A Kid At Heart And Love It

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Ahh Chilling with my Fluffy Loved ones


I would have to say, I am a big child. I love toys. I think many people in the world would agree with me.  Just because we are all grown up doesn’t mean we can’t love toys. I like the expressions on their faces, there is something so alive, and yet so still about them. They remind me of time when I was a kid, a careless wonder in the world.
When we were kids we didn’t think about things too much, we just lived. That’s why I think there is an expression ” See the world through the eyes of a child “. As children we believe the world is limitless, because it truly is. But for some reason when we grow up, we are forces by society to believe in limits. We would always hear phrases like “Welcome to the real world” and “This is life, it’s hard”, or “Don’t trust anyone, they are all out to get you”.   And eventually that is exactly what’s starts to happen when we change our reality from a child to adult.  We stop feeling limitless, we get grumpy ( or realistic what others call it ), and we stop being creative.   That’s why I love toys so much 🙂 Sometimes I would be in a sad mood, and then I would look at my teddy bear and I would just feel better.  I even have names for all of them which I am not going to share.  Call me crazy, but I know for a fact I am not alone here.  I think secretly everyone loves toys :).


What do you feel about feeling like a kid when you’re all grown up?    


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  • OMG I use to do that when we lived in Reno, NV, I still do that sometimes as well.  My husband knows how much I love toys and he always gets me knew ones.  My mom still buys me dolls 🙂

  • Vivi

    I used to feel that way about toys.

    But…there is one thing that can eradicate the love of toys. Have children. Once they become dirty, broken, forgotten, ignored, tired of…scattered here, there, and everywhere; repeatedly tripped over, stepped on, injurious, or some other kind of nuisance or physical hazard they lose their magic. In addition, the constant wanting, begging, and whining for another toy or stuffie, a better toy, the one their friend has, one more to complete the collection, and on and on will eliminate any enjoyment in buying and selecting toys for children.

    So, my dears, I hope you can hold on to your inner child and continue to find pleasure in toys. I am sure I will again one day too. 🙂

    • Ha ha Ha, I totally see your point of view. I think when I have kids I probably wouldn’t buy them too many toys, just very few. I will try to get them occupied with books instead, my grandma did that with me and I when I was 3 I started to read. By the time I was in kindergarden I was already writing and reading to other children, everyone one kept saying that I was a genius but I don’t think I was, my grandma just had the time to spend with me and teach me those things.