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Aug 17, 2012 by

HIIT, HIIT Workout


Hello My Lovies,

I am back with a 20 minute HIIT full body bodyweight only workout! This week I’ve been quite busy so when I am busy I do only 3 full body workouts a week instead of my split routined 4. I do prefer the split routines better, but it’s also good to switch things up a bit, and that’s why I have variations of routines for you guys to pick from.

For everyone who is following the “Sharper Abs Challenge“, is it getting easier? For me it is getting much much easier, so I have to keep switching plank variations. Also if you really want to kick it up a notch and be daring, you can add a plank after every set of leg lifts, but it’s only for daredevils :), I am not that brave yet, but next week I’m sure I will be.

Before you begin this workout, make sure you do a good warm-up and practice good exercise form in the mirror. Since this is a bodyweight only workout, your form has to be impeccable, if you feel you are losing your form take a few seconds break and then get back into it with good form.



Workout Explanations


All you need in this workout is your Gymboss timer, extremely good form and your self 🙂 ( definitely don’t forget to bring that ).

There are only 3 exercises in this workout, two of them are a combo.

Set your timer for 2 intervals 5 sec ( rest interval ), 45 sec ( max effort ), for the total of 24 rounds. You will go through the sequence of 3 exercises for the total of 8 times. Since there is only 5 sec rest don’t worry about writing your reps, you can count the average number of each.

Make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video, cause I explain to you which muscles you need to be feeling during each exercise.


  • Double Tuck Combo ( stay low the whole time )
  • Oblique & Booty Ripper ( every time your body twists, pause, squeeze your butt on the standing leg and squeeze your obliques )
  • Crabby Dive Bomber Combo


After this routine I did 3 sets of planks, which were quite a breeze since the start of the Abs Challenge, and 10 minutes of light skipping. Then I jumped in the pool to cool off :).

Have Fun Training Lovies!



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  • Wow! The Crabby Dive Bomber Combo looks interesting. Too bad I’ll not be doing this routine anytime soon. I’m at the end of my 5 days rest and will be starting the advance workout plan on Monday, so no full body routine for about 6 weeks. I look forward to reading all the scores from fellow Lovingfitters for this routine.
    Tati, what lower body routine would suggest I start with on Monday after been off for one week?

  • hey Tati, you probably know them, but I found some plank variations
    and 2 in this video: crossfit plank + superman plank

  • sedindriuke

    Oh thanks for a workout. I will check it right now. Yesterday we talked with friends about barefoot doing workouts. I am agains barefoot .. maybe sometimes but I just do not agree that it is safe for leg bones, especially for feet bones (there are many small bones in feet which can be harmed very easily). I believe that proper shoes are protection for us. What do you think Tati?

    • go read about vibramfivefingers! Going barefoot is the most natural way for us to walk – we have grown accustomed to comfy shoes and in turn this has made our foot muscles weak. I am all about barefoot. This is Mark Sisson from Marksdailyapple talking about barefoot


      • Yes I’ve read about it on Marks site too, I’m not too crazy about the vibramfivefingers cause I think they look funny :), but just barefoot I like 🙂

        • yep, they sure do look funny but I like the concept behind them…I actually have a pair and they sure feel weird when you wear them but become like a 2nd skin. I would never wear them out side the comfort of my own house lol. However, I do feel they help to strengthen my fallen arches so for some people, they’re beneficial.

          • Oh yes I agree, I think being barefoot in general is very beneficial, I love to walk barefoot when I am in the forest, I think when we are barefoot it makes us connect to earth and draw energy from it. I always feel so energized if I for walks barefoot. For me working out have been feeling so good barefoot, I just love it.

          • same 🙂 cheaper too in the long run – less trainers to buy/make the old ones last a bit longer !!!

