Purrfect Abs Workout

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Perfect Six Pack Abs Workout


Are you ready to look your best for the epic 2012? I am :), because I’ve slacked enough this year. In Russia we have this tradition, the way you are going to look and feel for the New Year’s Eve, this is exactly how you will spend the whole next year. I am not the superstitions, but this is the tradition I seem to stick with. So this New Years Eve, I am planning on looking and feeling HOT! I hope you are too. I’ve started my mindful eating and listening to my body diet challenge and I am going to step up my game in my training room.
In today’s routine I was focusing on the abs, cardio and strength training. The workout was broken down into 2 parts, first part was interval training, second part was done for time.

In this workout I was using my timer Gymboss Max , a mat, a chair and my 8 lbs non bouncy blue medicine ball and half of my My Pink Lebert .

The first part of this workout is going to make you sweat like the snowman during spring time ;), so get your towel ready!


Purrfect Abs Workout Video


Workout Recap & Beginner Variations



Workout Explanation

Part 1

Set your timer Gymboss Max for 9 rounds of 2 intervals, 10 seconds ( plank interval ), 25 seconds ( maximum effort interval ), there is no rest so don’t bring your pillow. You will go through 3 rounds of 3 exercises with planks in between.

  • 10 seconds – Plank
  • 25 seconds – Plank side jumps & Reptile
  • 10 seconds – Plank
  • 25 seconds – Lebert Twists ( you can use dumbbells if you don’t have Lebert )
  • 10 seconds – Plank
  • 25 seconds – Side jumps & 2 climbers


Part 2

Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stopwatch you will go through the following routine 3 times

  • Box Jumps & 2 Medicine Ball Squat Jumps – 12 reps ( each box jump & 2 squat jumps counts as one rep )
  • Air Chair Wall Sits – 15 reps each leg ( I was using my medicine ball underneath my foot and I was leaning against a Balance Ball )
  • Close Grip Dynamic Push ups & Side Plank with Scissors – 12 reps

After this routine, I completed 15 minutes of moderate cardio. I set my timer for 15 intervals of 1 minute and I did free style bodyweight exercises.





Perfect Six Pack Abs Workout

Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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