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About Me


I wanted to write a little list post, so everyone who reads my blog can get to know me a bit more. At first I was thinking about making a video, but I think I am a little too shy to do that yet, and I am not sure if I can talk about my self to a camera. In this post I wanted to describe things that I love and are a huge part of my personality.


1. You already know I am from Moscow, Russia :).


2. My horoscope sign is a Pieces.


3. My full first name is Tatianna – Angelika. My mom named me Angelika after her favorite French movie series “Angelika Markeeze Of Angels”, she always calls me Angelika.


4. I am a little sarcastic, maybe a little too much sometimes.


5. I love to write poetry and proses, and I think some of them are very weird.


6. I worked as a circus performer for 2 years.


7. I love to play video games.


8. I am obsessed with perfume, but I only like the one’s that are hard to find and you can’t just buy them at any store.


9. I collect nail polish, and I am very picky when it comes to colors.


10. I love anything French ( except for fries, LOL ).


11. I don’t like anything that has brand names written all over it.


12. I don’t like diamonds.


13. My favorite food is steak, sushi and watermelon.


14. I don’t like ice-ream.


15. I’ve only tried soda twice in my life, and I can’t stand the taste.


16. I have a crush on Anna Kournikova and Bill Gates.


17. To me the most important characteristics in a person is humbleness, kindness and expression of a talent ( and I believe everyone has a talent ).


18. My favorite books are: Psychology Study Guide, Secrets To Life, Running With Scissors, Think and Grow Rich.


19. My favorite movies are: Matrix Trilogy, Waking Life, Pan’s Labyrinth and Mulholland Drive.


20. I love spirituality, and I try to improve my self every day.


I am sure there are some other things that I forgot to mention, can’t think of it right now. But when I do I will make another list ;).


Do you have some fun facts about you list?


PS – The picture above is one of my doggies Luie, I wrote about them in one of my earlier diary posts.



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  • l-p-r

    I like wheat with a buck!  

    …just came over from the Hotforwords production,  looks like a break-up with her producer.

    …campK-  a while back reported Marina doesn’t have ownership?   The stakes are burned!   joke alert    ….    

    • Darn, I’ve been wondering where she’s been. I hope she comes back soon, I loved the video by the way. :).

  • l-p-r

    Nut rition is smArt!

  • jt

    Hi Tatianna,
    Please don’t take for a stalker, as I’ve been commenting on so many articles of yours recently lol. It was just one took me to another and I got hooked 😉 (and with some free time in my hands!).
    Now I’m browsing through all your articles for “something” 😉 (hey no stalking ehhh!) and I’m peeping a little into each one.
    I also loved Pan’s Labyrinth, there was something so hearth-wrenching about it. It’s truly fantastic in every sense.

    But I really wanted to tell you about another movie, “The Holy Mountain” by Alejandro Jodorowsky. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do. Don’t read much about it, just watch it 🙂 

    • JT, I love that you comment :), Love love love!!! I will check out the movie The Holy Mountain, from the name I already love it :).  Gonna look for it on Netflix tonight :), thank you 🙂

  • Daybelis2393

    Ooh I like this lol, it helps us know you a little better. 20 fun facts about me:
    1. I was born and raised in manhattan new York but my family is from the Dominican republic
    2. My horoscope sign is a Scorpio:)
    3.My full name is Daybelis Martinez, I don’t know how my mom created my name lol
    4.I am also very sarcastic and sometimes people think I’m serious about the things I say when half of the time I’m just joking
    5.I love writing poems and actually just finished writing one for my mom ( mothers day)
    6.I’m a college student, still unemployed:(
    7.I also love playing video games , a little bit too much so I tend to stay away. My favorite has to he call on duty
    8.I loveeeeee perfumes but specifically fruity smelling ones. My favorite is one called only me passion( buy it online), yoU would love it
    9.I collect chapsticks lol
    10.I love anything Chinese ( sushi, brown rice, seaweed etc)
    11.I’ve never bought brand name items, I buy whatever I see
    12.I dont like diamond but I do like sterling silver
    13.my favorite foods are salmon, chickpeas and carrots
    14.I also dont like ice-cream but I love cottage cheese mixed with cocoa powder, Greek yogurt , protein powder and natural peanut butter as a treat
    15.I hate soda and all I drink is water and green tea
    16.I have a crush on Jillian michaels and Channing tatum
    17.the most important characteristics in a person to me are: honesty, self respect, perseverance and kindness also
    18. My favorite book of all time has to be my sisters keeper by Jodi picoult
    19. My favorite movies: the hangover, man on fire and avatar
    20.I love inner peace and every day I work harder towards releasing any negative energy stored inside me

    • OMG Scorpio 🙂 I love Scorpios so much, I’ve always got along so good with Scorpios, I even have a Scorpio tatoo, cause my husband, my mom and my best friend are Scorpios :).  Wow Daybelis we have so much in common :).  I think law of attraction ( Book The Secret ), has a very interesting way of bringing people together who are very similar :).

