The Truth About Processed and Refined Sugar

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I have my own experience with sugar addiction for years.  And quite frankly, I never thought about what it could really do to my system.  I thought I love it and that is all I need to know.  But I started to do some digging more deeper into it, and I found some things, that made me fall into shock and not only when I was looking into the mirror to see my face with breakouts, but mental shock as well.   I just couldn’t believe that something that was so amazing to my taste buds could be so damaging to my overall health and my skin.

Many foods we eat on a regular basis are loaded with sugar. When I go to the super market and look at labels, especially if the labels says something is ” Natural “.  Sugar seems to be like air, it is everywhere.  Even if you can’t taste the sugar in the food, it’s still there.

When sugar hits the bloodstream it doesn’t get burned as energy, it starts sticking to the cells. If you eat a lot of sugar each day, it literally eats you alive.  Your energy level goes down, as a result of insulin spikes, you will get more wrinkles because sugar eats your collagen, your nails become more brittle, it also eats up your muscle.  It’s like a parasite. ( Processed sugar that is)

The reason why your skin looses collagen is because refined carbohydrates such as white bread and other white flour products, contain a lot of sugar and cause an inflammation of the skin. That creates high levels of free radicals which attack the collagen that keeps the skin’s firmness.  Free radicals, also cause illness all over your body.

Processed sugar also attacks our immune system. Research has shown that white blood cells are less efficient at fighting illness when exposed to sugar.  In United States, diabetes and obesity are spreading like cancer.  Because the sugar added to our foods. It is cheaper to make crappy food, just add some sugar and it will taste better.  That is why, the portions at restaurants are so huge.

When I first came to US, I went out to eat to a really nice buffet.  And I never saw a buffet that was so big in my life.  When they told me I can have anything I want, and in the quantity that I wanted, I thought it was a joke.  But it wasn’t so I helped my self to 6 plates.  Is that crazy or what?

Anyway,  what I didn’t know back then is how America makes their food.  I found my self addicted to sugar, after a few years of  living here.  When I was younger I hated sweets, but here it seemed like all I ate was sweets, and the more I ate the more I wanted.  Only after I realized my addiction to sugar, and only after I parted with that addiction did I feel better.  OMG, did I feel better.  And you will too, if you cut down on your sugar intake, or if you can eliminate it completely.  It’s not easy to do, the first few weeks you will experience withdrawal and craving for sugar, but you can try to substitute with fresh fruit which has a natural form of sugar and eventually your cravings will pass and you will start to feel and look great.

Here you have it.  Since my old sugar addicted life came to an end, I don’t even have cravings for it any more.  But I wasn’t alone in my battle, I had a little help, from a natural supplement called Chromium Phicolinate, it helps you stop craving sugar. It is about 6-7 dollars at your local whole foods store or walmart, and I only took it for a month.  Now my sugar craving disappeared for good.  When I crave something sweet, I reach for Pineapple, Cherries, Grapes and I don’t even miss stuffing my face with pies, ice-creams and cakes LOL.  Now I am not saying you should just go on this craze of completely cutting all of your pleasures out, just take it easy and intuitively you will not want it anymore.  That’s my own experience with sugar addiction.


Have you ever had a sugar addiction?


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  • FFI

    Theres a reason that nature made us develop a liking for sweet foods. I guess it was for the sweetness in the fruits and modern people developed a liking for the refined sugar.

    • Tatianna

      Yep that’s exactly what happened! Good thing I love fruit 🙂

  • jt

    This is a very important topic regarding overall health and of course, neither pharmaceutical or food industry actually care to make a consistent change. If anything, they will sell supplements that STILL TASTE SWEET, like Stevia (BTW, most of the industrial stevia sold is not the beneficial one), so the problem never really dissapears.

    I also had a sugar addiction. Almost my whole life, to be honest. But I started noticing its effects when I was 28. Until then, I had always been naturally (and surprisingly) slim (not dead-skinny, just slim and proportioned). I used to eat many sweets a day, sometimes a whole gummy bears bag or a pack of cookies. 3 teaspoons of sugar with my hot beverages. Bless my metabolism..!
    But then, I started to put on weight. I had no idea what was going on. I ate veggies, I didn’t buy much processed food (except for the sweet stuff)… I couldn’t put my finger on it, I ate as I always had. Other problems started to arise and a good specialist doctor ordered a O’Sullivan blood test, he had his suspicions. When the results came in, I was only a step away from diabetes (pre-diabetes). He wasn’t a nutritionist or anything related, but he told me to cut down on sugar and to exercise. I cut down on sugar but it wasn’t until 2010 that I consistently started to work out.

    And that was one of the hardest things to do for me, because more than anything, EDUCATION, I still think, is the key. I had no idea about simple and complex carbs, proteins, etc., and the role they play in our body. That’s basic, I think it should be taught in the last years of high-school (when you can make some sense of it :P). But in my case, and I guess it’s most of people’s, it was something I learned over time. 
    I started by gradually decreasing the amount of sugar in my hot beverages. Of course, there were many failured situations in between, some horrible cravings by trying to avoid everything sweet, etc. Since a year or so, I’m able to have any drinks with no sugar, and I mostly drink water (sometimes a little wine, or a beer, but rarely). Let’s say it took me 3 years to hold my sugar horses, and appreciate the natural sweet taste of food. It took a lot of willpower. I don’t even eat any cookies or biscuits. If I want some, I bake them myself! (with no sugar or a bit of honey). But I usually get by with homemade granola bars 🙂

    From time to time (like, YESTERDAY lol), I bake something naughty, petit choux this time 🙂 (because baking was one of my dearest hobbies). But until next time, I allow a month or more for the next batch… it’s the sensible thing to do, sugar takes no prisoners and one has to be sure to be the one in control 🙂

    • OMG you and me both!!!  I use to have quite the sugar addiction my self, nutella was eaten in boxes, i’m not kidding.  I had a full container every day with my milano cookies 🙂 a box of them.  I ate like that right after I moved to FL and stopped working in a show, I gained 25 lbs in 6 months.  And then I went to Moscow and stuffed my face with those delicious Russian chocolates, cakes and cookies.  Ended up gaining another 5 lbs in 3 weeks.  When I got back my husband looked at me and that was the first time he actually said something, he was like ” Hmm you do look a little bit bigger then usual “, the funniest thing of all is that I still had a six pack, but it was layered with fat :).  I got my self together, said good bye to sweets and it probably took me about 4-5 months’ to loose all the weight.  I didn’t want to do it fast because I know its’ not good for our BMR.  That was probably the fattest I’ve ever been in my life and it was all because of crazy amounts of sugar, and it’s addicting.  Did you notice when you stop eating it you get very cranky?  Boy was I moody!!!  

      The way I always kick my sugar addiction when it gets out of control is a mineral called Chromium Picolinate, it’a a natural mineral and it’s usually added to supplements but I buy it in it’s pure form, 250 mcg and I take 1 mineral per day.  Within a week I can’t even look at sugar, and if you eat something sweet it tastes weird.  What this mineral does is balance out your blood glucose and you naturally don’t want to eat it.  I take it for 2-3 months, then I naturally don’t want it.

      • jt

        That was a serious addiction!!!! So much nutella!!! 25 lbs of it!!!!!!!! Jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!! 😉
        Had I known about that mineral, it wouldn’t have taken me 3 years to take control of ittttttttt ahhhh 😉 
        If I ever see anyone struggling with sugar, I’ll give them that very useful info, thanks! 🙂

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