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Interval Training Workout


Today’s workout is a follow up to yesterday’s ” Heartbeat Up Workout “. This routine focuses on upper body and lot’s of abs. This workout was an interval training and it went by super fast even though it wasn’t the shortest routine, but I really enjoyed it and I hope you will as well.

I wanted to remind you, when we train in the style of Interval Training the key to getting results from is – intensity. If you are not pushing through pain, you will not see great results. You take inn exactly what you put out! Someone wrote me the other day telling me that he doesn’t sweat easily during trainings, well if you are not sweating – you are not working! Today I was pouring sweat during the cold temperature ( as you can see I was wearing the silly socks cause my legs felt that cold ), that’s how I know I truly pushed.

In today’s routine I was using my timer, a 12 lbs medicine ball, a mat and My Pink Lebert .

Today’s workout was 27 minutes long, but it definitely didn’t feel like it, it just flew by.

Make sure you always do a proper Warm Up prior to exercising. Not only a good warm up will prevent you from injury, but it will set you up for a much better workout.


Countdown Workout Video



Workout Recap & Beginner Variation


Workout Explanation

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 10 seconds ( break interval ) and 45 seconds ( maximum effort interval ), for the total of 30 rounds. There are 10 exercises.

Watch the instructional video for the exercise variation if you don’t have equipment.

  • Unstable Push-Up
  • Shoulder Press on a medicine ball
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Sit up with a medicine ball & Butt Lift
  • Two Way Grip Pull Row
  • Wall Mountain Climbers
  • Oblique Lifts
  • Bicycles
  • Bear Push-Up
  • Reptile Dive Bomber


My scores

1) 8, 7, 6

2) 8, 7, 7

3) 29, 28, 28

4) 12, 12, 12

5) 11, 11, 10

6) 54, 42, 39

7) 9, 9, 8

8) 27, 23, 25

9) 14, 13, 12

10) 6, 5, 4


Share your scores!


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