          • Check this out http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2009/05/07/vibram-five-fingers-shoes/. Those pictures ( taken a veeery long time ago ) speak more than anything.
            I have been working out and wearing around Vibrams for more than half a year. They are absolutely fabulous and there’s no exaggeration when I say it. My posture improved, I have better balance and stability. I workout barefoot on carpet or if I don’t have jumping included, otherwise I wear Vibrams. And when I run in them is like wow ! it feels like a grab the ground with my feet and push myself forward. It feels good to feel the ground so close. I love it ! My whole body feels awake, connected. I wear them everywhere and I don’t care how funny they look or what people might think. To me it feels like my roots are back where they belong and it makes me feel strong :). And yes, mine are crazy coloured, because I bought the ones that were on sale :))).
            Still, whenever I have the chance to walk barefoot ( grass, beach, clean safe area ) , I take it. Nothing compares to that feeling.
            On the other hand, I really don’t understand why people construct such dangerous and debilitating shoes as the high heels and put their feet and crumble their spines on them. To me it’s beyond any logic. Beauty comes from health , strength and wisdom, if beauty is what they’re looking for.
            And Tati , you look better than ever I must say . It must be the barefoot freedom glow :))) !

          • OMG I love Tim Ferris, I have his book, thanks for the link girlie. I am definitely convinced that barefoot is the way to go, I think I will get some of those vibram things for my feet to run in, it’s been a while since I ran though and I’m ready.

            I do love my high heels when I go out, I feel naked without them but workout feels better barefoot. I think I will still put shoes on once in a while but right now I’m living the freedom.

            How are you feeling by the way? Are you getting better?

          • I am well :). I choose to think positively and to see the bright side of life no matter what . Saying that, I like to believe I am getting better, a little bit every day :).
            I am busier lately, but I still support you quietly and I am happy for you to see you become more and more popular.
            Also I prefer these workouts with 3-4 exercises. They’re the best :).

          • I am happy to hear that you have a good positive attitude, that is truly one fast way to recovery from anything. Thank you so much for your support girlie, I am very very thankful for you helping me out and spreading the word. I always keep you in my thoughts and send you positive energy. Keep in touch more often 🙂

        • Haha, yeah, I live in Northern California, which is awesome, but people often go for comfort over looks, and there is nothing weirder than seeing someone wear those shoes like they are…actual shoes. It’s one thing to wear them out for a walk with your shorts and windbreaker, but quite another to wear them to work with jeans. I’m sure they’re very comfortable, but…they make me giggle. 🙂

          • Ha Ha they make me giggle too 🙂

        • My boyfriend got a pair today. They actually look totally awesome. Or…let me rephrase that: they look like they FEEL totally awesome. So I deleted my comment before where I was negative and making fun of it. I just have issues with my own feet so they make me a little uncomfortable. I do love the whole concept, and would love to get some, but I might get ones that are the same just not with the toes. We’ll see! 🙂

          • I’m thinking about getting a pair as well so I can try running in them, I know they don’t look cool but they are comfy and good for us :). I definitely won’t be making videos in them, but for a nice run they sound perfect.

          • I actually really want a pair now…Gabe has them and he worked out for the first time in them today and totally loved it, which I can understand. I want to try the Minimus ones that LOOK like regular shoes but are a Vibram sole without the toes…Maybe they’ll make some where the toes are separate but hidden? That would be my preference.

            By the way–the comment below, by “Guest” is mine, and I deleted it! Why is it still here??? Grrr Disqus…

          • tee_w

            hi kendra, I have found to delete a comment, you have to edit, take out the words, then delete. if you just hit delete all it does is take your name off the comment.

