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Healthy Food


Happy Monday My Lovies!

I want to wish you a wonderful beginning of the week and send you lot’s of positive energy and love!  Today I had a whole different post planned out, but all of a sudden I got an idea to make a post about foods that I include daily in my regimen, these foods are my staple and I never ever skip on them, if I do it happens very rare.  If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am not a fan of counting calories or counting every drop that falls into my mouth. I just love to eat healthy foods in the amounts that my body craves, I listen to my body at all times and if I feel like I’m craving something I just eat it.

Before I share with you all the foods I eat daily, I wanted to say that I am just staying in shape, at the moment I don’t have goals to lose weight or do anything specific, I just want to be in shape and be happy.

Food #1 – Organic Eggs


Healthy Food


I always have 2 and sometimes 3 organic eggs daily.  Most of the time I have it for breakfast but sometimes if I had something different for breakfast I would eat eggs for dinner ( yes I do that 🙂 ).


Food # 2 – Steel Cut Oats


Healthy Food


Now, I know that some of you guys who follow my blog don’t eat grain, but for me I absolutely need it.  I’ve tried no grain thing for a while and it didn’t work very well for me.  I always recommend everyone to listen to your own body and eat the foods that you feel work for your body type.  Recently, yes just recently I’ve discovered Steel Cut Oats ( where have I been all these years that I just now tried them LOL ).  I tried them and good bye Old Fashioned Oatmeal, I’m a Steel Cut Girl now ;).  What I love about Steel Cut Oats is that I can make them sweet with cinnamon for breakfast or salty with chicken for dinner.  I cook them a bit different than the package states, I cook them for only 25 minutes on very low heat ( the package states 55 minutes ), but I think that would be way too much.  For dinner I make them with coconut oil and grass fed beef sausages ( MMM so good ).  I eat about 1-2 cups a day.


Food # 3 – Organic Baby Kale


Healthy Food


I think I won’t sing you a song about Kale, I’m sure most of you already know that it’s the most Nutritious Veggie on ANDI list.  I always eat my kale raw and I eat about 2-3 cups a day.


Food #4 – Organic Apples


Healthy Foods


I’ve totally cut down on my fruit consumption, because I’ve realized that it was too much sugar for me to consume daily ( I eat some really absurd amounts of fruit before ).  Now, I eat only 2 organic apples a day, and that is the only fruit that I consume during the week.  On weekends I would eat watermelon or pineapple.  I love to eat my apples with a spoon of Organic Peanut Butter, because I love the energy that it gives me.


Food # 5 – Coconut Oil


Healthy Food


I’ve written an article about coconut oil before, so here I will just say that it’s the only oil I use when I cook for my self.  Normally I buy it Unrefined, but this time the store was out of it ( 3 stores to be exact ), I had to settle for the refined this time.  I don’t like this kind as much because it doesn’t have that coconut smell that I love so much, but others who don’t like the coconut smell would really enjoy this variation.


Food #6 – Organic Cashews and Hazelnuts


Healthy Food


These are my absolute favorite nuts right now, before I always used to buy salted cashews but when I tried them raw I fell in love even more.  Hazelnuts I usually add to my breakfast or just have them as a snack, I absolutely love how they taste.  I always have them in my house and I eat both of these nuts almost daily.


Food #7 – Organic Peanut Butter


Healthy Food



This is another food that I absolutely love and as you might already know I even add it to my chicken salad.  I just love crunchy organic peanut butter ( non organic tastes different and I can tell them apart right away, it’s not as delicious as the organic one ).  As I mentioned earlier I also love to have a spoon of peanut butter with my apple as a snack.


Food # 8 – Clif Kid Bars ( Chocolate Brownie )


Healthy Foods


OMG these things taste like a brownie and they have incredible ingredients.  I love to have them with my tea in the afternoon, sometimes if I feel naughty I add some peanut butter to them.  They have just a bit more sugar than I would like ( 11 g ) but I can live with that if I only eat 1 a day.  Miguel love these things as well and he is very picky when it comes to healthy bars.


Of course, you guys already know that I eat chicken daily ( I’m sure you’ve seen it in my food diary posts ), and lately I’ve also added Grass Fed Beef Sausages that I’ve been eating on a regular basis as well.  Most of my protein I get from chicken, eggs and sometimes fish.


What kinds of foods do you guys eat daily and what are your must have favorite healthy foods?


Have a beautiful week my darlings!




