Power Jack Cardio Workout

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Cardio Workout


This is a cardio workout out routine and I did it for time. I was really sore from my workout the day before, so I decided to take it easy. But this is still a killer routine.
I always try to do a whole body workout, but I do place different focus on certain body part every time.

In this workout I focused on my cardiovascular performance, core, and glutes. I included an exercise for an upper body as well, but it’s not too intense, just enough to keep your blood flowing all the way around.

Always remember to warm up before doing any type of exercise. And when I say warm up, I mean that your should always perform a joint mobility warm-up, as well as your whole body and back. This will prevent you from injury.


Power Jack Workout Video



Workout explanation:

Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stopwatch.

You will be doing a circuit 3 times in this order:

  • 1. Power Jump Rope Jacks – 30 reps
  • 2. Dive Bombers & a mini push – 10 reps
  • 3. Power Jump Rope Jacks – 30 reps
  • 4. Bridge one a balance ball – 15 reps
  • 5. Power Jump Rope Jacks – 30 reps
  • 6. Sit-ups with a medicine ball – 10 reps

Exercises explanations


Power Jump Rope Jacks


Cardio Workout


This exercise is NOT like a regular jump rope jack.  It requires more force from your legs, it is almost like a jump tuck with a jump rope.   You should drive your knees up as you jump out, and up again as you jump your legs together, like this:


Cardio Workout


Jump out and back counts as 1 rep. You will be doing 30 each round.


Dive bomber & mini push-up


Cardio Workout


Start in a V-position, if you can keep your legs straight. From here the movement is almost like a wave, you will be pushing down then up.


Cardio Workout


Cardio Workout


From here you will do a mini push-up like this:


Cardio Workout


Go back to the starting position the same way. This was 1 rep, and you will do 10 per round.


Bridge lifts on a balance ball

The starting position of a bridge lift is very important, your heels should be firmly planted into a balance ball. Your butt should not touch the floor in starting position, like this:


Cardio Workout


Now do a lift and squeeze your glutes, like this:


Cardio Workout


Sit-up with a medicine ball


Cardio Workout


This is like a regular sit up, except you will be holding a medicine ball.


My time for this workout was:



PS – since I was already seeing stars after filming in humidity with 1000 wats lamps on top of that, I did’t take any pictures for yesterday’s workout. But I will do this workout again to see if I’ve improved, and then I will add the photos.


If you are having trouble watching the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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