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Today I had one of those days, you know the one’s where everything just seems to go wrong, and the more it goes wrong the more we attract it. Today was completely against me, but I still managed some how to still make a video.
We had to shoot the workout twice, because some footage was lost ( I was scattered brained ). Then once the holy footage was uploaded to the computer, I somehow erased it from the camera by accident.

So now I don’t have photos of the workout, cause I usually pull them from the camera. I will update the post tomorrow with pictures, for now I will just share my scores of this workout and the explanation.

This workout is definitely more advanced. Right now I decided to shoot just the workouts that I do my self.




The Workout Explanation:

Part 1 of the workout:

Set your Interval Timer for 8 rounds of 10 seconds and 40 seconds. 10 seconds is to write down your reps, and 40 seconds is when you push to the max.

The exercises:

  • 1. Vertical Leap ( I have a love affair with this exercise, LOL )
  • 2. Flying leg raises


Part 2 of this workout

You will set your timer as a stop watch, and you will do 3 exercises in a row for time.

  • 1. One Leg Squat & One leg Tuck & Kick Up 25 reps on each leg ( do a one leg squat, one leg tuck and kick up )
  • 2. Walking out Reptile Push-Up combo – 15 reps ( do a walking out push-up, staying in isometric contraction do a reptile, walk back to starting position, jump your legs back, jump your hands into a wider push-up, come up – this is 1 rep 🙂 )
  • 3. Twisted Toe Touches – 50 reps


Part 3 of this workout

Also for time:

  • Back lifts 30 reps



My Scores

Part one:

Vertical Leap – 20, 19, 17, 15

Flying Leg Lifts -42, 39, 41, 34

Part two: my time was 21:48

Part three : my time was 1:12


PS – If you are having trouble viewing this video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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  • Mirta16

    I finished this workout on 30
    of October 2011.

    That was cool and very tough!!!

    Here is my score:

    Part one:

    Vertical Leap – 22, 20, 20, 21;

    Flying Leg Lifts -44, 44, 46, 48.


    Part two: my time was 12:10.


    Part three : my time was 0:48

    • Mirta, You totally beat me!  I have to catch up!  I love Vertical Leaps so much, it’s one of my favorite jump exercises , they are intense and create a great workout for the lower body.

      • Mirta16

        Tatianna, thank’s for your mark! I love Interval Training very much, though I am dilettante in sport. And I like your ABS, I want to have such one. 
        By the way, I am from Russia.

        • Privetik :), ochen priyatno poznakomitsya. Ya smotru na vash e-mail i on ot mail.ru, ya podumala sprosit ili net vi iz Rossii, no vi mne sami skazali :).

          • Mirta16

            ??????, ???????! ??????? – ? ??? ??????? ?????????????. ??? ???????? ???? ??????????, ? ??????? ????????????? ?? ????????, ???? ??????? ??? ???? ???????.
            ? ??? ??????-??????????? – ????? ?? “??”? 

          • Koncheno mogno Ulechka :). Spasibo chto zahodish na moj site i delaesh moi trenerovki. Ochen rada videt Russkuu dushu na moem bloge 🙂

  • Kane

    This video is so funny, Tatianna! You look so unhappy. I would be, too, if I had to do this sucker twice. Once was hard enough! Thanks for the great workout 😀

    • OMG I remember this video, I believe it was our second one and we still didn’t really know what we were doing and for me it was so strange to be filmed, I was so tired here and personalitless ( my own word LOL ) and yep we had to shoot it twice, remembering it so made me smile 🙂

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  • nabi

    Did this one yesterday (May 31st). My scores:
    Part 1: Vertical leap 28-24-22-24 and Flying Leg Raises (I did them wrong, legs together) 15-14-13-12
    Part 2: 14:26, but I did modify from the pistol and put my leg behind me instead. Loved the walking-out reptile!
    Part 3: 47 secs.

    Sorry you had a bad day, but at least you have some killer cheek bones in those pictures! *envy* 🙂

    • Thank Nabi, you are so sweet :).

      Yes I remember that day, we were just starting out, it was some stressful times cause we still didn’t really know what we were doing, and I was sooo scared of the camera and looking at my self.  Now it comes natural, but back then it was pretty weird feeling, lol

  • Faniedubois

    Waow Tatianna your workouts are really awsome… sooo glad I found this blog…

  • My legs need a rest today, but this workout looks amazing! I’ll bookmark it for another day.

  • Did this jewel of a workout today. I thought I had to part 2 three times. Halfway the first round I thought ‘I am dying ….3 rounds…that cant be true.’…boy was I relieved that you had to do it once.
    My scores:
    pt 1:
    1: Vertical leap : 20/ 2: Flying leg raises/ 3: 20/ 4:40/ 5: 20/ 6: 40/ 7: 21/ 8: 41
    Pt2: 16.33/m
    – I can only do 1/4 one leg squat
    – I lost my balance a couple of times
    – I have done an upper body routine yesterday so I only did the pushups only a couple of times…my chest did not wanted to do more push ups.

  • KirryKaatje

    My score for today! I didn’t do the push ups in the reptile, cause of the pull up program:

    Part 1: 20, 21, 22, 25
    15, 21, 22, 25 (i’m a slowpoke I guess. ^^)

    Part 2: 16:46 (modifications > half one leg squats, and no push ups in reptile)

    Part 3: 2:11

  • Christian

    Just finished this!
    Hate Vertical Leap, but did them anyway!
    Here are my scores.

    Vertical Leap. 17,16,15,15
    Flying Leg Lifts 26,27,27,27

    For the second and third part didn’t time myself.
    Second part i did half squat!

    Have a wonderful day dear!

  • sus

    I am getting ready to do this one and I am scared.

    • It might bite you 🙂 LOL

      • sus

        It did bite me.

  • annebelwind

    So this is a killer! I can not do 25 one leg squat on each leg.. i managed to do 10 unassisted on the right leg and about 3 on the left the other 7 with minimal support.. I did the other 15 reps till a 90 degree angle.. Still burned my butt pretty well.. My scores for the first part: vertical leap: 12, 11, 11, 11, flying leg raises: 16, 16, 15, 16 (man you are fast…) time for the 2nd part: 25.12, the 3rd part: 1.03
    Thanks Tati!

  • Whoot! Whoot!! Another routine done. I think this routine can also be called a full body workout.

    Warm up: Basic warm up and 5 minutes of Dynamic stretches.

    Part 1

    VL: 21-20-20-19

    FLR: 23-23-23-22

    Part 2: I completed in 23:01…did half one leg squats, one leg tuck jump & one leg kick. It took me 13 minutes just for #1.

    Part 3: 1:28

    Cool down & stretching 10 minutes.

  • Tracey

    This was my second lower body workout this week following Tati recommendation of 2 lower/2 upper
    i followed this with 30 min of jumping on my rebounder for additional cardio. Was going to do one of her cardios but hubby came home. Not sure if that is too much LISS cardio.?? 15 min warm up and 15 min of stretching on my barre.