      • 1Ivana

        So you love me also…oh…Scorpio!!!
        I really liked No 4. sarcastic…me too! :))

        • Daybelis2393

           lol scorpio lovers:)

        • Yep I love my Scorpios 🙂

  • Kate_CZ

    Interresting! Thanks for sharing! Number 6 and 14 surprised me the most. You are probably the first person I know who dislike icecream 🙂 and I´m curious about your circus career? Would you mind telling more? Like what exactly you did, how you liked it, why you finished after 2 years etc… Maybe once you feel like write more, it doesn´t have to be now! 

    And I strongly agree with 11! I hate big brand signs. Once I bought a really comfortable pants from Nike. I wore them nearly every day. But because of my hate for brand showing I ripped out all the signs. I even had to put a patch on one spot but still felt better like this 🙂

    • Hi Kate, 

      I started working in a circus because my husbands group, they needed a girl and they needed it pretty fast ( at the time he didnt’ work with Circue Du Soleil but had his own troupe ).  They needed 2 acts one was trapeze and the other aerial tissue.  They had another girl but it was hard for her to do aerial tissue all by her self so they asked me if I wanted to learn.  I said yes but I was very afraid of heights and had a very weak upper body, at the time I couldn’t even hang on to a bar.

      My husband started training me with the basics mainly pull-ups, push-ups and legs lifts.  They would also put me up on the trapeze so I could get use to the height. We didn’t have much time so all of the training had to be speeded up, within 6 months I was able to learns some tricks and we put together a number for me.

      Then as I started working there, the show where we were needed a stage announcer back up and I decided to try out, turned out they loved me and I started to work as a stage announcer part time.  It was just so fun, I loved every minute of it!  The kids would always come up after the show and take our pictures I miss it so much.  

      • Kate_CZ

        Circue Du Soleil? I love them! I´ve seen them live only once but the experience was deep and huge! Really extraordinary, amazing and brave people there!
        You must have been star too! Hat off that you managed to overcome your fear and saved the crew!

  • tee_w

    OK I’ll play!  20 fun facts about me!
    1. Born in a small city in BC Canada and still live there!
    2. Blonde, blue eyed and white, can’t tan so you have to look at me with sunglasses or I will blind you!  lol (actually I turn kind of red now but I’m not burnt!  lol)
    3. my sign is Cancer, I’m a crab! 
    4. I’m married for 22 years and have 3 sons, 20, 18, and 15!  and I’m OLD!
    5. I am the only blonde in my family and my brothers and sister used to tell me I was adopted!
    6.  I’m extremely sarcastic, and when I was little I used to get slapped for it all the time!
    7.  I only tease and joke with people I like
    8.  my favorite foods are Ice cream, and spaghetti.  (neither of which are on my diet now!  OK maybe a little)
    9.  Can’t stand video games, unless it’s on a Wii and I can move around to it!
    10.  I’m a girl and don’t like girly things like horses, purses and shoes.  or dresses, skirts or pink!
    11. I almost never wear makeup of any kind, ever, ever I am serious, ever!
    12.  My mom would force me to wear a dress on christmas, or I couldn’t have my presents! 
    13.  I quit Brownies (girl guides not the kind you eat!) because they insisted I wear a skirt!
    14.  I can write poetry that is decent but don’t understand poetry or like it!
    15.  I love to read, but never have time!  lol
    16.  My favourite books are Harry Potter and the movies are also my favourite!
    17.  I couldn’t care less about celebrities, jewelry, name brands or money (to a point!)
    18.  I hate to cook but love to watch cooking shows?
    19.  I love to watch the Biggest Loser! 
    20.  I like to read self help books and I’m a very positive person, my glass is always almost full, even when there is only a couple of drops left!  My husband is a pessimist and his glass is empty as soon as you fill it!  lol

    • Ahh Tee_W I love getting to know you even better :).  I am the kind of person who can feel other people very well, and you always came off as very positive and happy person, you definitely have the energy of a teenager! 

