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Medicine Ball Workout


Today’s workout is a combination of cardio and strength training. This workout was a really fun circuit, and after I finished I felt the burn all over my body, it kind of snuck up at me, LOL. I was using 8 lbs medicine ball ( non bouncy ), I love the extra resistance it gives me, but if you are a beginner you can do this workout with just your own bodyweight.

Since this workout has 10 rounds, I didn’t go crazy with the number of repetitions. The goal of this workout is not to take any breaks between the rounds. This circuit is done for time, but never to sacrifice the proper form, the form is more important than the speed. I will be sharing my time at the end of the post.


Hot Skater Workout Video


Workout Explanation

Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stopwatch, if you don’t have a gymboss timer you can use one here for free online. ( just press the green arrow ).  Complete the following routine for the total of 10 rounds.


  • 1. Skater Run – 20 reps ( each jump counts as one rep )
Notes:  Keep your back straight.  The medicine ball should always touch the ground every time you are in a lunge.
  • 2. Push-ups off the medicine ball – 5 each rep If you are
Notes:  If you are a beginner you can do these push-ups on your knees, but still use the medicine ball.
  • 3. Advanced scissors – 10 reps

Notes: Your upper body is off the floor in this position, and the medicine ball should be a little lower than your head.  Try to keep your legs straight and your toes pointed, the legs should also be tight not wobbling around. The lower the legs the harder the exercise.

  • 4. Airplane – 5 count hold

Notes: Keep your abs tight and your legs straight.  If you are a beginner you can bend your knees.


It took me 23 minutes and 32 seconds to complete 10 rounds.

Share your scores :)!


Tomorrow I am doing The Spartacus Workout again, because I really enjoy that workout.


PS – If you are having trouble viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.




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