was low on time and I didn’t really feel I needed it with this workout. I was also pretty beat, but felt great. I did finish with 3 1-minute planks. 🙂

    • Hey girlie,

      How are you liking adding those planks inn? Do you change variations?

      • Oh, I LOVE the planks! And i think I see changes already. It’s a great way to get some fast abs in. I change them all the time. Yesterday I did: 1) reptiles with my feet on a basketball, then 2) just plain plank on a basketball (but I had to go to the floor halfway through that minute), then 3) one handed planks, switching hands every 10 seconds–I borrowed that one from Susan. 🙂

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  • Zivenaberry

    2 rounds in 26:53. I did stop my timer for about 1 min during round 2 right after mini squats with side raise. I had sweat burning in my eyes so I ran to get a towel. After I did 3 rounds of one leg bridge x15 each side and then 25x calf raises three ways (toes forward, in and out) with my 40lb bag. No cardio today and I counted the lock and lift as the back extensions for the posture challenge. For my 40lb bag I purchased a 40lb bag of wood pellets and put them in an old army surplus bag my dad gave me. Very sturdy and works well for me so far! I sewed up the end of the army bag and put a sturdy zipper on the side to take weight in/out. Total cost of my bag was $3.99 (wood pellets) + $5 (for the zipper I put in the army bag) = $8.99!! Woop!

  • sedindriuke

    I redid this workout the second time. Love love girl your workouts 🙂 100 squats for a warm up, 60 bridges of booty challenge, and 28:30 mins of three rounds. (on 27th May i did in 27:35 mins) Today I was more sure about my quality of form, i did not rush myself, Wanted to feel every move. After the workout i finished booty challenge.

    I am waiting your new training scheme or whatever you prepared.
    Respect Tati from me to you! Hugs!

  • Naomi

    This is actually the first Tati workout that I did – at the 26th of May 2012. Nearly 4 months later I did this again combined with the Booty Challenge. My time was nearly the same (27 mins and 57 secs), but I went much slower with the sliding lunges today and my sandbag weighs a little bit more than the last time. Looking forward to one hell of a burn in the next couple of days!

  • Petra

    This one was very hard for me. I finished first round in 10:52. I took about a minute break and moved to the second round. Boy was this one hard… I had to take a very brief beak at the end of each exercise.. I was so out of breath. The second rd took a bit longer, as you can imagine… 14.26. I finished it with a second week of butt challenge and some stretching.

    Thanks for another great workout <3. I've been doing your split routines for about 3 months. I'm seeing great results. I'm sure I'd see even better if my nutrition was consistant throughout…there are always little ups and down.:)
    I have recently tried to incorporate yoga to improve my flexibility. Five days of wkt seem exhausting given that yoga is 1:20 hrs long. It's more of a workout. Will I be able to continue to progress if I do two split routines + 1 full body. My sch would like like this..

    Sunday-warmup + butt challenge+lower wkt+butt challenge+ some stretching
    Monday-warmup+abs challenge(pull up beginner version)+ upper body wkt + stretching
    Tuesday- rest dat
    Wednesday – warmup+full body wkt+ stretching ( I can incorporate butt/abs challenge if that's effective with full body)
    Thursday- yoga

  • Petra

    Friday- day off
    Saturday-walk or gentile stretching (perhaps another day of yoga)

    I’d really appreciate any input I can get! Thanks so much for everything:)

    P.s. lately I can’t enter any comments…as soon as I type a bit it freezes:(..,I’ve lost so many messages

  • Hi Tati! I finally did one of your lower workouts 🙂 I did 2 rounds in 30 minutes 😀 I want to start splitting routines, I’ve been bodyrocking for a year and a half but still I found your upped body super hard core for me therefore, I don’t know how to split it. Any idea?

    btw, this workout is awesome!

  • busabiytch

    I did this workout last night..i thought it was very intense! Did two rounds in 30:06 but during the first round I did 20 reps each of the sliding lunges and jump lunges by accident. Opps! Next time I will definitely push for 3 rounds:)

  • warm up with 10 minutes of treadmill jogging. My time was 22 minutes with 10 lbs on my sandbag.

  • Redid this tonight because it was one I really, really liked AND enjoyed the first time. 🙂 Went a little faster: 33:41 for 3 rounds. Ooooohh–I should mention: I did a baddy. I put the sandbag on my back (I know, I know!) for the mini squat and leg lift. The exercise was fairly fast, and it seemed the most convenient, though I won’t lie–I did feel it in my back. Finished with some skipping–just 5 minutes for extra cardio. Felt great, then stuffed myself with Thanksgiving food. 🙂 Happy Turkey Day, Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!! xoxo

  • KirryKaatje

    So, the last one for this week. I’ve improved a ton since the last time I did this routine. I have used more weight and I was faster! (^.^)/ Time for today was 26:55.

  • Mary Lou

    Revisited this from last November. I added 10lbs to the bag to make 30lbs and took 2:33 off my time!

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  • Kira

    ?????????? ???????! ? ??????, ?????? ?????, ???????? ?? ????? ???????(18??)?))

  • Hello Tatianna,
    I am back to the game!
    I was looking for this routine, and I was glad to get it in my e-mail today!!
    I remember how fun this workout was and I’ll surely be doing it again on my next lower body day!
    Have a great day aheadof you,

  • Daria

    ????? ????? ??????????? ??????????! ?.?. ? ???? ????????? ? ?????? ? ?????, ???????? ?? ????? ??????) ?????, ?? ? ?????-?? ????? ????????, ??? 4 ???? ? ?????? ????????????? ??? ???, ?????????? 2 ???? ?? ????? ? 2 ???? ?? ??????? ????? ????, ???? ????? ??? ????????? ???, ??? ?? ??????

  • I was doing very well then I hit a wall on the 3 round…I felt like an old turtle…I still got the third round done.

    Warm up: 10 minutes, followed with 3 rounds of 1 minute elevated Planks on a medicine ball.

    I used 35lbs sand bag and 6 lbs med ball…complete 3 rounds in 41:00 flat. Without any rest I did 3 sets of 20 reps calf raises with 35lbs sandbag.

    Extra: 2 rounds of 30 swings (25lbs dumbbell) & 25 reps one leg bridge ( each leg ). I was to bushed…2 rounds took me 10:44.

    Cool down & stretches…10:00