          • Aaaahhh! Thank you Tee! 🙂

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            hi Kendra, I’ve got a pair of 5 finger shoes…love them…wear them hiking, took them on holidays and worked out in them…they are cool…like bare feet but with some arch support and protection from floor leavings

          • Hi Gerri, I tried to get a pair last year, but the fit wasn’t the best for me (I live in a small town, and the store only had one style). I have very strange feet…the first toe is longer than 2nd, 2nd is longer than 3rd, 3rd is long the 4th and of course 4th is longer the 5th foot. According to the guy fitting me, each toe should fit into all the fingers with very little space, my big toe was the only one to acheive this. If your feet is as whacked as mine, I need the name of your five fingers and we’re genetically related somehow 🙂

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            hahahaha…i have monkey toes…long !!!!! my feet seem to fit the shoes ok though…toes aren’t really snug in the holes, but i think that would make them rub

          • Kendra, When I was trying to buy one last year, my dear husband quickly let me know that he plans not to be around me when I have those “fugly” things on my feet. I said to him, even in the wilderness honey, he said Mother nature knows those are fugly.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            did you smack him upside the head????? LOL

    • Well, It all depends and differs from person to person, some people can only workout barefoot some people need shoes. I believe barefoot we develop a much greater balance, this is my personal observation. I will take my shoes off from time to time, I like to workout both with and without shoes. Lately I’ve been really enjoying working out without shoes, maybe cause it’s summer.

  • Rachel

    Thanks! This workout looks amazing, Tati! I can’t wait to try it. I do have a question…or two. :^) I’m about 5’3 and fairly short waisted. Is body type a factor in the type of workout plan a person does? I love your workouts but I don’t consider myself advanced yet, nor am I a complete beginner. And my body literally aches for days (and not the good kind of ache … ouch!!) when I do 4 days of split routines. So I try to do 2 days of split routines and 3 days full body/or cardio.. and I’ll do Yoga or Hot Yoga at least once a week. I’m not cemented in this schedule and if I feel I need to change it, work out less or more or do something different, I will. But I just wanted to know your thoughts? I love that you’re in such great shape and strong and still look so feminine! Thanks. xo..

    • Ohh yes you have to change a few things, 2 split routines plus 3 full body and then yoga, that’s way way way too much, your body needs more time to recover. So if you are doing 2 split routines, you can add 2 full body but with a day off in between. Or take away one full body and do yoga on that day. Then you will have time to recover and build muscle, cause we only build muscle when at rest.

  • midimidi

    okay i just did it, those jump tucks are killer. so weird because sometimes i can do them with lots of power and energy and then i am totally winded and need to take a breather.
    i counted my reps so here are my averages
    15 jumps so about 7 reps
    18 average
    5 average
    i am going to do my ab challenge day three maybe in a little bit or maybe tomorrow.

    • Everyone seems to beat me at the tucks, I’ve done about 12 on average, you guys are machines!

      • midimidi

        it went from 18 to like 10 one round. they are hard. i used to be a cheerleader and we had to do double toe touches all the time so maybe that is why? I was huffing and puffing!

      • Ya, maybe so but your height on your jumps and form is crazy. I know for myself I struggled with the height after 7 reps. However, I don’t want to give up so I just do the best I can but I am sure they do not resemble your fine form and height!

  • Christian

    Did it this morning! The jump tucks combo was killer! This week i haven’t done the Ab challenge! Life is kind of busy with kids starting kindergarden & play group! Gone start it as soon as things settle down!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear & thanks for an awesome WO.
    Can’t wait to see the bodyweight abs WO.

    • Thank you sweetie :), have a wonderful weekend as well!

  • Naomi

    I did Eye Candy yesterday for my lower body and today was supposed to be my upper body day. However, I wasn’t feeling it and decided to go for this instead. I warmed up with the abs challenge. My leg lifts are now 100-110 degrees. This is my third time this week, which means I am halfway! Maybe I am just imagining things, but I feel like I see more ab definition and I feel much stronger doing the leg lifts. Then finished off with this. I have no idea how many double tuck combo’s I did, but I only needed small breaks. I focused on impeccable form! Right beneath 20 for the oblique and booty ripper, no pause! For the Crabby Dive Bomber Combo I did between 5 and 6 each round. Great burn!

