Smoke & Ashes Workout – Lower Body Routine

May 23, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout Routine


Hello my darlings,

I am back with another groovy workout for the lower body! I hope you missed me and ready to work you butt off – literally! The name of this workout speaks for it self :).

In today’s routine I was using a cool new toy – furniture mover sliding things :). I’ve always knew about them but somehow they kept passing me by, thanks to Eli who mentioned them to me. Those things are so fun, you can get them at any department store for under 10 dollars :). I’ve been practicing all kinds of exercises with them but I am still working on my form in many of them.

Make sure you do a good warm-up and practice correct exercise form before you begin your workout.


Smoke & Ashes Workout Video



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems, my interval timer, and an 8 lbs medicine ball.

Don’t have the equipment? You can make it your self! Check out my post ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget “.

Make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video carefully where I explain how I do each exercise correctly.

I originally planned 3 rounds of the workout but after the second round I was pretty done, I noticed my body started to wobble and I knew 2 rounds was enough. But it doesn’t mean that you guys should’t push your self to do the full 3 rounds.

Set your timer as a stop watch, but never sacrifice your form for time. Time is just a reminder in how long it will take you to complete the workout in PROPER FORM.


  • Mini Squat To Back Lunge – 20 reps ( one lunge back counts as one rep )
  • Mini Squat and Side To Side Leg Lifts – 20 reps ( each leg lift counts as one rep )
  • Sliding 2 Way Lunge Right Leg – 12 reps ( both lunges counts as 1 rep )
  • Sliding 2 Way Lunge Left Leg – 12 reps
  • One Leg Jump Lunge with a Medicine Ball Right Leg – 12 reps
  • One Leg Jump Lunge with a Medicine Ball Left Leg – 12 reps
  • Core Slides – 12 reps
  • Squat Pulses – 30 reps
  • Lock & Lift – 20 reps


My Time for this routine was 26 minutes 38 seconds. I literally babied every rep lol and you guys are so gonna be faster than me :).


Taa daa!


Lower Body Workout Routine


Have a fun workout!

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