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I wanted to share another  nutritious wonder Kombucha.   It is known as the ‘the elixir of long life’.  I just finished my workout and I usually drink it right after.
Drinking Kombucha promotes good health and helps millions of people with its excellent detoxifying and immune-enhancing properties.

Kombucha is considered to be a complete health therapy. Doctors are now recommending Kombucha to their patients.

Kombucha has a wide range of organic acids, vitamins and enzymes that give it an amazing nutritional value.  It contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, which provide the body with energy to process fats and proteins that are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.  It also contains vitamin C which detoxifies and charges your immune system and over all vitality of life.

It is an effective metabolic balancer helping the various organs work together (the way your body suppose to work, in synergy with all the organs ) it’s pro biotic which means it supports the beneficial bacteria.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Metabolic function balancing is one of the important values of Kombucha.  This is one reason why it is not symptom specific – why it does not always help a specific immune-related illness, but rather seems to go to a person’s own weakness or personal imbalance.  It activates your body to heal it self, how it’s meant to be.   If we learn to balance our body, it will heal it self.

Kombucha’s influences the liver, blood and the digestive system, by normalizing acidity or pH.

The body gets rid of toxic in various ways.  One is through deep breathing – it makes the blood more alkaline.  Another way is by flushing out toxins through the kidneys– Kombucha helps your body to do that.  Another incredible factor that Kombucha provides, it’s liver detoxification and restorative liver function.   Liver is one of the most important organs, it has the ability to restore itself and assists in digestion, metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates to provide energy for the body, as well as storing important vitamins and minerals. I read more and more stories of people treating Cancer by combining Kambucha with a healthy eating.
Every time I feel sick, I go out for my Kombucha, and when I drink it, what ever I usually have, migraine, cold, low energy, it’s like a miracle drink, everything goes away.
It is a bit expensive to buy, but what I found is that you can learn to brew it your self.   They sell at home kits for brewing Kombucha. I am still looking inn to that.   Once I find something I like, I will post it and share.

Kombucha Health Benefits

Kombucha The Drink of Health


Have you ever tried Kambucha?  Leave me a comment 🙂


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  • I got into the kombucha craze about 12 years ago. I stopped, but I’m thinking of getting back to it. You can easily make your own with a bottle of store-bought. If you leave a bottle of kombucha just sitting around, the fungus that produces it will grow back. Once you have a nice sized mushroom, make a big pot of the most ghastly, unhealthy black tea you can find. Put it in a large, sterile, glass container and take your fungus and just throw it in (some mix in a handful of sugar, but the fungus eats this, it doesn’t make it to the bottle). In a week or 2, depending on the acidity level you’re looking for, your kombucha is ready to be strained through a piece of cheesecloth. Bottle it and enjoy.

    Save the fungus in a plastic bag with some of the kombucha. Stick it in the fridge and reuse. Eventually, from use, the fungus will reproduce and you can pass the baby along to a friend.

    I had learned that kombucha became popular in Russia in the 50s and 60s. Did you notice a lot of people back home drinking it or did you just learn about it from your studies?


    • Tatianna

      I learned from my studies, in Russia we drank a lot of tea but it wasn’t like the Kombucha I get here. Im exited to try it out to make it my self. I just love when I drink it, it makes me feel really good. If I get a mild cold or a headache I just drink Kombucha and it all goes away. It’s expensive though to buy it in bottles. Do you know of any other great health foods I can try?

  • Courtney

    I LOVE kombucha. My area has an amazing local brewer who has a stall at the farmers market. It’s my Saturday morning treat every weekend. I’ve found that I like the locally brewed stuff more than the stuff I pick up at Whole Foods. It’s typically less effervescent, and it doesn’t give me a headache. Sometimes the national chain stuff, particularly GT’s kombucha, gives me a dull headache. But it sure is tasty. My all-time favorite is the Trilogy, but I recently tried the Lavender (No 3?) and really liked it too.

    I want to brew it at home, but I need to do more research. I read recently that you have to be very careful when brewing at home to make sure you’re not growing something that could make you sick. But it could have just been a scare article from the medical community to keep people away from the wonderful benefits of kombucha. They can’t have people healing themselves when they have prescription drugs to push!

    • I would love to try locally brewed kombucha, but in my area to find this treasure it’s impossible, maybe some day )))

  • dani

    Hello I just discovered this site and was reading some blogs, including this one. I’ve been making my own kombucha for a few years now after buying it was so expensive. I do use the nice glass jars though. the “mushroom” is not a fungus…it’s a “SCOBY” which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. I add either grape or cherry juice and do a second short fermentation and add ginger sometimes. The pain is getting ginger juice (difficult even with juicer). I’m looking forward to reading more on this siteThanks

    • Hi Dani,

      Welcome to Loving Fit !!! 🙂