    • daybelis garcia

      Congrats Naomi I’ve also been able to lift my legs straighter! This challenge really works… As always tati delivers what she preaches

    • You are definitely not imagining it, you are getting more definition. This little challenge combo is one of the best for developing definition, every time I go visit my husband in the training room all the acrobats are doing the leg lifts, I never ever see the doing crunches of any kind.

  • daybelis garcia

    Wowwww another great workout lol.. Doesn’t shock me Tati. I was pouring sweat.. N such a short amount of time. Loveeeeee the dive bombers and the outward palm pushups. my time for part 1 was 7:35…. I really focused on form not time. Part 2 scores:
    1) 11,9,10,9,8
    Thank you love 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂

      • daybelis garcia

        Oops these scores were for fitness freak wo. Lol Lolita am out of it today

        • Ha Ha Ha, I was wondering about that, I was like what?! There was no outward push-ups here LOL

          • daybelis garcia

            Loltati I think I’m stressed haha

  • Vivi

    What an amazing full body WO. I completed between 15-20 double tuck combos, exactly 15 Oblique & Booty Rippers, and 7-8 (I think. I was concentrating so much on form, that I forgot to pay attention to my reps) Crabby Dive bombers each interval. Plus the planks and rope skipping. Whew!

    • Yep, I had so much fun with it too, my average was similar to yours, but on double tucks I’ve only done about 12 reps.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • marienchenkaefer

    Wohoo tomorrow is my day off and I am pretty sore from today’s isometric Training 🙂 watching this makes me look forward to the next one, thanks Tati! Btw I workout barefoot most of the time, I feel it gives me a better form and freedom

    • Ahh I wish tomorrow is my day off, but we have to film abs workout :), and today I have to do the challenge.

      I’m loving barefoot more and more, like you said I just feel I have better form and freedom.

  • Elena

    Priwet Tati, moshno ja bydy na ti?) wot ti gawarila w wideo na shjot podpisiwiza! Ja wsegda wobsheta smotrela video i trenerowki ny tam i pary woprosow sadawala, mne gde to nado sdes spezealno podpisaza ja stoto nigde takogo nichewo newishy ili ja yshe awtomatitechki podpisalas esli ja sdes kometarii pishy?
    Ok teper k trenerowki! Ja tolko sto ejo sdelala, no nedymala sto ona takaja tesholaja dlja menja pokasheza gdeto na shestom interwale ja yshe prosto delala sguati s malenjkoi podprishkoi. Posle trenerowki sdelala 3 planki i xotela 10 minut kardio sdelat s skakalkoi no nichego ne wishla kaleni bili mjaxkie kak maslo:) Klassnaja trenerowachka!!! Spasibo Tati!

    • Konechno mogno na Ti, eto ya vsem Vikau po privichke :). Mne nado sdelat podpisku cherez pochtu, prosto nado najti web developera kotorij pomoget mne s etim. Tak kak ves etot site ya sama stroila bez pomochi developera, dage ne znau kak ya vse eto smasterila, no v skorom vremeni ya sozdam podpisku po pochte.

  • sus

    my workout for tomorrow!

    • Did you try it Susu?

      • sus

        I am getting ready to right now. Need to warm up first.

      • sus

        I just finished it. oww my legs!!!!!!!!

  • This was so sneaky. I broke it up 9 rounds 3x for a total of 27. I had to mop the floor, I was dripping.

    • Ha Ha Ha, yes the easy looking one’s are always the sneakiest 🙂

  • Ya vsegda stavlu obnovlenia vkontakte, na facebook i na twitter.

  • Kate_CZ


    This was a total leg burnout! Harrrrrrrrd! I wanted to quit already after the first round. Knowing that there are 7 more to go was very challenging for my mind. Thankfully the rest period was so short that Brutus had no chance to settle down in my head…

    My scores:
    – for tuck jumps (counting each jump) I started at 18 reps and went pretty fast down to 9 (half!!)
    – the oblique thing – between 19 and 13
    – bombers – mostly 5, three rounds only 4

    The tuck jumps… oh the tuck jumps…

    I did it barefoot too… Isn´t it harder to jump barefoot? Because I was so surprise how hard it was today. I had a ton of possible exuses and this is one of them ;)))

    I would never thought that I could look forward to a divebomber exercise as something less hard than the rest. So it only shows how hard the tuck jumps were for me today 😉

    • OMG I found it so much harder to workout barefoot as well, I also noticed it works the muscles better and I love how free it feels :).

