Legs, Butt & Abs – I’m Alive Workout

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Legs, Butt and Abs Workout Routine


Hi everyone,

Today’s workout was lower body focused routine and it was a follow up to ” Break The Rules Workout “. I got the name by the suggestions of one of my readers on Facebook, and this name of today’s routine fit perfectly, I was barely alive by the end. This was no joke, one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I used the concept of combos one’s again and there were a lot of reps. It’s good to switch up the training from time to time, this way we don’t hit plateau.

One thing that I always cannot stress enough about is a proper form. When we workout and use the proper form for every exercise, our body develops faster and better. Proper form is keeping your back straight, shoulders back, abs tight ( these are the basics for every exercise ). Try to use mirrors when you workout, and alway s watch your form.

Please remember to do a warm-up before starting to exercise. I have a full length video warm-up video where you can follow me along.


For workout recap and beginners variation fast forward the video.



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my timer, a chair, a pair of dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ), a balance ball and a 40 lbs Versa Fit bag from Power Systems ( if you don’t have a this then you can use either a dumbbells or kettle bells, or you can make your own bag that looks like mine, you can find full instructions on how to make a bag that looks like mine very un expensively, here is post with a video and the instuctions ).

This workout is broken down into 2 parts, first part is timed and second part is interval training ( with super short intervals and no breaks ). There is only one round of this routine, but there are enough reps to stress your muscles out efficiently.


Part one

Set your timer as a stopwatch. This routine is made of combo exercises and each combo counts as one rep.

  • Dumbbell Swing, Star Leap & Low Squat with Side To Side Leg Lifts ( all counts as one rep ) – 30 reps total
  • Chair Kicks ( 2 kicks counts as one rep ) – 30 reps
  • Bulgarian Split Squat & Bicep Curl – 30 reps per leg
  • Bag Clean, 2 squats & 1 overhead squat press ( the whole thing counts as one rep ) – 30 reps
  • Bridges On The Balance Ball – 30 reps
  • Myostatic Crunch – 30 reps
  • Toe Lifts ( I used my 40 lbs VersaFit ) – 30 reps


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 15 seconds and 15 seconds and the total of 8 rounds. Or you can set it for 1 interval of 16 rounds. There are 2 exercises and you will go through them back and forth 8 times.

  • Jump Lunges with hands behind your head
  • Side To Side Forward Jump


My Scores

It took me 27 minutes and 56 seconds to finish the first part.

Part 2

1) 10, 8, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5

2) 8, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4



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