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  • Skippie22

    Hi Tati! Thank you so much for this post!!
    I have been on a food failure path for a while now. I have tried following the Blood Type diet for about 6 months (I’m Type O) and I may be finally realizing that *some* of it works for me, and some of it really doesn’t!! For example, “no grains at all” (or only “millet” or whatever) has made me a little bit wacko. I believe you’d done a post on the Blood Type diet a while ago (and if memory serves, you are Type O like me??), and said that it definitely reduced your body fat but that you didn’t feel like it was necessary as a long-term thing.
    Well, I simply can’t tell if it’s working for me or not. I very sincerely hate eggs and the Type O diet says NO dairy at all and NO legumes (so…no protein powder, whey, soy or otherwise!). Because of this, I often despair at what to eat when I get hungry (“I’m hungry! What do I DO??? The things I’m allowed to eat sound awful to me right now!”) and then I feel miserable and deprived and I PLOW into the almond butter and wake up after my coma in a cloud of shame.
    Being religious about which foods I “should” have, which foods I “can” have and which foods I “can’t” have makes me try really hard to make food enjoyable…so I end up spending hours in the grocery store and the kitchen concocting recipe upon recipe so that I can tolerate (and maybe even sometimes look forward to) the foods I’m supposed to eat. But I’m just tired. I just want to think less about food because it’s giving me more of an eating disorder than my teenage bingeing habit.
    Your post emphasizes that it really can be simple. Not guilt-driven. Maybe eating shouldn’t be quite this hard. 🙂 I just really needed to read this exactly tonight, and voilà you wrote it and posted the link to facebook. Thanks Tatianna. <3

    • Hey sweetie, the most important thing when it comes to eating and living healthy is being happy, after trying thing upon thing I’ve realized that the best way for each individual is to eat what they crave. Our bodies are very smart, it’s good to listen to your self, there is no going around it. Our life in general is not about deprivation, but in doing and eating what we truly love and feel comfortable with. Being comfortable, not counting and eating what you crave, when you crave it, it’s how I’ve been eating in the past few years, and it just works. So, listen to your body, there is really no one size fits all, and your goal is to eat what makes you happy and makes you feel good, while supporting your training and recovery.

      We work so hard, we exercise, we keep good form and we also suppose to enjoy life, now all we have to do is to listen to our own individual intuition. And since you’re an artist, it’s much easier for you to listen to your intuition when it comes to health 🙂

      • You are so right! I eat eggs for dinner everyday 2 to 3.. I been changing a lot of things in my diet lately, like I told you in my long messages that I always write to you. And i need this words right know since I been cutting dairy (but not the greek yogur for now, it’s hard!!) but no more cheese, milk… And I really feel the change, always no more protein powders… And that’s what make me think of eating fish! I s a bit hard for me since I’m been vegetarian for the pass 4 or 5 years! But sometimes I think “maybe is just mentally hard” cause I think my body will receive very well the fish and animal protein since I been eating eggs everyday… It sounds rally silly, but is hard to make that kind of changes in my live… I think of eating fish, shrimps a lot, but something stop me, maybe what I have created around the theme of vegetarianism :s I say everyday to me “eat what yo feel” and no more….

    • OMG… Skippie22, it sounds like you created a mini torture for yourself. Tati is right, healthy eating is simple unfortunately the diet industry with the need to sell products/books have made it to be a complicated affair. Trust your own instinct and follow your own path…eat for you, not the diet industry. Best of luck!

    • Hello beautiful, yep, I’m type O as well, the no grain thing drove me crazy as well, I love grain! It’s definitely something short term, long term can really drive you nuts.

      I think definitely simplicity is best with everything, diet, exercise and life in general. I’ve learned that with all of my experiments with different things.

  • Lili

    First of all, I want to thank you Tati for your amazing website. It is the first time I comment, but I have been following you for a year and I always come back for more sore muscles : P. You put together the most amazing workouts and challenges. A while ago I would have not believed that I could complete the push up challente but I did! and it’s all thanks to your inspiration. Now, as for the subject of this post, I’m a vegan so I have a hard time cutting down on my carb consumption (but I do try!) I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast, usually with a small apple and a lot of cinnamon. I am not much of a fruit fan, so I only ocassionally eat fruits other than apples, pineapple and papaya. I use coconut milk that I make myself, about two to three cups everyday. I also consume big salads with dark leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, onions. I use olive oil and usually eat some type of legume for protein like beans or lentils. I do have a terrible flaw. I loooooove bread, but I’ve made the commitment of only eating it if I make it myself. Unfortunately, I also love to bake 🙁

  • Mel

    I love coconut oil and use it as a substitute for oil in cooking all the time I also use or as a hair treatment, but I don’t like what is sold at the grocery store in Australia so I always use banaban instead which is organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil from Fiji, difficult to find but will worth it. It is solid instead of an oil and smells like heaven.

  • Guest

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    • Ekaterina Z

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  • Julia Loginova

    Tanusha, good day!