      Everyone had beat me at tuck jumps, I averaged 12, I did them slow though.

      • Kate_CZ

        How free it feels?! Well, there is gonna be a long journey for me. During tuck jumps I felt like my body must be the heaviest body all over the world 😉

        Yeah, I did 18 reps for the first round but then, as I wrote, went down very fast. Even to 9. So my average would be very similar to 12…

        • I also feel like I’m heavier without the shoes, but I’ve noticed how fast my balance improved. When I first tried barefoot workout I was all over the place falling over, now I feel great!

  • gymlafrance

    le # 1 est tuant! je termine à bout de souffle, complètement épuisé, mais…je n’ai pas abandonné! (j’ai serré les dents!). en plus, en ce moment à paris il fait très chaud (34/35°). merci pour cette très très très dure super-séance!

  • Lattara

    Ooo I really like the crabby dive bomber combo!! Looks fun but deadly! 😉

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…so 3 more weeks and I go back home, and come back to you all…
    this is my pictures just to let you know that I am alive and still fit

    • 1Ivana

      one more

      • daybelis garcia

        You look great:)

      • sedindriuke

        cool! you look great Girl!

      • yboog

        YOU ARE A BOMBSHELL GIRL!!!!!! KILLER ASS!!!!!!!!!!

      • tee_w

        you look great, and what a beautiful place! love your haircut too!

      • Thanks for posting the pics…you’re pumped up. What type of work do you do to be in that beautiful environment?

      • Yes, you look fantastic!!!

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Hey sweety – LONG TIME, no see! You look absolutely fantastic, slim and fit 🙂 I am so very very impressed!!!! I hope We’ll catch up soon.
        Lots ‘a looove, Maria

    • LOVE these!!! You look amazing!

    • Esal1

      Hey Ivana, looking great!! Keep up the obvious good work!

  • taltul73

    hey Tati, just finished this routine again… and before the workout i also did the ab challenge… i saw you talking about it again and how much stronger you feel in 2 weeks into the challenge.. so i am starting today with it….
    as always thank you very much.
    hope to see a new workout soon 🙂

    • Hey sweetie,

      Glad you are starting the challenge as well :). We are gonna shoot new ab routine tomorrow 🙂

  • sedindriuke

    Hey Tati,
    I am after this badass workout.. i almost puked.. the worst home sport exercise is jump tuck and i hate them… and in this workout i did so many of them… i still hate them 😀
    I was sweating.. so much..after wo i did 10 min: jump over the line/ deadlifts in 20×5/25s intervals and could not do 3 planks normally .. i was so shaking and sweating..my shoulders were so wet… 😀 Good one!
    My scores:
    1. 17 15 15 15 15 14 15 15
    2. 15 17 16 16 17 17 17 18
    3. i have small kitchen where i workout so i did normal dive bombers slowly… first two rounds i tried to do something similar to crabby dive bomber and did 4 and 4, and then 8 8 8 7 8 8. Thanks!

    • Hey darling,

      Next time you can do the extra slow bombers where it takes about 10 sec to go down then 10 sec to go up, ( if you’re short on space ).

      • sedindriuke

        yes i remember that i did not do that challenge of 11 s dive bombers. i till incorporate it maybe tomorrow after some workout (i did not choose it for tomorrow). Thanks.

  • backtomobay

    Loved this workout — haven’t done tuck jumps for a while. Can’t believe that you could do all this with only 5 sec rest. You are a machine! Haha! It took me much longer but I did all 8 rounds! 12 tuck jumps, 20 oblique twists and 4 crabby divebombers each round.