  • Evaleen

    1. My sign is the Crab (Cancer), and the personality description is totally on point with mine xD
    2. Light-skinned/kinda curvy/waist-length brunette/greenish-eyes
    3. Only ever lived in two neighboring states, but hope to travel anywhere and everywhere one day– hell, even to Antarctica! 😀 Maybe for just a day though, hah
    4. I picked “OneMillionthGuest” as my original Disqus username, just cause it sounded random and humorously anonymous :p
    5. I don’t wear make up, never have– but I LOVE nail polish! Mostly pastel or neutral colors.
    6. I also love earrings… but I don’t have pierced ears :p
    7. I love pretty and sparkly things, but I also love old and tarnished things… the value is irrelevant, as long as it’s a treasure in my eyes 🙂
    8. I love designing clothes: practical apparel with “flavors” of classy, elegant, or warrior-like
    9. Though I haven’t played too many, am a big fan of PC video games
    10. I have a temper, and can curse like a sailor :/ but I’m trying to improve this lol
    11. I’ve done story-writing and song-writing in the past, but almost all of it was SO bad!
    12. Huge fan of home baking, artisan bread-making, and cooking simple whole-food recipes
    13. I love all food too much to pick a favorite… though I do friggin’ love ice cream xD
    14. I almost always do my workouts barefoot, when indoors and not using a jump rope (ouchies!)
    15. The one extreme diet challenge I’ve done was drink 8 oz of juice a day for 21 days. o_0 Was supposed to be some detox thing, probably didn’t even do it right… oh well, NEVER again!
    16. I’ve been generally “dieting” and struggling with emotional eating for 15 years. This hasn’t been destructive physically–beneficial in fact, as I’ve never totally stopped working out or trying to improve my diet. But it’s been a psychological roller coaster, one that’s unfortunately robbed me of a lot of happiness and peace growing up. But not anymore, 🙂 and I finally joined some health & fitness communities to help give others the support and advice I wish I could have gotten myself
    17. I prefer modesty, but can appreciate a little shock-value
    18. I’d rather associate with someone who was kind, instead of someone who simply agrees with me
    19. In dealing with others, I try my best to be a human being, and forget about being “right”
    20. Love and spirituality are everything 🙂

    • Evaleen, Now I can finally put a personality to your name.  I so agree love and spirituality is everything. I want to try working out barefoot again, I’ve tried it once but kept loosing my balance. ( sometimes I can curse like a sailor too 😉 )

    • tee_w

      I like #18!

  • Tati,
    I’ve enjoyed reading this list alot!
    So, I will share mine 🙂

    1. I was born in Panama.
    2. I’m a gemini.
    3. My full first name is Viviana Elizabeth, and my mom called me “Viviana” because a  mexican soup opera she loved alot with “Lucía Mendez”.
    4. I can be shy at the begining but warm up quickly. I’m also very friendly and mostly with people I really like.
    5. I like to write poems since 14 y/o and urban music since around 17 y/o.
    6. I used to like Nintendo alot, I was kinda addicted, but now even I have another kind console, I don’t use it alot. But, I must confess that I was addicted to “YoVille” on Facebook, I even created some “Yo Friends” there 😀
    7. I love parfums and more if they are soft. I used to collect the parfum bottles when I was a lil girl 🙂
    8. My favorite films are: Titanic, Avatar, Pearl Harbor, Bella Mafia, G.I. Jane and Seven Pounds (between others).
    9. I love dancing all king of music, specially latin music: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, etc. And I’m kinda good at it thanks to my sister who taught me well.
    10. My father died when I was still in hight school, I miss him alot, he was very intelligent and I loved talking to him so much.
    11.  I’m the youngest of my family and the only one who leaved the country.
    12. My favorite colors are blue and purple.
    13. I like to polish my toe nails more than my finger nails.
    14. I love make up, but only in special ocassions to change my look, in a regular basis I will look more natural I’d wear mostly a nice lipgloss and an eyeliner.
    15. I don’t like too much sugar things, like biscuits or ice creams.  I can eat it once in a while, but very small portions.  I like more salty things, like chips.
    16. The only “soda” I used to like is coca cola, I never liked red or orange, or pepsi, maybe because the sugar thing. 
    17. When I was 15 (like sweet 16 in the U.S.) I traveled in a cruise for a week with another girls around my age, and I had so much fun, we visited Jamaica, Cozumel, Key West and Grand Cayman. And then another week in Orlando, Florida visiting the dif. Amusement Parks.
    18. I don’t like watching scaring movies by my own, then I can’t sleep :-S
    19. My favorite book is: “El Alquimista” and “Once Minutos” by Paulo Coelho; and  “La Dama número 13”.
    20.  I believed in God (and coming from a country where the 99.99% of the population are believer and practice dif. religions), and after moving here I was so shocked how so many people not even think He exits! Now, got kinda habit to hear all kind of stuffs.  That’s sad to my heart though.

