All Around Plank Exercise

Jun 3, 2011 by

All Around Plank Exercise


All Around Plank is quite a challenge. This exercise if done correctly will make you sweat and give you a great burn. It works an incredible amount of muscle groups at once, builds your Upper Body Strength and Core Strength.

All you need is a chair or a bench if you are at a gym ( people might stare at you if you are at the gym, but that shouldn’t stop you because you are there to get in shape 😉 ).

You will start by getting into the plank position at one side of the chair, you will slowly walk your hands towards the other side until you make it all the way around. That counts as one rep.
Try doing 3 sets of 5 in the beginning and increase it to 10 as you progress.

Things to remember:

Keep your Abs Tight and your Back Locked. You should always use your Abs in every exercises, this is why it’s called The Core. Your strength will always come  from the middle ( The Core ) out.




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