    Do you eat any kinds of fruits and berries like peaches, plums, apricots, pears, sweet cherries, raspberries, red and blac currant? What about bananas? I know, I like them very much!!! 🙂

  • Lili Suke

    Hi Tati, thank you for the post 🙂 You mention, that you eat what your body craves…so did it stop craving fruits? I am asking because I can eat daily a lot of fruits (3-4 banans! (i love them!), an apple, 2appricots)…i am a little worried about the fructose in them, but I feel like I have to eat them all them time 🙂

  • I also use coconut oil when I cook. I especially like it in my desserts. I eat almonds daily, I used to eat a lot of peanuts but I kind of got bored with them… The same thing happened with oats, so now I eat buckwheat and quinoa. I eat bread too, mostly whole grain, but I eat small portions. I tried not eating bread but I would overeat on oats so it wouldn’t really make any difference. I also LOVE chickpeas and I eat them daily too 🙂 I can’t live with out cabbage, green salad and broccoli.
    I wanted to ask you something about my strength training. I’ve been feeling really tired lately and I noticed that my form was getting worse and it took me longer to complete my workouts. I decided to do power yoga instead of strength workouts (I usually did yours). I do half an hour of yoga and cardio or abs routines after – 5 times a week. This week I also plan to start your abs challenge. I am wondering if I should expect any changes in my body. It is summer here and it’s really hot, so I think I really need this change right now, I just hope I won’t loose my strength.

  • lucyroy

    Have you tried raw almond butter or better yet raw cashew butter? So much better for you than peanut butter, don’t get me wrong i love peanut butter but once I tried those, I kicked peanut butter butter to the curb lol. Most stores carry them and of course you can get them in ny health food store but they are so darn expensive so I decided to invest into getting myself an awesome blender by Blendtec, much like vitamix but since I love making nut butters, this one has a special attachment called the twist jar that you buy separately and it is specifically for making thick stuff like nut butters and hummus. It’s a real powerful machine, makes all sorts of stuff, you should check it out, it even makes ice creams 🙂

  • Zivenaberry

    You and my seven year old daughter would get along famously! She LOVES those Cliff Kid Bars. I once bought her the chocolate chip ones and she snubbed me. She said, “It’s not the brownie kind, Mom!!!” I’ve been eating hemp and chia seeds daily. I love the hemp seeds because they are anti inflammatory and I tend to get inflammation in my joints. Does your diet change with the season? Mine definitely does. I tend to eat local if at all possible, and living in northern Illinois that means I engorge myself on strawberries for about a week in June (strawberry season is coming to a close here now), then in late summer I’ll eat nothing but homegrown watermelon for a few weeks, lol. Yesterday I picked a nice mess of green beans from my garden and cooked them up with some fresh picked red onions from my garden as well. Winter time I eat more beef, beans, and root veg. Summer I’m almost vegan with all the fresh, homegrown veggies! lol

    • I think we picked about 10lbs of strawberries last night from our neighbour’s farm…the strawberry eat-athon continues for me.

  • I love steel cut oatmeal. When I not chowing on a bowl of granola, steel cut oat is in the bowl. For me peanut butter is a memory thing…I like all the other butters but good old crunchy peanut butter beats them all in my book. I tried hazel nut because of you; lets me say I now have a nut I could eat a handful and be satisfied ( really enjoyed the little bitterness taste) without eating the whole bag.

  • Rosalmeida

    I eat fish daily: a main meal of meat, and the other main meal is fish (the other main in the breakfast). Fish I eat: salmon, tuna, white fish, sardine, and sometimes mackerel but my favorite is definitely salmon (I almost love it more than chicken :)) [You know we folks here in the mediterranean eat fish a lot. Portugal is the nr. 1 country in the world who eats the most amount of fish). Fish is very healthy, has less fat than meat, still is a great source of protein and finally, great source of Omegas. And I love the taste as well 🙂 I can’t have hazelnuts at home, I really do my best avoiding purchasing them (only as a croutch when I have nothing better out of home to carry on my bag in case I feel hungry) because I can’t stop eating them, can’t control myself it’s like candy and totally addictive to me, I love them; I can’t eat only a portion a day (plus it has the phytic acid as for the rest of nuts and legumes, and also has PUFAs so one shouldn’t be eating this daily or in great amounts – hazelnuts doesn’t have a lot of PUFA actually but cashews, for instance, do but again, still all of them have the phytic acid) so for all these reasons I avoid them 🙂 I’m one of those not eating grains nor legumes – peanut is a legume actually so, no peanut butter for me as well 🙂 And finally: I’m only eating two pieces of fruit nowadays too, I was having three but I’m reducing it as well 🙂

  • Jos

    Eggs, chicken, beef are my daily staple protein. I’ve been enjoying cauliflower a lot lately, especially when it’s made into fake “mashed potatoes” – YUM! Also I enjoy all kinds of green leafy veggies anytime. I love coconut oil as well plus red palm oil and grass-fed butter as my fat choice.

    And I am also one of those who don’t eat grains (except my once a week meal of white rice in form of rice congee for my weekly carb refeeding) nor legumes so no peanuts for me either although I do love peanut butter!

    I don’t eat much fruits either, maybe 1 serving per week. Berries are my favorite 🙂

  • Wow, Loves, look at all your awesome comments!

  • Marina

    Taniusha, vy prosto prelest! Vy takaja dobraja i pozitivnaja!!!! Spasibo Vam za Vashu rabotu!!!! Daj Bog Vam zdorovja i scastja!

  • Taija Okkola

    Hi, wou, I just discovered your blog and I must say I am impressed! I feel like I have comen to very same kind of “food conclusions” (I need my oats, too much fruit is too much for me etc etc) lately and I for sure keep looking around here!