The Sexy Spartacus Workout

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Spartacus Workout
Today I did one of my recent favorite workouts that I found by an accident.  It was tough and I had to rough it out, you have no Idea the relief I felt after completing it. This is the famous ” Spartacus Workout “. I changed a couple of things to make it fit me more, I also did this workout last week, but I was using weights in the exercises that I didn’t use today. I am posting my scores at the bottom of the post.
This workout is about 32 minutes long and has 10 exercises and it will target all of the muscles in your body, you might not even remember your own name after you’re done :).


The Sexy Spartacus Workout Video


Workout Explanation


Set your timer Gymboss Max for 13 intervals of 15 seconds ( rest interval ) and 1 minute ( maximum effort ). There is 10 exercises total, but some of them I did on each side sited of switching sides throughout the interval ( it’s more challenging this way ). I completed 2 rounds, if you are daring you can complete 3 ( I will go for 3 next time 😉 ).

  • 1. Goblet Squat & pulse ( the original workout is just the goblet squat, but because I am using a low weight 10 lbs adding an extra pulse makes the exercise more effective. I don’t like to use higher weights, because I don’t want to get bulky muscles on my legs ).


  • 2. Mountain Climber


  • 3. Single Arm Dumbbell Swing – I did a separate interval for each arm.


  • 4. T- Push Up – I didn’t use dumbbells this time, but I am going to use them when I revise this workout.


  • 5. Jump Squats- I really like the use of arms in these types of jumps, It creates more challenge on the movement, and works your whole body instead of just legs.


  • 6. Dumbbell Row


  • 7. Side Lunge & Touch – I didn’t use dumbbells for this exercise and I also added an extra twist on the ricing part while squeezing my glutes. I feel like it’s more effective.


  • 8. Push-up Position Row


  • 9. Dumbbell Backward Lunge & Rotation – I did it on one side at the time instead of switching the legs. ( in the original workout this is a front lunge )


  • 10. Dumbbell Push Press


Here is the link to the original Spartacus Workout ( I found in on StumbleUpon ).


My scores

1. Goblet Squat – 13, 14

2. Mountain Climber – 69, 72

3. Single Arm Swing – Right arm 30, 29 Left Arm – 28, 29

4. T-Push-up – 15, 12

5. Jump Squat – 23, 23

6. Dumbbell Row – 25, 22

7. Side Lunge – Right Leg – 18, 18 Left Leg – 19, 17

8. Push-up Position Row – 20, 16

9. Backward Lunge & Rotation – Right Leg 11, 15 Left Leg – 11, 13

10. Dumbbell Push Press – 16, 15

Always remember proper form rather then just raising for repetitions, it is best if you do less reps with proper form, then more reps with bad form.



Spartacus Workout


If you are having trouble watching the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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