Dive Bomber Proper Form & Variations

Sep 15, 2012 by



Hello My Darlings,

I finally made this video that I’ve been planning to make for a long time now. Dive Bombers Proper Form & Variations.

I always want to remind you guys to keep your body tight in every exercise you do, not only does the exercise becomes harder, it becomes more effective. The more our full body works in each movement, the more calories we are burning.


Key Points of a Dive Bomber:


  • Always keep your whole body tight
  • In the starting position flex your legs
  • Always keep your abs tight
  • Don’t rush the movement, it’s about the quality not speed
  • At the Last Stage of the move squeeze your triceps & booty, pause for a second
  • As you slide back feel your shoulders working and flex them



Enjoy the variations!



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