Abs Ripper Push-Up Variation Exercise

Jul 15, 2011 by

Bodyweight Exercise


The other day I was experimenting with different push-up variations and I came up with this move. After doing 3 sets of 8 with breaks in between, I saw stars in my eyes ( I can do about 30 regular push-up’s in a row ). Not only that, but the next day my Abs were incredibly sore ( my abs rarely get sore ).


The Movement:

Start by doing a regular push-up, like this:


Bodyweight Exercise


Staying in isometric contraction, take your left leg off the ground and extend it straight to the side using your abs, like this:


Bodyweight Exercise


Bring your leg back and place it back down, now do the same on the other leg ( still staying in an isometric contraction push-up ). After bringing the second leg back down on the floor, push back up. That was one rep :).


To make this exercise even more of a challenge, instead of starting off a regular push-up, start with one leg push-up and simultaneously bring your leg to the side while performing a push-up.  


If you are a beginner:

Do this exercise off your knees. You can also bend the extending leg ( like the spider man push-up ).

If you try this exercise let me know how you liked it.



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