    • Hey Kelly,

      For me 5 sec is pretty norm right now, but it took me several months to get here, now if I rest 10 sec I feel like the time is dragging, it’s incredible how much more intense the workout can be when you take away 5 extra seconds.

  • yboog

    Good evening Tatiana!

    10/30×9 skipping warm up

    Double Tuck Combo: 12,11,13,12,13,12,12,12 each tuck 1 rep
    Oblique & Booty Ripper: 16,18,15,17,15, 19,15,16
    Crabby Dive Bomber Combo: 5,6,8,6,7,6,6,7 each crab 1 rep

    6 min hula hoop cool down
    10 min stretch!


    • Good evening Y :),

      We have similar scores on the tucks, I also did around 12 each round 🙂

  • Gwyneth

    Ohhh, I can’t WAIT to do this one tomorrow! I am way behind on the Sharper Abs Challenge:( Between vacation and then have the cold from hell I haven’t been working out hard or much. I’m at least 90% now though with my health and I’m ready to take this challenge on. Unfortunately I don’t have a pull up bar or a decent door to really hang from, or that I trust to hang from, I guess, so I’ll use my dip station. I may pull and Ethan though, and head to the park nearby to hang from the equipment;)

    • You can definitely use the dip station but make sure you raise the legs straight and much slower than if you would of raised them on the pull-up bar, or you can always pull and Ethan and head to the park 🙂

  • Elena

    Priwet Tanja! Eto ja opjat Lena. Kak ti mne skasala ja kypila owsjanuju moloko tam eshjo w integrientax est. Podsolnechnoe maslo i morskaja soll. Na wkus ona poidjot moshno pit. Ja sebe kypila toshe maca powder ( prochitala statju na chjot etogo) dobawila ety polesnuju stuku w owsjanky s owsjanim molokom. Eto bilo fui fui fui, wkus prosto yshasnij nesmogla eto sjest .no ja wsjotaki xochy pit macy powder. kuda Tanj mne ejo dobowljat???? Esli ja ne pju molochnie prodykti ! (potomyshto na pachke stoit meshat w wosnownom molochnie prodykti) Ili togda kupit mne lutshe maca presslimge (tabletki)?

    • Ha Ha Ha, da tak nelzya delat, Macu nado pryatat v shakah s raznim kollichestvom fruktov, tak kak esli dobavlyat v ovsyanku s moloko to eto budet chto to ochen nevkusnoe.

      Takge mogno dobavlyat macu v chai i pit kak napitok, no zalpom. Samij luchshij sposob eto dobavlyat v shake.

      • Elena

        Ok bydy probiwat , spasibo bolshoe sa bistrie otweti!

  • Gwyneth

    Um. Wow. Killer, but good GAWD I love you, Tati! These exercises are so challenging, but fun, too!

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    I am sitting here, sweat dripping down my face from this AWESOME workout! It was a bit never-ending during the last 2 rounds. I loved the Oblique Booty Ripper!!! I don’t have much space, so I found it a bit hard to perform the Crabby Dive Bomber perfectly. Hard one, Tati 🙂 I am so sad I can’t jump in my flat, because then I get less cardio challenge. Therefore, I had to switch up the Jump Tuck combo. I did a squat + bw dragon lunge combo instead, staying low the whole time.

    1) Low Squat & Dragon Lunge, alt. Legs: 26 to 22.
    2) Oblique Booty Ripper: 25 to 24.
    3) Crabby Dive Bomber (I did feel a bit “crappy”, haha): 6 to 5½.

    Now I’m off to do the “Bodyweight Only” from April and the Sharper Abs Challenge.
    Enjoy your weekend, LovingFit’ers!
    Much love, Maria.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    sweaty !!!!!!! no time to even think about stopping in this one !!!! the tuck jumps got pretty hard by the end. loved the oblique booty rippers…..i noticed that I now have that “cut” definition down past my hip bone…if only the fluff in front would go away now….lol…took a bit to get the flow of the crabby’s…not the most coordinated person in the morning.

