The Black Curtain Of Agriculture

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As I mentioned in a few different posts I wrote, I saw a couple of documentaries that I recommend for everyone to see. One is called Food Inc, and the other Food Matters.

I already had an Idea about American agriculture, and the secret behind the abundance of food. But after watching exactly how conventional produce manufacturers work behind the black curtain, I felt obligated to reach out to more people about this. Walking through the isle in the supermarket hasn’t been the same.

Take the animal produce for example, about 50 years ago it use to take three month’s to grow a chicken, and the chickens use to eat grass and run free in the sunshine. Not anymore, now they lock hundreds of chickens inside a dark barn with no light or space, feed them growth hormones to grow faster and bigger, and give them antibiotics so the chickens don’t get sick. They are raised in a filthy barn, where they die every day – this is what fast food industry is serving to an average consumer.
Farmers are kept in fear, if they speak the truth they loose their contracts with the food manufacturing companies. They have no choice but keep quiet, and do what they are told.

The same thing with cows and pigs, instead of grass cows are being fed corn since it’s cheaper to produce – biologically cows can’t digest corn, they get sick as well, and there are no laws to prevent this from happening.
People are dying from contaminated mean, but there is still no law to stop it. Not only this type of produce is inhumane but it’s dangerous to our health and to the environment. This is what’s making the world sick! I am not even going to get into the pesticides in fruits and veggies, and grain cloning ( how sick is that ).

Here is a trailer from a movie I am talking about, you just have to see it for your self. ( I am not promoting this movie, I just believe it’s very enlightening and can help people understand how the food system works )



If you think you are buying cheaper produce and getting a great deal, think again – is the price is worth a disturbing reality?

On the sunny side 🙂 – Organic industry is growing and thriving, finally people everywhere are becoming more and more aware of this epidemic going on in the agriculture world.

Buying Organic food, you are not only contributing to your health, you are contributing to the economy and humane food production. You don’t have to go to a Whole Foods Market to purchase good food anymore, you can go to a local Farmers Market and meet the people who grow your food. Farmers Market is less expensive and the food is grown locally.

If you have time you can also make a home garden and grow fruits, veggies and herbs. I don’t think I am the person to do that, simply because I am terrible with plants. I had 2 cactuses and they both died – sadly :(.

My hope is that one day, all the foods will be made organic by law, and for that to happen we have to support The Organic Industry. We all have the power to change the world!

Do you support The Organic Community?


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  • I buy organic sometimes but it’s not a huge priority because it’s out of our price range. Our budget comes first but maybe one day we can afford it. I still need to watch those movies!

    • Tatianna

      Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive, I’ve been going to Farmers Market a lot so it makes a difference in price :). After seeing those movies, shopping for food changed forever.

    • tanya_hart

      I’m sorry but this is illogical. You are eating bad food now hoping oneday you can afford the good kind? In my humble opinion if you dont eat well now all the xtra money that youare hoping to have in the future will be spent on doctor bills for health problems caused by bad food you eat now. Or do i get it all completely wrong?

  • mike block

    After watching Food, Inc., Supersize Me, and going to, my family and I decided to only eat locally-produced goods that are in season. Most of what we eat only says “Made in USA” on it, so that could still mean 3000-plus miles away. I just remember my mother saying, “no, we can’t get cantalope right now, it’s not in season.” Sometime between my folks providing for me and going off on my own, this all changed. Thankfully, my wife, who does the shopping, brought this to my attention. I had never realized how skewed the food industry is. There is nothing wrong with not being able to buy apples in the Spring. If anything, it makes you appreciate them that much more. We live in NYC and from Spring to Autumn, we do most of our shopping at farmer’s markets (there are dozens around the city). The produce is tastier, the meats are fresher and we just feel better after eating. ’nuff said.

    This instant-gratification lifestyle needs to stop and we need to get back to sensible agriculture and provisioning. You can’t have provisions without “vision”.

    Another favorite is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Search online for the chicken nuggets episode (where he tries to gross children out by showing them what chicken nuggets are made of….. and fails). It’s tear-jerking. Just like the health care, economic, and judicial systems, the food industry is in dire need of a complete overhaul.

    …and Mary: try to find the Smuckers All-Natural peanut butter. It’s the same price as the “other” kind, and very much worth it! (Smuckers should be paying me!) Maybe if we could all start buying only those kinds of products, the manufacturers would devote more resources to producing them. Then the price would go down and all the added salt and sugar would disappear – and you’d think adding something to a product would make it MORE expensive…

    Stay healthy!

    • Tatianna

      Awesome comment Mike!
      You always make such great points. It does surprise me how so many people prefer to stay in the dark about the food industry. Blaming it on how they can’t afford it. But the reality of it, is it is not much more expensive than the conventional food. As you said Smuckers Peanut butter, is only 3.99 and regular peanut butter is about 3.79 – not that much different.
      I always go to Target and get Organic apples for 1.99 a pound, and conventional apples are exactly the same price, and some are even more. As you said, the farmers market makes it much easier to get un expensive good food. You just have to give your self the time to find it.
      I will Netflix Food Revolution tonight, after watching Food Inc, it made me so sick to my stomach. Sicker than sick.
      I am actually doing some research about the supplements companies as well. Looks like the FDA is looser than I thought. I found out, that the supplement companies are allowed to lie on the amount of the ingredients they place in products, meaning they only place about 10 percent of what they are claiming. If it’s like this now, where are we going to be 5 or 10 years from today?
      That makes me really afraid!

  • Jennifer Barnes

    I support the Organic Community, though I don’t buy everything organic. Lately I’ve been wanting to incorporate a little bit more into my diet as I’ve been learning what exactly is in my food. Gross! When I’m in the health food stores I’m a little confused on what to buy and what tastes good besides the fruits and veggies. While I’m in a regular grocery store I run into the same problem when I’m consciously wanting to buy something healthy. I”m learning here and there what’s good at the organic stores, plus you give great suggestions. In about 2 more months I’ll be introducing solids to my baby and I plan to puree organic fruits and veggies for him, so why not I jump on it too.

    Oh and I looked into the whole supplement deal too. It’s misleading as well. I take fish oil pills from Nordic Naturals and I hope these are as good as they claim.

    I didn’t know that farmers markets are organic. Did I understand that right? Does this mean that the fruits and vegetables I buy from my city’s local vendor stands that stand solo on the side of the roads are organic as well? I thought all of these are loaded with pesticides and such so it would be great to be wrong.

    • Tatianna

      Hi Jenny 🙂
      So happy you stopped by – I like it! Yep the food industry is getting worst and worst. I can’t even imagine where we are going to be in 20 years.
      It’s a great Idea for you to give your baby organic food, especially when he is just growing and developing. Conventional food is empty on nutrients as well as taste.
      Farmers Market do sell food without pesticides, usually farmers who work for them selves don’t use pesticides. Farmers who work for manufacturing companies do, the companies provide growth hormones and pesticides to their own farmers because the food grows faster, and they make more money. If you go to a local Farmers Market, the food is grown locally, so it’s not that old. When you go to a store, most of the food there is at least a few weeks old, since they import it from somewhere else.
      I am also going to do some research into the supplements, but I am so picky I look at every ingredient and there is just so much junk out there.