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I ordered more and I love them


Our skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in our body. It needs to be taken care of and kept in healthy condition.   Many people don’t realize, how important it is to take care of their skin not just on your face, but your  body as well.

Our skin controls body temperature, protects us from germs and viruses, makes hormones, enzymes and much more.

And yet, many people treat their skin like it’s something that can be replaced overnight.   We abuse the  skin by putting harsh chemicals on it, going under the sun without protection, eat a terrible diet,  and don’t drink enough water.

But what I want to talk about, is a very small changes you can make that will be great difference to your skin and your overall health.

I am talking about the skin soap we use everyday.   Many of us,  go to a store spend about 8 or more dollars on packaged, processed, made by machines skin soap.  Just because the box says it’s good for you, doesn’t mean we should ignore the ingredients.   The soap is full of chemicals.  And every day we use those chemicals on our body.   What do you think happens when you lather chemicals on your skin every day?  Your skin absorbs it, and those chemicals begin to effect your organs as well as your health in general.  It’s just plain toxic.

I also developed a problem with severe dryness on my skin.   I even went to the Whole Foods ( the organic store ) to look for good soap there.   And I found some, but it was so expensive, and it still dried out my skin.

My only solution was to look online for a really good hand made soap that would not irritate my skin, be better for my health and that not cost me an arm with a leg.   I usually always shop online, it saves me money and the standing in line time.   I looked around and ordered a few just to try it out.   I was looking for natural and hand made.  If you really think of it, hand made anything is always a much better quality in general.  There is literally thousands of Handmade Soap.  And there are different prices.  Just keep looking around till you find something to fit your budget.

I absolutely fell in love with the soap I got.  Originally I ordered four but when I tried it I went back and ordered four more.  I am totally obsessed with the hand made soap now LOL.  I took a picture of the one’s I got.

Skin, Healthy Skin, taking care of skin

Hand Made Natural Soaps


My skin stopped drying out, and I feel like I am really doing something great for my skin and my health as well.  Before I purchased it, I made sure that ingredients didn’t have any chemicals in them. If they don’t show you the ingredients list, don’t buy it.

I think it’s a great thing to take care of our selves a little more, small changes will make a big difference.  And I try to make those small changes every day!

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