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Cardio Workout


Today’s’ workout was really fun and it was some serious cardio! I absolutely loved this workout, it was tough, not boring and all over the place!
It was 30 minutes long ( my perfect number 🙂 ) and it had 7 exercises total. In the last round I was really struggling and loosing my breath, but I felt incredible once I was done.

I am also did some adjustments in my nutrition as I wrote in yesterday’s post ” My New Diet Refinement “, so far I already noticed my sugar withdraws, I felt a little cranky all day, and I was thinking about the container of honey I have in my fridge ( like Winny The Pooh, LOL).

Now let’s get to the workout!


Hot Cardio Madness Workout Video


Workout explanation

For this workout I was using a brick ( as an object to jump over ), you can use any object laying around the house. I was also using My Pink Lebert , but you don’t have to use this equipment, you can substitute with two chairs ( like I showed you in ” Love Your Body Workout “, make sure you place a mat under the chairs so they don’t slide ).


Set your timer Gymboss Max for two intervals 15 seconds ( rest interval ) and 1 : 00 ( maximum effort ), for the total of 24 rounds, you will go through the whole routine 3 times.   If you don’t have Gymboss you can use this free online timer ( so no skipping your workout 😉 )There is 7 exercises total, but one of them is on each side ( that’s why there is 24 rounds ).

Beginners: Set your rest interval for 20 seconds and your max interval for 35.

Always write down your reps!


  • 1. Jump over and drop down exercise ( every jump and drop down counts as one rep )

Notes: You can pick which ever object you like to for a jump over, I just happened to have a brick at my house.

Start at one side jump over an object and drop down, your stomach should touch the ground, push off with your arms.

  • 2. Half burpee & kick up ( one leg per interval )

Notes: If you are a beginner don’t do the push-up, you can also do this exercise with both feet on the ground.

When doing a kick up squeeze your butt on the standing leg.

  • 3. Wall Mountain Climbers

Notes: If you are a beginner do this exercise on the floor.

I did this exercise wit a tempo, not for speed but quality. You should always be in control of your body ( not just jumping back and forth ). Every muscle in your body should be working.

  • 4. Jump Lunges with a rotation

Notes: If you are a beginner, you can do just regular lunges without jumping.

Always keep your back straight.

  • 5. Side to side leg lifts

Notes: If you are a beginner bend your legs, this will make this exercise much easier to do.

In this movement you are using your abs to lift the legs.

  • 6. Twist Jumps

Notes: If you are a beginner just do regular squats ( no jumping ).

Always remember to keep your back straight.

  • 7. Hanging Abs Twists

Notes: If you are a beginner do just regular knee raises.

I was bending my arms just a little to give me the extra push.


My scores

1. Jump over and drop down – 10, 9, 8

2. Half one leg burpee & kick up – Right leg – 9, 9, 10 Left leg – 9, 9, 8

3. Wall mountain climber – 45, 41, 38

4. Rotating Jump Lunges – 18, 17, 17

5. Side to side leg lifts – 22, 23, 19

6. Twist Jumps – 24, 22, 19

7. Hanging Twists – 19, 21 18


Share your scores!


PS – If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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