    Well, that was my lil list 🙂

  • Hi Jana,

    I like so many many books. One of my favorites are The Book Of Secrets by Deepak Chopra, then “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav, The Artist Way by Julia Cameron, Forth Dimension by Dr. David Yongii Cho, Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, The Secret by Rhynda Byrne, and my all favorites by far is a blog by Steve Pavlina here is a link – http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/

    His blog it’s the most amazing development blog I’ve ever read, and he writes on any subject you can think of, I just love every single article he writes, they are very very long but worth the read.

  • Alenka

    This is late, but …
    1. I am originally from Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia.
    2. I am an Aquarius. (1977)
    3. Ha, I also don’t like diamonds, at all.
    4. I treat my 3 Westies as if they were my children.
    5. I will sleep all bent out of shape, half falling down of my queen size bed, hurt next day
    (everyday), as long as my babies are comfortable.
    6. After 14 years in US, I still have things I always seem to say wrong, more like backward. “King-Burger”. Furthermore, I totally “don’t get” English “v”s and “w”s. I don’t hear/feel those, so I will say something like “wanilla”, “microvawe”, “vork”, no matter how hard I try to get it right?.
    7. I tend to be little OCD – example: I do not trust anyone to clean my anything as good, as I would?.
    8. I love Prince of Persia type of games, and also mystery games.
    9. I LOVE fishing and camping, but otherwise I am a loner.
    10. I love dance music, and I listen to it a lot when doing things. I have a boom box in my car ? to feel the beat.
    11. I love Thrift stores and Goodwills.
    12. I like to be blond. Always let my hair grow, then -all happy- bleach it. I do it myself, so after a while my hair gets very damaged, to the point that I get tired of all the conditioners and stuff to make it look decent. So I cut it off as short as “porky-pine”. Enjoy for a while, and then let it grow. Then bleach it…. Comes out to be about 2 year cycle. By the time I got my ID picture updated, it’s time to change. LOL
    13. I have 3 professions: Physical Therapist (not licensed in US), Massage Therapist, and Machinist. How do they go together is a mystery to me. Neither is something I want to do for rest of my life, each was more of economic choice at the time.
    14. I can be incredibly “unmotivated” = lazy. In exercise for example, right after My “train” got interrupted by injury, sickness,….etc and I have to start all over, it takes me a while to get up and get with it.
    15. Deep inside I hope I am not stupid, but every once in a while I have a brilliant idea – beyond stupid. Example: few years back, fresh in US, I dropped new, expensive el. Shaver in toilet. In state of panic how to dry it fast, so it does not break, …..I put it in a microwave. My face told on me when then my husband came home from work. ? Combined with my v/w thing, “I microvawed your shaver…” you get the picture.
    16. I have come to believe, that people who like me, will like me as I am. For example, I do not like to have to put on makeup, or hurt my feet wearing high heels just for somebody else’s approval of me.
    17. I have found myself very happy, if I happen to do something better than guys, especially guy things. Example: I am a machinist, and in my class I tackled this hard project that nobody before in history of that class had guts to try to make. My mind goes: “and I am just a girl”.
    18. Also, sometimes I realize I am putting on this wall in front of me. I may look tough, but inside I am still just one scared little girl looking for safe arms to hide in.
    19. Since 9/11 my passion of flying has turned into crippling fear of flying, and lots of nightmares of falling airplanes. Yet I have never been anywhere near New York.
    20. Few months ago I got hit in car from behind. Nothing serious at all, I have been in far worse accident before. But this time, for some reason, I find myself scared to death of every vehicle in oncoming traffic. Very frustrating, and dangerous. Mind is an amazing “thing”.

    • We’ve been in US the same time :))), I also say things wrong all the time too, and the funny thing is that my Russian is not that good, I only realized it when I started making videos in Russian. I like to be blonde too, I just feel the best with this hair color. I wish I could do guy things better than guys, I am terrible at it.

      You know it’s always like that, situations are very psychological, we have to learn to get over the fear by being positive about it, but I totally understand it’s not always easy to do .