    I only counted the last set, my reps were 16-20-7 I was pretty consistent on the last 2 exercises, but know that I dropped a lot of reps on the first exercise.

    I started out with week 2 day 3 of the ab challenge and finished with 5 rounds of 1:00 / 1:00 high knee jog / jumping jacks

  • Thank goodness, no driving for the next 5 days. Hanging out with my mom and celebrating my 42 b-day tomorrow. I was able to sneak this routine in this afternoon. I was dripping sweat and it took longer for me to recover at the end of this routine.
    Warm up: 5mins
    Dynamic Stretch: 5mins
    Sharper Abs Challenge on dip station
    1. 22-18-16-16-20-20-20-15 (each tuck was counted as a rep)
    2. 20-16-18-16-15-16-14-13
    3. 7-7-6-5-6-6-5-5
    Cool down/stretching: 10mins

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      nice job :)))) in case I forget tomorrow….HAPPY B-DAY

    • tee_w

      Happy birthday!

    • Happy Birthday to you :))) Happy Birthday to you :))) Happy Birthday dear Lvetteeeeee :)) Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

      • I margined you’re singing this as you typed it. Thank you.

    • Happy birthday doll, have an amazing day.

    • It took me signing up for facebook to realize I’m 41…I can no longer deny my whole family sucks at counting.

      • OMG! I’m jsut reading this now and it happened a while ago, I know–but I thought it was so awesome you lost track of your age. I’m actualy trying to forget it myself, because I find it limits me to think about. 🙂 Happy waaaay belated birthday!

  • I send a happy belated birthday to you my fellow Scorpion.

  • JB

    1/28/13: great workout but really, really tough!

    Part 1: 9,8,7,7,8,7,8,8 (counted two jump tucks as one rep)
    Part 2: 19,17,18,18,18,19,20,20
    Part 3: 4,5,6,7,6,5,6,6 – these sucked lol

    Finished w/abs-focused kickboxing for 20 mins since I am trying desperately to slim my thighs 🙂
    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Loved this workout!! painful but great 🙂
    Those double tuck combo were killer.
    Part 1, average 10 -13
    Part 2, average 14-16
    Part 3, average 5-6

    I then completed 15 minutes cardio and stretching.
    thank you for another amazing routine!!

  • I created my own sweat pool…a wonderful cardio for a full body routine.

    Warm up: Basic warm up routine.
    Pre-workout: 3 rounds of 25 reps weighted bridges using 35lbs sandbag and 20 reps of 35lbs bag pick up squats.

    1. 18-15-16-15-14-15-16-13 (each tuck was counted as a rep)
    2. 26-23-25-22-22-22-22-18
    3. 8-7-7-6-8-5-6-6

    After a 2 minutes break I did a mini Challenge of 10/20 for 8 rounds..
    – Wall Climber
    – Isometric wide grip push up

    Cool down/stretching: 10 minutes.

  • Mary Lou

    Count? I had no ability to count towards the end. I started with week 4 of the solid booty challenge, avg 9-13 on part 1, 12-13 on part 2 and 4-5 on part 3. Finished with 3 rounds of 5 each: chin ups (I can do 3 in a row unassisted now, YAY!), push-ups and tricep dips, plus 3 rounds of 1 minute planks and 10 minutes skipping too. Whew!

  • Wendy Russell Scanlan

    Wow! My first time doing a HIIT full body workout besides the beginner one you have posted. I will definitely have to have a towel near by next time!

  • Kane

    You’re right, this is a beautifully exhilarating workout. So simple but effective (and deceptively tough). Thank you as always for the creative workout!

    • You know, sometimes I look at my videos and think, wow this looks like it’s so easy to do, but I remember how hard it was to actually do it.
      I guess after a few years on camera and few years performing in the circus, I’ve learned to make things look easier than they are 😉 Not sure if its a good thing or not.

  • Olga Tihencaia

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    ?????????? ????????!!!!