Abs Burner Exercise

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Abs Exercise


I really enjoy using a balance ball as part of my workout almost every day. I think I am on a mission to create as many balance ball uses as possible, and I am not kidding when I say that ;). This exercise is actually pretty simple, but it does require you to have some core strength.  I have an explanation for complete beginners at the bottom of the post.

Start by holding a balance ball tight between your feet, use your leg’s muscles as well, your hands should be behind your head. Like this:


Abs Exercise


Lift the ball up using your abs, now reach with both of your hands to one side and touch your toes ( if you can’t reach your toes don’t worry, just reach as far as you can ). Like this:


Abs Exercise


From here you will stretch your body back to the floor with your hands over your head ( make sure you stretch your abs to get as much range of motion as possible ). Like this:


Abs Exercise


Now do the same thing on the right side. Like this:


Abs Exercise


From here you will place your hands back behind your head and lower your legs. This was one rep :). Do 10 -15 reps for 3 rounds total.

For beginners:

If you are a complete beginner, don’t try to use a balance ball right away. You can do regular leg lifts of the floor without the ball, to make it easier place your hands underneath your lower back, palms down ( this will help you raise your legs ).
If you can’t raise your legs straight, you can bend them, this will make the exercise even easier.
Once you are able to complete 10 leg raises, try adding a balance ball.


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