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Yerba Mate


There is a very popular saying – ” Coffee awakens your mind and body. Yerba Mate awakens your soul! “.

This is not just any tea, it’s an extremely nutritious drink, and it has a higher antioxidant capacity than regular green tea. As little as one serving of Yerba Mate contains about 7 g of fiber, about 9 g of protein, 10 mg of Iron, 600 mg of Potassium and a little over 200 mg of Magnesium. To top that off, it also has small quantities of Vitamin B1 and B2, riboflavin, carotene, pantothenic acid, inositol and 15 types of amino acids.

Yerba Mate has properties similar to caffeine which provides incredibly clear energy levels and mental alertness.
The stimulant this energy comes from, is a unique form of xanthine ( a stimulant in coffee ).  It’s like coffee that’s stripped from all of the negative effects and only left with a positive. It’s stimulates central nervous system without being addictive or give you anxieties. Unlike caffeine, Yerba Mate induces better sleep.
This tea provided enough nutrients to act as a vegetable. Some people refer to it as a “drinking a salad.”


Benefits to the Immune System

When consumed in the traditional method, it boosts the immune system and helps to treat common cold and flu viruses. It’s because Yerba Mate is full of polyphenols – a powerful antioxidants that strengthen the organism’s natural defenses and protects it from cellular destruction. Another benefit of this tea is it’s ability to detoxify cells.



Traditionally Yerba Mate is prepared in a gourd and consumed with a metal straw called bombilla,  it looks like a spoon with holes at the bottom.
But you can also make it in a coffee pot the same way you would brew coffee. Don’t place too many tea leaves because the tea expands and it will overflow.

Oh, I almost forgot – never use boiling water for Yerba mate, the water should be hot but not boiled.


This is the kind I always get


Yerba Mate


I like the traditional Yerba Mate better vs the one that comes in little bags.  But you should try out different flavors to see which one you like better.

To get the benefits of Yerba Mate you should drink at least one or two cups a day.




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  • Eartha @ Trying Fitness

    I’m a huge tea drinker but only herbal because they are naturally caffeine free. I was aware of Yerba Mate but was weary because of the stimulant effect. However, everything about it sounds good!

    • Tatianna

      Hi Eartha :)
      The stimulant in yerba mate is different from coffee, more sharp and it doesn’t give you the shakes like coffee. But if you prefer caffeine free you might not like mate. But I drink it for the nutrition because of all the vitamins it contains and the stimulant gives me a nice kick for my workouts.

  • Bonnie Mechefske

    I LOVE yerba mate and started drinking it for the nutrition.  When I stick to one or too cups a day or every other day I’m fine, feel good.  I don’t really notice anything until I STOP drinking it and then notice lagging energy.  A few years ago I suffered from adrenal fatigue/burn out and have to be very wary of any kind of stimulants.  However more than a cup everyday and I DO NOT SLEEP.  It is not the same stimulation as caffeine as I don’t get heart palpitations from Yerba Mate (thank goodness) but it is definitely a drugged insomnia.  I still drink it because I love it, but as with many things we love, in moderation.  I just thought I’d add my experience!

    • Tatianna

      Hi Bonnie,
      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with yerba mate. It’s strange it gave you insomnia, it always helps me sleep better. Maybe you should also experiment with brands and preparation methods. I always get the traditional kind and try not to use many leaves.

  • l-p-r
    • Tatianna

      I love my coffee as well, but I had to cut it down to only a cup day, before I use to drink so 5 times more.

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  • chw777

    Mate does not need hot water. Room temperature works as well. Just throw 2 or 3 teabags in a cup of water and let steep for 15 minutes. I let them steep overnight and drink it in the morning. Also, tea does not contain fiber.